12 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Mild To Severe Hair Loss


Why Hair Loss Occurs

Thinning hair and breakage is something that is very common in women. Although males tend to suffer more from hair loss and premature balding, hair loss is a reality for many women.

When dealing with excessive hair loss, thinning hair, and even bald spots, the unexplained can be scary. On the brighter side, most hair loss is completely avoidable and can be treatable. Undersanding why the hair loss is happening helps to allow you to take stock and find ways to deal with the situation before it gets worse, or at least help you to know your options.

Losing your hair whether you’re male or female can be stressful, but why does it occur? There are numerous factors that could contribute to hair loss and many causes are often overlooked. Below we will take a look at some of the major factors which can broadly be divided into Medical, Mechanical and Genetic reasons.

Medical Reasons

1. Mental And Physical Stress

Stress on the body and mind can really drain your body and affect your daily routine. When the body is under a lot of stress, you may notice changes in sleeping habits, eating habits, or you may lack motivation to exercise and move period. These abrupt changes in the body can affect hormones, eg increase in stress hormones that can cause hair loss.

Learning how to deal with and/or cope with stress would be the best way to mitigate this type of hair loss.

2. Health And Medical Conditions

There are some common medical conditions that are known to cause thinning hair and hair loss. Medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, lupus, eczema, dermatitis, ringworm, alopecia, anemia, PCOS, and several other conditions are commonly known to show hair loss as a side effect.

With these conditions, speaking with a medical professional to help with a treatment plan, possibly including dietary changes will help stop the hair loss and over time as your health improves the hair may grow back.

3. Drug-Induced Hair Loss

Some medications used for treating various ailments can cause what is known as drug-induced hair loss. Medications used to treat heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and those drugs used to treat cancer can have been noted for their ability to wreak havoc on the hair growth cycle.

The good news is that drug-induced hair loss can reverse itself once the mediation in question is stopped.

4. Childbirth And Hormonal Changes

Many women have reported thicker, faster hair growth during pregnancy. It is after giving birth that women have reported a sudden and drastic pattern of hair loss. This is referred to as postpartum hair loss and it is usually experienced between 3-6 months after childbirth.

Because of the increase in hormones during pregnancy, women don’t tend to shed the 100+ hairs like they normally would. Once the mom has given birth and the hormones return to their normal levels so does the hair shedding. Hormonal changes such as menopause have also been linked to sudden hair loss. To correct this hair loss, the underlying hormonal imbalance must be dealt with. With postpartum shedding, the hair loss with stop on its own once hormone levels return to baseline.

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About Kiianah Johnson

Hi, I'm Kiianah. I'm a writer and I love all things natural hair. I love helping to inspire women to embrace their natural hair textures.

About Kiianah Johnson

Hi, I'm Kiianah. I'm a writer and I love all things natural hair. I love helping to inspire women to embrace their natural hair textures.


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