Is There a Direct Correlation Between Eating Gluten Free And Healthy Hair?


Waiter, can you make sure my portion is fat free, sugar free, sodium free, carb free and gluten free please. Waiter brings a small piece of cardboard on a plate for the woman at the table.

We might smile a bit at the exchange above, but isn’t that what it feels like? We often wonder what is the next big thing, first it was all about not eating fat, then it was sugar that was the culprit, and lets not forget the no carb phase and now its all about gluten.

The truth is we might think these things are tricks that are being used to have you spend more but really the overall goal is to get us to a point of balanced and proper nutrition. You see it wouldn’t matter what it said on the box if we didn’t eat from boxes in the first place right?

The latest thing that we hear about now is eating gluten free. This is not a fad, there are people who have serious allergic reactions to gluten and who have found that eating gluten free has really helped them to live a normal life.

A gluten free diet is used to treat celiac disease and by eliminating the protein people can control the symptoms of the disease and prevent complications. In this post we want to explore the idea that eating gluten free not only controls celiac disease but can aid in having healthy hair as well.

Proper nutrition plays an important role in maintaining strong, healthy hair. Simple tips such as drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables, and taking nutritional supplements can make a huge difference in your hair. Water helps the body stay hydrated and replenished while stimulating hair growth.

Fruits and vegetables provide the body with Vitamin C and the essential iron it needs to maintain healthy hair follicles.In addition to water, fruits and vegetables, a gluten-free diet can stimulate healthy hair growth.  Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains.

Forgive us because we are about to get a bit sciency  so here goes. As we mentioned before gluten can irritate the small intestines in people with celiac disease. Celiac disease damages the small intestines, making it hard for the body to absorb important nutrients from food.

If the body cannot absorb important nutrients, the hair follicles cannot absorb the important nutrients it needs to stimulate hair growth. This can lead to smaller hair follicles and hair dryness, breakage, and damage.

Originally posted 2014-07-15 15:00:00.

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About Shani Collins

Shani K. Collins, MSW, MA., is a freelance writer and college instructor. You may visit her at

About Shani Collins

Shani K. Collins, MSW, MA., is a freelance writer and college instructor. You may visit her at


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  1. Tracienatural

    BlackHairInformation, thank you for this article! I can relate to how changing my diet has helped with my alopecia! What also helped me, I believe, has been removing the amalgam (mercury) fillings from my teeth. I believe that, along with a plant-based gluten-free diet, has helped my thryoid function better, resulting in an improved functioning of my intestines/absorption, and also helping my hair begin to grow back. Your article is very informative and I believe it will help a lot of women who may not realize the correlation between diet, health and their hair. Hopefully, the readers will not have to experience this the hard way. Thanks, again!

  2. Ashley

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in August 2013. The inflammation in my body is finally disappearing and I feel so much better. The slightest crumb of gluten makes me very sick. I’ve been growing my hair for the past 4 1/2 yrs and had to big chop this past May due to a tangle disaster. I’ve already noticed my hair starting to grow back faster than when I did my first BC back in Dec.09 when I was consuming gluten unknowingly. Although it took 4yrs to get it shoulder length and I’m still traumatized over the 2nd bc, I think this time around my hair will grow faster and healthier. My diet has improved as I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and I juice, as well as consume wheatgrass, and take hair supplements. It makes a huge difference!!! Now, I just have to take good care of my hair and practice patience : ) Take care and good luck with your hair journey ladies!

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