Do Men Prefer Natural Hair, Relaxed Hair or Weave?


We are often told, as women, to get our hair styled to our liking no matter what anyone thinks…especially men. But let’s be real, there are some women out there that do care about what the guys think and want to please their husbands, boyfriends, and partners in crime.

So the big question still remains: Do men prefer natural hair, relaxed hair, or a weave?

In all honesty, the answer varies. It all depends on what guy you ask; some men based their preferences on their culture and how they were raised. You also have the guys that based their preferences off of their own personal experiences and dating.

There are a good amount of men who think weave is just out of the question. They feel if the hair doesn’t belong to the woman, then they have no business wearing it. They feel that it looks and feels fake, and it makes the statement that the woman is trying to be something she is not.

Personally, I think weave and wigs have come along way. From the touch to the authenticity, weave and wigs are starting to fool a lot of men. I have several wigs I wear that spark confusion, but probably because I strive to make my weaves and wigs appear as if they are growing out of my own head.

I choose wigs that are similar to my hair texture, and I choose wigs that are (most of the time) half wigs, so my hairline will be authentic. If they can’t tell the difference then why should it matter?

In the below video the YouTuber conducted a survey which included men from New York to the DMV to see what men had on their minds when it came to hair. Several guys expressed the need to be able to touch their woman’s hair, and if she is wearing a wig or weave, they would know immediately. One guy said that hair really did not matter to him; it was whatever makes a woman feel confident is what he prefers for her to have. It was pretty interesting. See below:


Originally posted 2014-11-09 20:00:13.

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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  1. Tona Jones

    I don’t fix my hair depending on what men like. They aren’t the ones who have to wear it and fix it. I fix my hair for me. If they don’t like it, that man isn’t for me.

    1. Ree Ree Johnson

      You can say that again! If I see a frown, stupid look on his face or say something cray cray….I get more confidence and keep it moving, because my hair is staying…either he get with it or be GONE! WELP…he got with it! LOL!

  2. Francis King

    Erm I would like to here some answers from men. I can not speak for a man or anyone else.

  3. Ni-Ni Patterson

    You already know it depends on the man in question, although plenty don’t care about your hair anyway.

  4. Rae Gibson

    My husband prefers my weave as a protective style because he’s anti-relaxer & I prefer straight hair

  5. Ta Wil

    I refuse to be put in a box because of a mans prefence. I do what works best for me.

  6. Sandra Brooks

    I love whatever my wife does with her hair. I married the woman, not the hair. Oh i’m Sandra husband, just making a comment on her fb page. You women need to stop worrying. A real man is gonna love his woman regardless. If he have a problem with that, he just simply have eyes for someone he really wants and want u to look like that person.

  7. Lori Williams

    Excuse my french but I wouldnt give a f*** what they like. Its my hair I’ma do what I want and what pleases me.

  8. Michelle Pulliam

    Men like what we tell them to like. Check your history ladies. If we all shaved our heads tomorrow they will quickly grow to like it..

  9. Dréa Chaka

    I’m only concerned about how I prefer my hair….. since it grows out of my head.

    1. Melissa Meli Mels

      Wigs/weaves allow your hair to grow so you don’t want to mess with my hair on a daily basis. .low manipulation. .

  10. Arlene Delice

    Many of them aren’t even real with self… Men will sleep with ANY woman, but who they’re w in public is different…

  11. Crystalclear Riley

    My husband has never said…that’s an interesting conversation. But i like short, relaxed, and tapered baby!!!

  12. Leslie Clarke

    Who really cares what they want, we should, as women, focus on what makes us feel good about ourselves…natural, weave, hair, bald….that decision is no body else’s but our own,

  13. Krena Dean

    Why do we need to ask men what they prefer? We need to ask ourselves what do we prefer and the men will follow suit. They have no choice but to lol. My thoughts

  14. Denise Wigfall

    Who cares what they prefer, I preferred you to still be able to get a shape up but now your ass is bald & can’t grow hair. LOL so don’t tell me about mine.

  15. Josephine Zingani

    Couldn’t care less what they think. You should be empowering women to make their own choices about their bodies depending on what THEY like not how others feel about it. Its not up for debate, its a personal choice. SOOOO FOH!

  16. Jamila Kelly

    well my bf doesn’t hate, but doesn’t necessarily care for when I wear wigs ^^; I have Relaxed hair and like to wear wigs on occasion to spice up a look. He loves my hair but it’s my head so Im gonna wear a wig if I want 😀

  17. Buddy Rock

    I prefer my Woman to be Natural I just like it so much better that way but I be straight up about it and let her know it’s her choice on how she going to wear her hair but I don’t have no problem paying for your hair to be done as long as it’s natural if you want to do weave and other stuff than that’s on you

  18. Sydney Shea Jacobs

    My bf loves my natural hair. But he loved me when I was relaxed, too. He has expressed a preference for my natural hair, but he’s happy as long as I’m happy. Honestly, I didn’t even consult him about going natural (we’ve been together for a while now). I just decided not to relax my hair, and he was fine with it

  19. Kisha Warren

    What men prefer or their opinion about my hair really dont matter…its what i like n thats all that matters…..<3

  20. Timo

    Men like real hair as well as real everything else when it comes to his “special” woman.

    One night stands and “someone to occupy my time for the moment” not really a concern.

  21. Nishaa Colez

    I stopped caring a long time ago. I love me. I love my hair. Oh. You don’t like it? Boy bye!! ✌

  22. Augusta Assan

    Who cares what men think! Half the time, they can’t tell if it’s your real hair and some of them don’t even notice your hair, especially if it’s attached to a big ass. Are we still forming opinions of ourselves based on what men think in 2014? Our hair is a form of self expression, and us, as black women, are the only women on earth who can rock our hair in whatever style we choose on any given day, but we still allow the opinions of men, who know nothing about anything but sports and balls to determine how we few ourselves? Women must stop judging each other, just because your hair is relaxed or natural doesn’t mean you’re a ‘fake’ or ‘real’ person. Our hair is attached to our heads not our thoughts. Let’s quit with this outplayed topic of hair and focus on furthering ourselves and our children. The whole hair thing is just another ploy by men to divide women so they can continue to hate and judge each other, when we could be channeling our thoughts and energies into coming together and fixing this mess of a world, or at least our homes!

  23. Natsumi Grace

    I’ve spoken to a lot of men that say they prefer natural hair. I occasionally wear extensions but I like women so I don’t care what any man thinks. I’m doing it for me, to express myself through how I see fit. Nit for anyone else to accept me. 😉

  24. Starr Jay

    They want the real u. Weaves look natural as ever now, I don’t what that one guy was talkn about talkn bout synthetic. The guy with the 2 braids was dead on.

  25. Toccara Smith

    Most men prefer natural hair. They enjoy playing with your hair and running their fingers through your hair. It’s up to the woman how she likes to wear her hair.

  26. Cb Sampson

    A real man will except you as you are as long as your the best you you can be and have a good heart.

  27. Lori Garcia

    Zero responses from a man. Honestly it shouldn’t matter what they think. Hair doesn’t make a woman.

  28. Tina Waters

    Men don’t know what the hell they like. It’s up to women to tell them. So do you girl!

  29. Blessedfrom Above

    Where r the men…I want to hear from them…a person’s appearance is what will be seen first. …if my hair look like fire Marshall bill do u think I would be a good catch?

  30. Jennifer Elena Johnson

    I don’t care what a man wants unless he is providing me the hair! TF? Caring about what a man thinks, that’s the problem with women. Stop trying to make a man happy and make your damn self happy for once!

  31. Alice Hawkins

    Wow…ladies..:( It’s good to hear a mans opinion…sometimes. I think as a wife, it is wonderful to consider your husband…and his thoughts.

  32. Zelda

    Great article. It seems that the men in the video were distinguishing between real hair and weave. I’m not sure they thought natural meant, curly Afro like hair. I would like to know their opinion on natural, non-relaxed hair vs natural, straight hair.

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