Porsha Williams And Keshia Knight Pulliam Are Growing Out Their Hair Using Hairfinity

Porsha Williams And Keshia Knight Pulliam

Remember back in November when we did a post on Porscha’s Hair extension line, “Naked Hair”, her line is pretty awesome, but what we didn’t know is that Porsha is also on a mission to grow her hair out.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star just revealed on Instagram that she is actually taking Hairfinity vitamins for growth and thickness. Here’s what she said:

My healthy hair secret revealed!! ( @hairfinity ) I believe weave is an amazing way to express ourselves whether we are feeling sexy or fun and flirty!! However, lets start taking care of our natural hair as well!! Thank you @hairfinity for assisting me in my healthy hair journey

Hairfinity is all the buzz having partnered with the likes of Keshia Knight Pulliam who we thought had hair to die for as a little girl on The Cosby Show anyway. Here what Keshia said on Instagram with the picture above:

No filter, no make-up, no weave… Just blow dried!!! #hairfinity is working 🙂

Keshia is on a grow out mission and is pretty outspoken about her work with the Hairfinity brand giving us snippets of how she plans to get her natural hair back to long and healthy.

She said on BET:

I’m not interested in selling anything to my friends, family or fans that I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. In addition to friends taking it and doing a Google search, they sent me the vitamins,

Pulliam said of Hairfinity, which contains vitamins like Biotin, Niacin, Silica and vitamin B12 to promote growth and prevent breakage.

I started taking them and in two months I saw a difference. My hair felt thicker and it was shedding less.

In the same interview Keshia admits that vitamins are not enough and healthy eating habits play a very important role in growing healthy hair. What does Keshia think her number one hair mistake was?

My mom didn’t believe in putting chemicals in hair. But when I got to college, we didn’t have A/C in our dorms freshman year. So after several days of waking up looking like a Chiai Pet, I was like ‘OK, I’m gonna get a perm.’ And then my hair revolted and fell out. I was over that quick, fast and in a hurry. But it’s OK. You live and you learn and you have to have those experiences to know what to do.

How many of you all use Hairfinity and swear by it? We have spoken about hair vitamins before on BHI (here, here, here & here) and usually the responses are pretty split.

Some women do not believe in using vitamins and supplements for hair growth because our body already responds pretty well to the healthy food that we consume. Others believe that they might need a supplement or two to hurry things along.

I am in the first category, I really believe that eating healthy, perhaps supplemented with some juicing, is enough for most of us and on top of that I can never remember to take a pill daily to save my life!

To supplement or not to supplement that is the question – What say you?

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Donetra Cain

Kiesha been had that hair all her life

Noel Holly Payton

Is that Rudy?


Yep. That’s Rudy all grown up. And yeah, she’s always had a head full of hair…

Shannan Walker

Janae Masters we need to order STAT!

Jan Lewis

Supplements only help if you already have a deficiency in your diet. I’d rather just get and keep my diet right…that’ll benefit my entire body, including my hair.

Yollah Khayne

Kiesha had long hair since she was a kid I doubt if hair finity had anything to do with it.

Stacie Hart

Well said!

Shannon Pharmd Kingston

all it is is a high dosage of biotin that you can get from any drug store for $5

Tee Roberson

Yes,why not? But always consult with a physician first. Too much of anything could have an adverse effect

Stacie Hart

And cost to much!

Grace Labelle

Keshia’s hair has always been that long, if not longer. Cosby show.

Stacie Hart

Using these Young ladies to see there products!!! Shame on them

Chaching Huggins

Show me a before and after of a woman with thin short or damn near bald headed and I may be a believer but you showing people who already have good hair so to me they just taking a daily viatamin.

Tee Roberson

I think Keesha is endorsing Hairfinity and I know Porsha just came out with her own line of hair. What would be great is if whatever they endorsed they wore their own hair and not extensions. That’s how you endorse a hair product. And not like those boxed relaxers when the model has on a wig lol.

Graveyard-Malibu Tate

I tried hairfinity many years ago and it did not work for me but I heard their formula changed since then, so it may work now.

Vicki Steverson

Smh the lies they tell!!!!

Animal lovers

like my page please

Leli Cee

Keshias hair was long but had begun to break off. Def wasnt wat it was when she was on the cosby show. You can watch her vid on hairfinity youtube channel. Personally i take biotin& have bn thinkin bout hairfinity.

Ashley Simone

They are paid to say this product is good. So y’all can go ahead and fall for that foolishness. Keshia always had hair!!!

Missy Zelinski

It really does work. I was using them I fell off though forgot to order some when I was close to being done. But i plan to hop bk on as so as I can afford it lol but seriously, they are offical. You just have to drink massive water

Missy Zelinski

I had 7 bottles but don’t know where the other bottle rolled to lol


@Missy Zelinski you are absolutely correct! At least that has been my experience with Hairfinity also. Yes Keshia did already have long hair, but she stated that she had a problem with breakage after her perm. Having long hair as a child doesn’t constitute having it as an adult. IMO It’s about proper maintenance and that includes nutrition. As a kid, I NEVER had long hair (not even medium length). It was always short, thin and uneven. (FYI: I don’t work for HF). I take HF and my body gets the nutrients that I don’t get from my diet. I’m a terrible junk food eater and I’m working on it. But HF has definitely helped my hair to grow not only longer, but thicker. In the 1st month, my hair shed like crazy!!!!! In the 2nd month there was about 50% less shedding and my nails grew like crazy!!! In the 3rd month there was little to no shedding and my nails were long and hard and my hair was thicker. (Still didn’t see any growth at this point). By month 4, not only were my nails still healthy, hard and longer, my hair was both thicker and I started seeing hair growth. I’m now on month 5 and my hair is still growing!!! BTW I joined the HF 6-month challenge. I have to clip my nails every single week because they keep growing and getting in the way. I had 2″ chopped off of my hair due to terrible split ends (last month). My hair is 1″ longer than it was when I did the BC and it’s only 1 month later. I know that they work for me and I’m sticking with them as long as they do. Since I don’t eat right, I need them. They also take the place of a multivitamin.

Leli Cee

The reason alot of celebrities do not wear their natural hair often is b/c of the stress put on it after reapeated stylings for photo shoots& apperances. Ill burn up a wig before i burn up my natural hair. So to preserve they use extentions, weaves, and wigs

'iiMariee Kashh

Doesn’t Work , i Tried Them & Honestly Believe It Damaged My Hair More ..

Karen Mukey Burks

They both has very nice grade of hair…if I see somebody with fine brittle hair like mine get strong and thick I just might buy a bottle but I do use Hair Skin and Nails from walgreens which I catch a sale buy one get one or half priced…not trying to take away from this product but not seeing what is so relevant

Deborah Clayton

I have found them to work for hair they are a little high priced but overall satisfied

Quayah Madyun

Don’t believe the hype! Smh

Eleshia Wright

Biotin will do the same just drink plenty of water with it!

Marie Senarb
Marie Senarb

Biotin breaks many people out. Including myself. I always had nice skin. Never had problems with breakouts or anything until I started taking biotin. Not only did I break out terribly, but my skin itched something awful just before a breakout appeared. I monitored the breakouts for at least 5 weeks. Since I drank plenty of water anyway..(8 or more 14 oz glasses) that did not deter the breakouts. I would say that the only thing I did different was take the biotin and all of a sudden I get breakouts. You do the math. Hairfinity did not work for me at all. I tried them twice and neither time did they cause any growth or thickness of my hair. Not saying they are no good just because they did not work for me. They have worked for others. They can work for others…just not for everyone. I humbly accept that fact.,

Cat Goods

Just because porschas hair is parted, doesnt mean she still doesnt have invisible weave pieces in her hair cuz I can see the knots in the back on both sides going towards the crown….everybody is wearing the invisible weave styles, they been popular since late 80s

Jacquetta White

Really??? God forbid that’s her real hair. Sick of the haters.


I doubt that’s extensions of any kind, I think there would be more volume if there was hair added imo.

Ena Blue

A lot of ppl who say black ppl cant grow their hair long just say tht because they’ve always been bald-headed…. lol!!!! #Mr or Mrs Clean!

Cat Goods

Been natural since birth, hair reaching lower back no press combs, dont need European weave, caked makeup, fake lashes,fake butt, fake breasts , fake teeth, nor fake eyes, jewelry, etc!!!(LOL)(GOT THE RIGHT 1)im 100% real african queen…nothing fake & people that have My official page know this!!…& stay off My clit!!!


@Cat Goods it would be great to see all of that beautiful hair on your FB page.

Roslisa Elliott

ayyye hate on that 🙂 y ppl think cause u commenting u hating come on now…most ppl dont admit it anyway cause they want ppl to believe what they believe

Niki's Page


Krista Saint-Dic

Cat Goods Yeah i think urs is a weave too sorry, how could u have long hair? We don’t belive u, u probably rocking an invisible weave all ur life too

Stephanie Steffie Grady


Cat Goods

Krista Saint-Dic DICK(LOL)-you look like a transvestite, I see why you GOTTA WEAR A BOAT LOAD OF MAKEUP, CROOKED FRONT TEETH..LOOK JUST LIKE A MAN(real talk)…I see your nappy head but you wanna wear others, cool..do u & your weaves, wigs, …I’M SORRY EVERYBODY AIN’T GOTS TO WEAR “NONE” OF THAT(sorry you do)..more gold eye eyedow than rupaul(tranny please)..just because you wear individual infused weave doesn’t mean you don’t have long hair still IDIOTS(Kim kardashian the Turkish girl wears its exclusively all the time)(LOL)(Mariah Carey, & many others celebrities) fight for your culture(yourself)instead of always tryna defend European cultures(u don’t see them tryna rock afro wigs)I’m a black beautiful, African queen & like I said from birth(NEVER WEAVE)..don’t have a problem with people with weave..all I said was I could see the Knots in the back upper inside of the parts where the hair had infused weave pieces on both sides bulging slight bit..we all are beautiful black African queens weave or not..people just try to twist mess(lol)(but I don’t ride coat tails “just because”..(authors, NOBODY’S)(LOL)if its real it real if its not its not…& KR…ISTA Saint DIC(DICK)..& Krista saint-Dic your a queen too!!!(A DRAG QUEEN-L.O.L.)

Vivian Israel

I say do it. I have taken biotin all my life. I have never paid attention to growth just health.

Nicole Lewis

To each it’s own….I’ve started taking hairfinity a few days before Christmas and already have almost n half of inch of growth and it’s only jan 9th I know because I dyed my hair before taken them I believe I my have a little over an inch before Jan 25th…now it’s in a protective style

Shay Shay
Shay Shay

I think they are great for people who can safely consume the vitamins and achieve the results they are looking for. Unfortunately, I am unable to properly digest some supplements. Due to past experiences, I choose to go the food route.

Nicole Lewis

We are just so impatient…feels like we have to do something to our hair everyday but combing your hair daily is not health… Take ya pills drink ya water and leave it alone…

Nicole Lewis

I also cleanse my face with a bake soda rinse and a skin moisturizer…haven’t noticed any break outs

Cat Goods

I have too much real hair to hate jacquetta /natural 4 life/& yes she has individual invisible weave in certain parts of her hair not keshia thats all her hair always been

Davetta Wilson

Don’t know the porche chic but keisha hair has always been long & healthy now let her do a big chop & use the pills & she have the same results I would purchase them until then a $5 bottle of biotin will do!!

Larry Wallace

Keisha’s hair has been long …..she dont need those products….good genes

Renata Mckinney


Cat Goods

Keep doubting/volume can be decreased by thinning shears/certified!/indents under the O&S of her name is where you can see two spots towards the upper near crown/not sayo.g most of it isnt hers just not all-I have too much, IJS,…

Toy Washington

She may have weave within her head but if you zoom in at the bottom pic it’s her length cause the top layer is to coarse to be weave

Tamu Malone

I’M SEEING this hairstyle more but not everyone can pull it off I gotta have curls so I know I couldn’t

Cat Goods

Bottom is clear, middle see the knots under the O & S of the letters of her name, inside of the part…she been had hair, most of us do but she does have invisible weave in her hair/porsha


I’m looking at the full size picture on instagram but I don’t see the knots you guys are talking about. http://instagram.com/p/i63PmJnBL-/

Kelly Watts

Do these supplements cause hair growth where you don’t want it? I don’t want any facial hair or anything.

Brenda Schooler

Real bad hair breakage and loss lately. Any advice? I am 63 years old.


Hi, Brenda. It depends on your health. Are you taking medications which cause hair loss as a side effect? Are you under a great deal of stress? Does a similar pattern of hair loss run in your family? Are you active and eating healthy (fruits and veggies, good sources of protein and carbs)? Drinking enough water? Avoiding soda, caffeine, alcohol? Do you have the opportunity to eat mostly (or even partially) organic? How about your hair regimen. Are you natural? Do you use strong chemicals and/or hair dyes? Are you treating your hair gently (versus tight braids or tight weaves)? Washing and/or conditioning it regularly? If you look into all of these areas, you might find the source of the hair loss. Please stay encouraged. Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose all of your hair. Both of my grandmothers, as well as my mother, all had great hair in their 60s, 70s and (both grandmothers) 80s! My mother and maternal grandmother are mixed, but my paternal grandmother is not! Of course, they had excellent diets (they were all born and raised in the country areas of Jamaica) because they all cooked fresh, well-balanced meals from scratch. They kept up with this tradition even after they migrated to the U.S. I think that fast foods, the modern diet, and the environment (such as, genetically modified and irradiated foods, high fructose corn syrup, hormone and steroid-fed animals, pesticides, contaminated water, airborne toxins, etc.) have a great deal to do with the excessive hair loss nowadays. Stress and it’s many ills, including thyroid and adrenal problems, can also be at play. If you haven’t already, try to go back to the more old-fashioned way of doing things, with healthy ingredients. Sorry for such a long post, but I really wanted to help. Brenda, don’t worry: I am confident that your hair loss will turn around. Be blessed 🙂

Niki's Page


Niki's Page


Cat Goods

Yes niki, like yours is a Weave(oil please with no alcohol will help that)**I am Beautiful as porscha is beautiful…no need to be jealous of a sister(Kim kardashian the turkish girl) wears individual infusedweave all the time(many celebrities..LOL)(dont mean they dont have ling hair..im proud, in black I’m African, im queen..so are you..fight for your culture(yourself) like you fight for the European weave niki’s page

Jamillah Davis

Brenda Schooler, you need to start by going to see your doctor or a dermatologist to get an explanation as to why your hair is breaking and falling out. Many medications people take for various ailments can cause hair loss, but I think u need to start by going to a doctor. You also need to find a beautician that believes in healthy hair and growing hair. If it’s breaking, you probably need a trim and good, deep conditioning. Use good products which aren’t always expensive, but you need to keep heat, perms and tension away from your hair as much as possible!

Kwanguvu Connelly-Gelsey

Keshia has Always had Long Thick hair down her back so I’m Nit Buying the Hype!!!!!

Kwanguvu Connelly-Gelsey

Not buying…typo

Sha-Ryl Clark

Been using for a month

Joeneyce Cunningham

I follow Keshia on FB. She says her hair isn’t as long and thick as it use to be so that’s why she’s trying out this product. Look at her hair as a child versus now. That’s not someone who wanted to try something new just because but that’s someone who had to because all of the damage she saw of the years. Her hair isn’t as thick either.

Nakeitra Marie

my hair had broke off bad, and then I started using Hairfinity and have no problems, my hair has grown, it has stop shedding and breaking off like it was. Only how the pill doesn’t work if your not talking it right and not increasing your water in take.. And its more than biotin in there to help with your hair growth.

Diara Byrd

Biotin dose the same thing

Christel Hamilton

Ladies by taking care of your hair daily/regularly, your hair will grow and will be strong and healthy…..treatments are necessary (once a month) trim your ends once a month…for afro Americans, shampoo your hair twice a week…try letting your hair air dry then use a flat iron with a iron guard solution and last STAY AWAY FROM COLOR AND USING RELAXERS BEFORE NEEDED!!!

Zanetta Rogers

I wish these companies tell consumers the truth!! Ijs vitamins are good to take but this is so not gonna give u instant results!! Maybe vitamins and a healthy hair regime!! Condition leave edges alone! Clip ends!! Chemicals bad!!

Christel Hamilton

Well known good products to use…….it’s a ten…..designs….Kera care……Paul Mitchell……Chi

Takima Gaddy

Biotin, grape seed oil ,EVOO !!

Starr Shaniahsmom Jewel

Y’all act like y’all know these women personally. It’s always something negative to say about ANYTHING! Y are you on the page if it doesn’t work for YOU? Go the hell on somewhere damn! I use hairfinity and have been for the past 5 months! My hair has changed SIGNIFICANTLY AND ITS NOT expensive to the ppl that have their money right and you will pay for what you want… Stop bashing!

Jeanine Gibson-Reid

I agree. It does work. I have never seen my hair grow past my shoulders and the texture has changed. People who haven’t tried it can’t speak on it because they may just be biting their words.

Chimere Chi-miracles Williams

keisha been had long hair since cosby days! this is a LIE

Smilo Mimz Sithole

tek and mek m an example.. Have hair tht breaks, thin and not growin…. Let e pple see from m.. Wuld luv to try t out

Debbie Meeks

Lies all lies, celebrities will sell their soul for a buck. I am sure their hair growth have nothing to do with this pill! It’s consumerism at its best! Use our people to promote falsities and get us to throw away more money on foolishness. With that said, this doesn’t mean that Hair Infinity doesn’t work, it means don’t be so quick to believe “it” grew their hair!

Porche Davis

i cant afford these viatimns, but they look like they work..