To Bleach Or Not To Bleach That Is The Question


Disclaimer – Do not try this at home

This post is for your viewing pleasure only, really, just watch it, we are not a fan of doing your own bleach job even though some people might decide to attempt it. We just don’t want to be responsible for anything burning or melting or falling out, we highly recommend doing any bleach jobs at a salon. Now that we have that out of the way, youtuber OffbeatLook gives a very detailed tutorial on how to do a teal blue ombre color on her hair after bleaching it.

Coming off the heels of that Teyana Taylor post I have been curious about how to achieve such vibrant colors in your hair and was kind of estatic when I saw an actual tutorial. I swear you can find anything on YouTube!

Then I watched the tutorial and I was like, my God could I put my hair through that? The answer is a definite know, I even thought back to in my twenties if I would attempt it, and while I love the idea I probably wouldn’t do it, no matter how you slice it.

Ever wonder what bleach is made of, well I did a little research and I found that most bleaching agents have ingredients like potassium persulphate which helps to whiten and lift color, and it also has sodium metasilicate which helps to open up your strand and allow the bleach to penetrate the strand.

Bleach depletes your hair strand making your hair porous and allowing you to add whatever color you decide to add to your hair. The color will look great because there is nothing to mix with it so whatever it is you want will essentially be achieved.

If you want crazy colors or platinum blonde there is alot that comes with that and there is even more that is expected afterwards in terms of haircare. You are working with a strand that has be broken and thinned out so your job afterwards is keeping your hair moisturized all the time, deep conditioning and using protein to keep your hair ‘healthy’.

now watch the tutorial:

We found another video that was done by the same youtuber called the Truth about hair dye, and we thought it would very beneficial to share that video too. Check it out:

Well there you have it, have you bleached your hair before? Share your experience and comment below.

Originally posted 2014-06-08 20:00:20.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Jessica Locke

I do it all the time and my hair is still long and healthy

Fefe Fanta Fonzerelli

i just like this for some reason 🙂

Jeaneen Alise

nope.. it’s not for me

Erica Holloway MrsNewsome

You really have to understand your type of hair. Some can take it. Some can’t.

Shontel Wilson

Like your hair Color and style

Daiquiri A. Holland

No. I mean you could, but it will ultimately destroy your hair. If you’re ok with that and plan to chop again anyway, I say go for it..

Nyca Anthony

No, no and um noo to bleach

Tynisha Moe Starnes

Bleaching is for ppl who know how to take care of their hair after the process is done. All you have to do is keep it moisturizer in your hair so it won’t dry n break off.

Bernice Janet Ellis

My friends daughter just did this yesterday -have never seen process before
Her hair came out gorgeous

Khrystal Bianca

No, it ruins my curl pattern for some reason. If I wore my hair straight maybe, it’s cute.

Kelly Jamila

I did my bangs in high school because I thoight it was cool. It was fun experimenting with colors and I only did my bangs so it wasn’t a huge commitment . My hairs always been relaxed so I don’t do it anymore now that I’m a bit wiser on hair maintenaNce and chEmicals but if I had natural hair id def have more fun with color 🙂

Melernea L. Neff

Not if it comes looking like that picture.

Asha Lewis

Y’all can’t tell me she not orange. I know Im off subject but to tan or not to tan nevermind. This is pretty and bleach is harmful to some but ONLY SOME

Eboni Taylor

I have bleached my hair before and it turned out great. I didn’t destroy my hair. I had no breakage, or anything. My hair actually grew as long as I kept up my regimen.

Jenny JackJack

This hair color is horrible. Simply dreadful.

Janice Banks

You can use kool aid and get those colors without chemicals.

Gershelle Cunningham

If you dont know how to properly treat bleached hair, you’ll be bald within a year.

Ashley Butler

She looks like an oopa loompa sorry

Marsha Mcdaniels

She look like a clown

Brittlee Jordan Degree

yea only if u replace the protein & moisture in your hair . & u definitely shouldnt relax & bleach your hair .

Brittlee Jordan Degree

the question was WOULD U BLEACH UR HAIR ? not about what she look like .

Lovely Greasham

Yes, i have done it before. A couple times actually, & my hair was fine. I currently have my natural hair color now though……

Kersha Beaver

Nor my real hair. Some hair extensions yes

Priscilla Kordei

Been there done that WONT do it again

Timesha Christian

That’s why you go and see a PROFESSIONAL

Lyndsay Johnson

i have before wouldn’t do it again

Aliah Classy Allen

I would I did actually! ! Just make sure you keep as much heat off of your hair and also deep conditioners and hot oil treatments often!

Aliah Classy Allen

Do not bleach on top of other chemicals! !


I’ve never bleached my hair so I wouldn’ t do this. I think she looks cute though.

Delorce Ferrell

If you bleach your hair than it’s no longer natural.

Dee Dee Martin

Natural hair to me is without weave. I dont bleach my hair but I dye it without bleach.

Delorce Ferrell

Huh? So if you use weave as a protective style your hair is not natural??? I disagree. Only when chemicals are involved. But I caught your drift!

Latisha Lockett

I do bleach/lighten my hair and it’s still long and healthy, which can be achieved with proper care and maintenance. Color is beautiful and adds both dimension and personality to your style.

Jamila Kelly

why not? It’s just hair.

Pamela Shorter

I knooow, but I want blue hair. I’ve been toying with the idea for about a year and a half. I probably won’t but I really want to.

Joanna Troupe

I’ve been thinking about dying mine blue also.

Phoenix McGee

My hair is still natural and curly and the consistency hasn’t changed, despite the color having repeatedly. I just give it a good long rest between bleaching and its cool. I’m two toned now and itching to color it. (That’s flat iron work in the profile, a perm can’t touch this. Dun dun da dun, da dun, da dun!)

Delorce Ferrell

@Phoenix That’s not natural. Yes it may still be kinky but we were not born with bleached hair. JS

Alesha Clayton

Yes , i always bleach my hair. It was a mess when i had a relaxer, but now im relaxer free its so much better and damage free, my press outs are flawless.

Delorce Ferrell

@Latisha Even with proper care, everyone’s hair reacts differently.

Akisha Vs Kesh

Yes I did shortly after I big chopped and it was fun for a while I got tired of it let most of it grow off and did a mini big chop to get the rest off. Thinking of coloring again, but not so much of my hair as I did the first time

Jamila Kelly

lol natural hair police

Akisha Vs Kesh

I pay no attention to the natural hair police, I think its hilarious when a person say’s you’re not natural if you dye your hair smh.

Krystal White

Here come the natural police…ur also not born with a braid out but u do em right? Dont let someone else define whats natural for u…if u dont permanently alter your natural texture ur still natural…

Latasha Nicole
Delorce Ferrell

Wow. We adults can’t have a debate without people catching feelings. Weave and Chemical are two completely different things. But I caught your drift!

Velli Velli Velz

For real! Some people just like to throw their view upon people without checking the mirror

Rivian Jones

Well I’m a proud permer and I want to cut and color my hair. The color has to look natural and not distracting though.

Dee Dee Martin

I wouldnt put bleach in my hair I have dyed my hair without bleach before.

Latisha Monique Griffin


Torkwase Burts

Looking like an oompa loompa

Chanèl Renee

I think its okay , but the extravagant colors , aren’t necessary to me . Why can’t people try a colored wig first ?

Evon Goodson Graham

My cousin has this color and she is dark skin but it fit her I think blue also look good on her two I wish those colors fit me!!!!

Tenisha Little


Sandra Harrison

She looks like an Oompaloompa. But for some reason I still really like it.

Tiffany Marie Banks

Dont do it…..especially not on yourself. I can tell it isn’t professional. It’s very blotchy at least do it right.

Kelly White


Malakah Angellia Gladston

Hell NAH!