“When A Woman Cuts Her Hair, She Is About To Change Her Life” Big Chop #2 – My Story

Fotor01027122330It is no surprise that the natural hair gurus on YouTube decide to cut their hair after years of growing it. Well, I have gotten to that point. As MeekFro on YouTube, I had been growing my hair for about four years until I decided to cut it off…on camera.

After posting my process and results on social media, I was bombarded with so many questions: “Why did you cut it? What was the purpose? After growing it for that long, why did you cut it?”

There aren’t too many reasons why I chose to cut it and start over, but I will say short hair is much easier to deal with. Short hair also has its cons, too I do feel boyish at times, but at the same time I feel free.

Showers are far easier, my wash regimen has become a breeze, and it doesn’t take much water and energy. Short hair is also quick and easy to style for instance if I am rushing in the morning for class, all I have to do throw water on it and maybe a product and I am done.

Cutting my hair this short again made me realize some things about myself and about life. Everyone is not going to accept or agree with the decisions I make, and I am okay with that.

I also realized that change reveals a lot about the people in your life. It either determines if they are here for you no matter what, or it determines their one track mind. Understand that people go through changes whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, these changes could be very important to an individual, criticizing the change just disrupts the process.

Be supportive of your loved ones’ decisions, it can uplift them in ways you’ll never know. In other words, the big chop (to me) equals liberation, I am free. The words of my best friend is: “You know what they say. When a woman cuts her hair, she is about to change her life.” I agree with that!

Check out this video. Here, I show my process of cutting my hair, coloring it, and my style result:


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  1. Steen How

    Makes sense why she cut her hair. I fully understand that…but I sometimes think YT hair gurus may also cut their hair so they can be relevant to the natural hair movement. Lots of women are putting up the creamy crack nowadays by either transitioning or Big chopping. so they go to the one who can help them…not necessarily go through hundreds of videos for those who do have 4+ years of growth. So what do you do when you reach your peak? Chop it off. I know I wouldn’t tho. But at least she’s happy about her decision 🙂

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