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Introduce yourself and which salon if any you work at…

I am Giovanni but everybody calls me “Gio”. I work at Salons By JC(Casa Linda) in Dallas, TX

How long have you worked as a licensed cosmetologist (or equivalent in your country) and where did you study?

I have worked as a licensed cosmetologist for a year and I studied at Ogle School of Hair, Skin, & Nails in North Dallas, TX.

What is your specialty, relaxed, natural hair, locs or anything special?

Stylist Giovanni Dickerson

Stylist Giovanni Dickerson

My specialty is natural hair, sew-in’s, highlights, and hair cuts.

What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist?

The most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist is when your client is excited to see their hair and they are more than happy.

When you meet that customer that has not had a great experience with a previous stylist, how do you make them comfortable while in your chair?

I will re-assure them. Make sure that a consultation is done. A good consultation is always a MUST!! Ask her for pictures of the style that she’ll like. Also make your client feel comfortable by offering refreshments and hand massages.

If you could change one thing about the cosmetology industry what would that be?

I would change the length of time required to get your license.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now, what are your goals as a stylist?

My goal as a stylist would be to become a salon owner.

How do you stay motivated and on top of your game?

I watch YouTube tutorials, constantly read hair blogs, & practicing on new techniques on hair cuts.

Here is a chance to sell you ‘the stylist’ and your business, tell us why we should utilize your services?

In my opinion, I feel that you should utilize my services because my main goal is to promote healthy hair regardless of what hairstyle you choose. Healthy hair is your crown.

Where can we find you and how can we contact you for an appointment?

In Dallas TX, 972.656.9942, 9540 Garland Rd. Ste. 294 Studio 25 @ Salons by JC ;; hair by



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