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Hi! I'm Vanessa! I'm a 26 year old natural. Making the decision to go natural has been one of the greatest decisions in my life. It has boosted my self confidence and has given me a way to express myself through the hair God has blessed me with. I had my last relaxer in Dec of 2013 and big chopped Aug of 2014 and there's no turning back! I now share my journey with tutorials and tips that work for me through my youtube platform and my blog in hopes of helping other naturalistas in their journey to natural.


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  1. Shannon says

    You are so right; tough skin is mandatory. But I am all in favor of not letting ignorance go unchecked. I would like to think that if I were in your sister’s shoes, I would remain calm and ask that individual if they had ever heard Albert Einstein’s quote on insanity.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Everyday , a little more wooly textured hair grows out of my scalp; why should I do something over and over again to my hair and be expected to be viewed by others or see something different when I look in the mirror. Why should I spend a car note worth of money on weave or put cancer causing chemicals in my hair over and over again and expect people to see me as something the opposite of what I truly am? I’m still a black women, even if my hair looks like its from another continent. And any behavior that refuses to acknowledge that fact and attempts to present myself as anything else is a little insane.

    But hey, maybe that coworker’s thoughts don’t run that deep or time doesn’t allow. One of my personal favorites is any spin on Jesus’ hair: if hair like wool was good enough for him, it’s good enough for me; skin like copper, hair like wool…I’m in good company. And there’s always the timeless, “That’s funny because I love it, and my man loves playing in my hair”.

    After ten years in the game with a momma who was psychologically and emotionally traumatized by the first perms who also gave birth to a daughter with hair like Cassie; I could literally go on for days. If I feel myself getting angry, I have to let my bigger person shine and let some comments slide; but not without preparing my ammo for the next time the same nerve is struck. Sometimes its best to agree to disagree, but if we don’t address it within our community this hair/skin BS will never get any better. Frustration can grow into education. At the very least, plant a seed (hopefully the individual and question will seek their own knowledge, if not ) someone else can come along and water. Thank you for sharing!


  2. RA says

    SMH Honey, I wish a coworker would come at me in a negative manner over anything I decide to do with and or for myself. They know better and know I’d rip them a new one in the nicest way for ever trying me. I haven’t had any issues with family either but if I did, I don’t discriminate, I’d give them a verbal thrashing they would never forget. In all truthfulness, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback because my hair in it’s natural state is so much more beautiful, healthy, versatile, and resilient so people want to know what I use to be able to switch it up? I tell everyone to never allow others to force their opinions on you or make you feel bad for not conforming to whatever they feel is best. Do whatever you feel is best for your look, that your comfortable with and stop giving fools so much power over your emotional and mental state.

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