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Kaye Wright is a short hair lover and pixie perfecter. With 3 instructional eBooks, a short hair blog and a growing YouTube channel, she covers all things short relaxed hair. From the latest styles, to products, to money saving tips, she has got you covered.


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  1. Tonia682 says

    A week from today I will be 6 yrs natural????. While I do know more now than I did at the start, I feel that this is a never ending journey.

  2. Estelle says

    I think that the journey will never end. In November 2016 I began with my journey and in March 2016 I did my big chop. Today I have 7 inches of hair on some parts of my head and the shorter parts are 6/5. I am aware that some people will say that it’s not possible unless I have a looser hair pattern, but no, I am a “4c” girl all the way.
    This month, as I go into the second year of my journey, the same strategy will be used to achieve more lenght. Two things that definitely helped to retain my length is that I only combed my hair twice in the past year while finger detangling the rest of the time. And I used crochet braids so that my hair was never stressed out. SO, my journey will continue even when I have reached my 24 inches of hair.

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