Celebs Going Weaveless: You Don’t Have To Prove Anything To Us, Boo!

Gabrielle union showing off natural hair

I have always understood and agreed with the reasons most celebrities rely on wigs and weaves as their style of choice.

In fact, many of their reasons are usually the same as mine – to protect my real hair from the stress of styling, ease of care, and to save time.

I’ve always sympathized while reading interviews where it is obvious a celebrity feels it necessary to defend their use of extensions with saying “My real hair is actually [insert positive adjective of your choice here]. I wear extensions because it is just easier in my line of work.”

The truth is the line of work is irrelevant – for most weave wearers also on HHJ’s, part of the reason we opt for that style is to give our hair a break and protect it.

While celebrities feel their appearance is a part of their job, how is that any different than any other employed woman? I can’t go into my job looking any type of way either!

However, I do understand their desire to explain their styling choice because it is the same feeling I have when someone after seeing my real hair asks “With all that hair, why do you even wear weave?”

I have no idea why it is said with such disdain…almost as if because my hair is neither short, damaged nor broken off, I don’t deserve to wear fake hair!

With the popularity of Twitter, celebs are taking it a step further tweeting photos of their “real” hair and it is obvious from the accompanying text that they do so in effort to prove that they actually HAVE hair, that it is indeed well cared for, healthy and in most cases long.

While I enjoy seeing black women in all roles disproving so many age-old myths that black hair cannot, does not, or will not grow, I am beginning to find this entire process a little sad and a bit juvenile.

I’ve been on my healthy hair journey for three years and am finally enjoying a bit of success but I’ve never felt compelled to post a length check photo to my personal Facebook to prove anything!

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About EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a self proclaimed hair care enthusiast who began her quest for long healthy hair in 2009. Her hair is relaxed and type 4b (kinky, very tightly coiled). You can find more information about Ebony and her journey on her personal blog, or her YouTube channel youtube.com/EbonyCPrincess

About EbonyCPrincess

EbonyCPrincess is a self proclaimed hair care enthusiast who began her quest for long healthy hair in 2009. Her hair is relaxed and type 4b (kinky, very tightly coiled). You can find more information about Ebony and her journey on her personal blog, or her YouTube channel youtube.com/EbonyCPrincess


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  1. Kimba

    STOP! If you talk about hair it becomes an issue. Wear a weave, wig, crop, braids…whatever U want…stop letting the media and its various flavors dictate….what BLACKS due to themselves…hair is our language…speak it any dog gone way U want to…and Blacks need to stop hattin on one another…..don’t hate congratulate…

    1. yit66c

      Not when they take it off. Please……..

  2. Dwan

    But why does it matter if they’re posting THEIR hair on THEIR pages and online to see? My hair is just pass neck length but because it’s natural it looks like I have short hair. Does that stop me from posting it up? No! So why should it stop them? Just support them like we support one another regularly. It’s just hair.

  3. Deaseree Cole

    Ooh wee, we as a people still cutting each other down. This article was very unnecessary. #PINEAPPLES

  4. Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

    She feel the need to prove it because this stigma behind black women wear weave cause were bald but only ignorant ppl say that….there are a lot of African American woman with beautiful relaxed and natural hair

  5. Kelyshia Antoinette

    Actually if you look on her IG page she posted a pic w/o her weave not to prove she had long hair but to show that you need to take care of your own hair whether you wear weave or not stop being so damn negative all the time its ridiculous

    1. Sam Drigo Freeman

      Why does going weave-less have to do with proving anything to somebody?……she maybe just wanted a break and her hair looks amazing too

  6. Sharmane Smith

    The article isn’t about her… There’s a picture of Ms. Monaj and her lower back length hair.

  7. Karen Mukey Burks

    natural is so much better, a lil grease and straigthen comb , never had a split end maybe a burn scar on the tip of yo ear but hair stayed in place for weeks until it got wet

  8. Donna Chesser

    She was actually rated number 1 beautiful black woman in us. The 2 was beyonce. I am so proud this celebrity didn’t bleach her face, like the rest

  9. Donna Chesser

    It is a weave, she was on national television, saying it was, she doesn’t care if it’s real or fake, so. ….. but her real hair is most likely longer than the weave, she is protecting her real hair. Too much going on in Hollywood!

  10. Jamila Kelly

    Who cares.
    Back to hair tips and tricks! Sick of seeing celebrities not with weave..it’s like a competition.
    “Who wears the no weave look the best?” Please..I wouldn’t wear weave ether if I had a stylist take care of my hair for me every day.

  11. Rossana André

    Well for peace sake people, damned if you do damned if you don’t uh? Get a life, love yourselves, STOP hating! Weave or not these women are sucessfull, beautiful and taking care of THEIR OWN DAMN LIVES. This is so dumb.

  12. Terry Norman

    Hell she can wear a weave if she wants, she can wear her natural hair if she wants to. Gabrielle is a beautiful woman! It’s just hair!!

  13. Katrina Louise Walker

    My hair is pass my shoulder. I used to wear crochets now I wear a sew in. Because i work 80 hours in 2 week job; w/ 30 to 40 hours in overtime; and 3 days a week part time. My hair is just like I said; its my damn hair. I can do whatever I want to it. If you dont like it; I really dont give a damn. Worry about your damn head, and leave her and others alone

  14. Diana Wilson

    Natural is better for YOU! People like you are why relaxed women or women who wear weave feel judged. Keep that to yourself bc if you’re not building up your fellow woman, nobody wants to hear it. To each her own!!!!

  15. Cat Goods

    Thank Goodness, BECAUSE the Authors/Editors/Whomevers IT MAY CONCERN of this page stay hating one way or the other!! Whether one day 1 person hair is real(they swear its fake)…then when 1 person hair is fake(they swear its real)(lol)…& if you aint on they side they get mad, especially if the majority is agreeing with you(lol) & then “some” others sometime kiss tail & ride coat tails & jump they wagons just because its they page(lol)…I just go with whoever/whatever is real(PERIOD)….IF IM WRONG I say it…IF IM RIGHT I also say it..& thats that….”none of us perfect” & we “all” beautiful black african women to me(TRUTHFULLY no matter what our choices are)(flaws & all)…so what im hating for on My sisters…I wanna uplift every black woman cause there is none like us, “nor ever will be”…im going to stop letting these devils get to me…L.O.L…..not worth My soul…peace to all that love black women & Men(period)

  16. Rosa Hopkins-Butterflies

    I appreciate seeing a black women adorning her own healthy hair although I wear wig and sew in at times I love the challenge of taking care and showing off my own natural hair…haters!

  17. Kate Sapp

    I’m always for natural hair; her weave is often busted but it seemed to have sum protective value when they showed her hair last week

  18. Latashi Vinson-Dean

    I have healthy (relaxed) (natural) hair and I say natural because it comes from (my) scalp. To each their own to what ever you like….it’s only Hair! I’m just saying!

  19. Sharie James

    It says weaveless..nw am lookin at her hair tryna figure out which part is.. maybe her face..which is beautiful btw.

  20. Vickie Lomax

    I am so sick of this hair issue, however a woman decides to wear her hair is ok, whatever makes her feel happy and beautiful.

  21. Latia Wilder

    I agree with the whole article but I also seen who was in that pic and you can’t expect Nicki Minaj to be humble about anything lol..

  22. Cynda May

    She is still a beautiful women with or without hair. I’ve been following Gabrielle awhile. Her real hair is pretty long. A whole lot of white women where extentions. Nobody says anything. Paris Hilton has her on line of hair extentions that she is getting richer off of. But for some reason a black women’s worth is judged by her hair. If its her real hair, we say its fake. If she admits its weave we get preyed upon. I would expect insults about our hair from white folk. But its black people who do the most damage. We our definitely our own worst enemy.smdh

  23. Shemeka Adams

    Sadly, I find your article quite negative. Consider that you may be wrong. The possibility that hour point of view is simply that. And even if you are correct, what purpose is served by throwing shade. Maybe the showing of length, the explained actions,and their Facebook post are their attempt at solidarity. A you can grow long healthy hair co sign. There way of saying don’t believe the hype. Truth is if we don’t know them, then we don’t really know. And with all the negativity, why choose to be just another voice adding to the pollution.

  24. Carita FirstLady Mitchell

    It’s a silk top closure or a glueless silk top wig. I do hair. Look closely at her part. It doesn’t start at the edge. Her edges are out and the silk top part starts right behind her edges.

  25. Theresa Clark

    Yes is this her weave, looks it. I want to see real hair styles from our own hair. Nothing against weaves though, but be real about the hair itself!!!!

  26. Crystal Roberts

    I’m not a fan…but the chick real hair is long ! … And I believe she’s a natural chick to….

  27. Kandi Wiley

    You have to take care of your hair regardless if you are natural, weaved, relaxed…I expect all celebs to have hair they have access to the best experts, products, treatments & techniques in hair care.

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