Beyonce Rocks New Natural Texture Extensions

Beyonce natural texture

I can see the comments now “here we go again”, ‘she should just rock her natural hair”, “that mess aint real so it doesn’t count“.  A couple days ago we had a post on Brandy’s new natural look, and we wanted opinions on it and lets just say ‘yall went in. Some comments supported the look, calling Brandy beautiful and young, and some were not so nice throwing shade less on the style itself but more on the fact that the natural look was a wig.

I was kind of surprised because I honestly thought most people would like her hair and it looked cute to me. But it was an opinion post and there are bound to be some that do not like something and others that do, much like this one, so here we go again!

This week on Instagram Beyonce has been doing her usual selfies and stuff celebrating an anniversary with new hair. Her weave was a natural texture with kinks and curls, a variety of textures and her usual blonde color. While I liked the look, it kind of got me thinking, are you offended when someone with natural hair rocks a natural weave?

Yonce’s new pictures have lit the blogs on fire, with writers and commenters calling her look cute, and that she can wear anything and make it look great. There are even posts teaching us to “get the look, we can show you how to get Beyonce’s natural curls”.

Here’s the thing about a woman wearing a natural weave, if she looks great wearing it then I say have at it but some of us will be inclined to call foul because if its natural hair you MUST rock it coming out of your scalp for it to be praise worthy.

We like to think that like straight hair, kinky curly hair can be considered a style as well. It can be replicated in the form of weaves, and wigs for us to all enjoy regardless of what is growing from the scalp. With that said here are 3 reasons a woman might choose to wear a natural wig or weave

1. You are transitioning – Some women just want to get used to the look of natural hair, so they try it out in the form or a weave or wig.

2. Natural hair is cool – Yes, natural hair can be considered trendy especially in the last few years. Remember that song by Mike Jones ” back then you didn’t want me, now I’m hot you all on me”, that’s kind of what natural hair feels like now  🙂

3. Natural hair is an acceptable option – Straight hair can get boring, but because natural hair is more acceptable in most circles, most being the operative word, a woman wont feel uncomfortable trying out something a little different.

By the way the only thing that might be a little offensive is when media tries to get the public to ‘get the look’ by advertising outrageously priced products promising that your hair will look like ‘that hair’ when we all know there are no guarantees.

In closing what’s the verdict on Queen Bey’s new do?

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Divva Ross-Burke
      Divva Ross-Burke

      I always did consider Solange a unique person and not a trend follower. When Solange was wearing her box braids Beyonce shortly after started to wear them. I don’t believe Beyonce is a person with a good style sense like her sister.Her sister seems more confident with who she is than B…In my opinion of course. Solange can pull anything together, she is a diverse person and thats the reason why she is starting to get noticed for her sense of fashion. Solange is also direct and write a lot of Beyonce’s music/music videos. Solange doesn’t get enough credit.

  1. Timilehin Adunni
    Timilehin Adunni

    So it is okay to wear a wig that it’nt similar to your hair texture, but it is NOT okay to wear a natural wig? … females…….Confusion at its best.

    1. Tina Marie
      Tina Marie

      EXACTLY!!!! if this was her real hair everyone would love it but since its a wig or weave they dnt like totally confuesed smh..

  2. Jamjamj Davis
    Jamjamj Davis

    That’s not realistic for ppl like her who do photoshoots, etc non stop. The stress on one’s hair when required to have different hairstyles and looks would be extremely damaging. IMO, wigs and weaves when you’re in her line of work make perfect sense.

  3. Dante
    Dante' Nicole Miller

    No……..I don’t like it…not because it’s a weave her sister Solange use to wear natural weaves and they were beautiful. It’s because of that outfit…that dye choice and how she shaped it…If she wants to go natural she can represent by doing what her sister did and shave her head and go on being natural.

  4. Charlotte Lovingme Jackson
    Charlotte Lovingme Jackson

    So it’s ok to wear a weave, excuse me I meant (protective hair styles) as long as you’re not a celebrity such as Beyonce. Some of you ladies often sound like natural haters..

  5. Tami Landfair-Jackson
    Tami Landfair-Jackson

    Shavon I get what you’re saying, some people just want instant gratification while they’re in the process of growing their hair out or just to have options

  6. Shawnetta Jones
    Shawnetta Jones

    Its quite interesting how much she looks like a several years ago Solange. The time when Solange was recieving a ton of flack for this look. Talk about hypocritical media. When Solange did it this was frowned on but now Bey is so fashion forward. GTFOH.

  7. Tamika Rogers
    Tamika Rogers

    I really hate the hate in most people. If she wants to wear a natural hair wig than that’s her right. Why are we so damn judgmental about the wrong things. Yes it’s ok to wear a natural hair wig or a wig or a weave or just be natural. Must we turn everything into a debate that farther separates our community!

    1. Mel Brady
      Mel Brady

      Why don’t you mind your own business, what Bey does with her child’s hair is NOT your concern!! #getyourownlife

  8. Lozette Clemons
    Lozette Clemons

    That isn’t bowlegged that’s pigeon toed. Oan I like the hair nothing wrong with changing up your style but I hate the jacket.if it was the pants with a blue top I would like the outfit.

    1. Divva Ross-Burke
      Divva Ross-Burke

      She usually wear her hair curly like this when she is out and about. If you see pictures of her in stores and etc. that these forums post she have braids in and afro textured wigs on.

  9. Nancy

    Why is this the off duty look? Why does she attempt her sister’s hair & style looks? Be original. Anyway, she bores me.

  10. Etherial Spirit
    Etherial Spirit

    You sure that’s a new picture? She looks hella young and I.haven’t seen her look that fresh in years

  11. Monique Wilson
    Monique Wilson

    I think this is her hair…. shes always.been blonde but if you go to her tumblr you can see pica of her natural hair and it looks.just like this just kinda shorter….. and to the comments about her kids hair….. i personally find it refreshing that a little black girls hair isnt snatched within inches of it lifes in tight braids or ponytails….. . And maybe i would complain too if i knew some 2 year old will have a.head of hair and more than likely never have to wear a weave let alone be asking for baggies of edges…… you can clearly see she has curly hair that is pretty long.for being 2 ….. and if she was to ‘comb’ her hair it would look crazy and frizzy….. if some of you women would actually do this to your sons or daughters hair you would know… personally my son is 19months and i have yet to comb his hair….. all he needs is some coconut oil and he has perfect ringlets ringlets of curls and his edges are straight……

    1. Vicki Steverson
      Vicki Steverson

      Btw when my daughter was 2, her hair was longer than Blue hair is, combed it daily, now it hits her butt @ 12, I keep it cut at that length.

  12. Kimberley Allovadatgreen Davidson
    Kimberley Allovadatgreen Davidson

    Her hair looks kute I think it would look better thinned a little however lil Ivy Blu needs a stylist fr I mean can we just see 1 ponytail with a kute bow or blingdout headcomb geesh!

    1. Mel Brady
      Mel Brady

      Leave the child alone, why do us black women always have to say something about the child’s hair?! That poor baby’s been picked on ever since Bey fell pregnant with her. Mind your own business and focus on your life!!! Smh!!!

  13. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    I would think her hair is healthier because she wears wigs and weave. That’s the case most of the time. Seems like she would have no issues affording properly installed wigs and weaves. Of course the women getting too tight braids and that use glue experience damage, but Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna wear wigs regularly and have healthy, long, real hair for that reason.

    1. Vicki Steverson
      Vicki Steverson

      I have healthy long hair, I never wear weaves, braids or any fake protective style. I change my style often.

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