Check Out The Latest Anti-Wigs PSA:Thoughts Anyone?

Check Out the Latest Anti-Wigs PSA

I took a trek down memory lane recently and it brought me back to a time when I used to open my grandma’s old trunk and slap on one of her wigs. Those wigs were reserved for special occasions; church, funerals, weddings. I had my own special use for them too (tea time dollhouse play of course).

Those wigs were something else though, not like the smooth Remy weave or Brazilian hair wigs, you know the kinds that make it hard for you to tell if it’s a piece or not.

Grandma’s were so fake looking that, looking back now, I wonder how they managed to make it off the store shelf.  You would put them on and secure them with some hair pins and pray the wind wouldn’t come out to play.

While surfing recently I came across an anti-wig PSA. To me, the thing was hilarious but it got me thinking about some things. I know some naturals don’t care one way or another about “false hair” but many get a bit offended at the mention of the term “wig”. Yet there are others who think it’s a useful resource.

Either you love them or you hate them but judging from the recent stats wigs and weaves continue to remain firm in the market. This has resulted perhaps from the idea that if you can’t grow it then it’s ok to sew it, after all we are always seeing many of our favorite celebrities rock them and sell them.

Despite the growth of  the natural hair community and a wealth of hair care information, wigs and weaves hold a firm place in the beauty industry. Is this indicative of anything in particular? We have already proven that black girls can grow long hair so is there something else that is causing relaxer sales to drop while weaves and wigs hold strain?

One thing for sure though, we are some brave people. With all the talk about traction alopoecia and maggot infested weaves some women will still not retire their weave.

Sometimes we vilify fake hair. We still have not come to a consensus as to whether or not it should be considered a good protective style for naturals.

This business of retaining length can be frustrating for some of us. There are countless stories of naturals and relaxed women alike, who have retained phenomenal length by wearing a wig or installing a weave. To each his own, but does this indicate that weaves are a viable option to consider as a protective style?

At times we stereotype ladies who dare to rock a lace-front wig or install a weave; career woman, gold digger, barbie wannabe, baby momma, ghetto, hoochie. Notice some of the negative connotations usually attached?

Unfortunately, some naturalistas can get up in arms when other fellow naturalistas mention that they wear wigs or weaves as a protective style. I say unfortunately because really it should not affect anyone that someone else chooses to wear a weave, being that we all have free will, personal preferences and all that.

I wonder though, is this done because of the deep seated issues related to our past as a race? Is it because of the fact that many of these wigs tend to purport a Caucasian or euro-centric idea of what our hair should be? There are alternatives to the straight haired wigs such as the kinky hair extensions and crochet braids. Are these viewed in the same way?

After viewing this video on YouTube I have come to realize that the natural hair movement for some, is more than just hair. It signifies identifying with ones cultural identity. Some of us feel the need to break free of an imposed status quo of how we should look to be considered beautiful. But are we making much ado about nothing when it comes to wigs and weaves?

Watch the psa below and share your thoughts in the comments.

About Marsha Buchanan

As a Jamaican girl raised in a devout church family headed by my mother, I have always had my natural hair, no chemical processing. After years of mistreating it , often ignorant of that fact, I began my healthy hair journey in January 2013 in fact, I have seen to it that my entire household falls in line where this is concerned. When I am not poring over some hair blog or forum I spend my time teaching English to rowdy high school students (ok maybe I have some little sweethearts in the mix), mothering the most adorable two year old on this globe, or rushing to meet the deadline for a writing project on Elance. In my spare time I enjoy a stroll along the beach with my doting husband.

About Marsha Buchanan

As a Jamaican girl raised in a devout church family headed by my mother, I have always had my natural hair, no chemical processing. After years of mistreating it , often ignorant of that fact, I began my healthy hair journey in January 2013 in fact, I have seen to it that my entire household falls in line where this is concerned. When I am not poring over some hair blog or forum I spend my time teaching English to rowdy high school students (ok maybe I have some little sweethearts in the mix), mothering the most adorable two year old on this globe, or rushing to meet the deadline for a writing project on Elance. In my spare time I enjoy a stroll along the beach with my doting husband.


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  1. Jai Ruggs
    Jai Ruggs

    I don’t care for wigs that don’t look right on a person -__- like homegirl, what you doing with a Barbie blonde wig on….

  2. Zulu Upshur
    Zulu Upshur

    Gesh. The same way u chose to go natural.. leave people alone and let them rock their wigs or weaves if they wish… black folks always find a way to divide.

    1. Jayye Moreno
      Jayye Moreno

      exactly and some people like wigs because it does protect their hair .. shoot with a wig u can choose to wear various styles without having to pick at your real hair and damage it.. people will always have something to like or dislike .. who gives an eff..!

    2. Morgan Azucar Negra
      Morgan Azucar Negra

      Finally!!! My thing is, if you’re going to wear a wig, do it right!! WIGS ARENT SUPPOSED TO LOOK FAKE!! Nobody has a straight across, Mattell hair line. You better blend that shit and have some damn dignity

    3. Crystal Fowler
      Crystal Fowler

      Divide….Why are women mad? If you wear a wig or weave for protective styling that is cool, but know that is what it truly is for. I have seen alot of bald headed facefront and weave wearers (looking like Charlie Brown)…smh. Unhealthy hair habits and practices. No diet can fix that. Honestly, it is still, in my opinion, a mental cover up. I dont see other races wearing afro textured hair to protect there hair from so called damage. They simply put it into a bun, braid(s), ponytail..tie it up, wash, oil, and condition…keeping it tangle free! This is the main cause of most breakage along with usage of excessive heating tools. I am sorry but when you rock your natural hair, be it in its natural curl state, or heat straightened texture…there is something very liberating about not having to wear a wig, or weave all the time. It’s like saying FUCK YOU… THIS IS WHO I AM as GOD MADE ME!

      1. oh no she didnt

        honey god said you must wear your hair shorn ( in plain English that means shaven)or keep your hair covered.
        So I don’t think we REEEEAAAAAALLLLYYYYY want to put god in this debate. I am a black woman living in china and there are people in other races that use weaves and wigs trying to make their hair look African in texture and styling. we as a people have gone through so many phases with our hair, more so than any race in the world. our hair as always talked about who we are as a people and what we were about. from afro’s, to jherri curls, to the halle cuts ,to the patra/janet jackson braids ,to the yarn super jumbo twists, to weaves and wigs…..IT IS OUR CULTURE TO ADORN OUR HAIR AND TO MAKE IT MOST BEAUTIFUL….AFRO …TO…. AFRICAN American means something. there are tribes in afica to this day that add horse and cow tails as extensions with mud to dye and beautify their hair as they see fit. Now because everybody want to appear to be so conscious we looking down on wigs and weaves because its ghetto… What we do as a people is not ghetto…… what is ghetto, is that we don’t profit off of what we do…. NOW THAT”S THE REAL PROBLEM

    4. Zulu Upshur
      Zulu Upshur

      Crystal Fowler girl I mean this is the nicest way.. Really I do.. but you gotta get a life or a hobby and stop worring so much about the next chick and her head..

  3. Kelli Stansbury
    Kelli Stansbury

    We are still on the anti-wig/weave kick? You would think we have more important things to be concerned about than hair.

  4. Shamina Boseman
    Shamina Boseman

    I believe to each their own. I love my natural hair and it’s my choice to rock it, however, what’s for me, may not be for others. So we have to respect everyone’s choice to do their own thing. Who are we to judge?

  5. Berthonia Dl
    Berthonia Dl

    In America it seems that having a choice is not an option. Since the virgin Mary came down and declared natural hair is the supreme and only way one should wear her hair people keep pushing their views on others then make these post to make eveyone who is different or likes something different feel inferior. I say to each their own, natural, wig, weave,braids. ( which by the way still fake hair), do you, love what you want and do as YOU please!

  6. Keisha Franklin
    Keisha Franklin

    I’m not anti anything! But lace fronts are not for everyone. Just like going Natural isn’t for everyone. Some people need a Lil weave to enhance their challenged physical appearance. I’m good either way. #lovemynatural #lovemyweave

  7. Shekietha Edwards
    Shekietha Edwards

    How about we as African Americans have a rally against obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and all of disease that kills black people at a higher rate then any other race? Because we are concern with our hair and not what we put in our mouths and don’t bother to do any form of fitness. Worrying about your hair when you are sick and overweight is like cutting your grass when your house is on fire. It makes absolutely no sense at all. So all of these so called natural people I hope you are concern with your health like you do with your hair.

    1. Brittany Thomas
      Brittany Thomas

      This is so true. The other day a picture of my friend was posted of her hair journey of 3 years and everyone was asking her about what products she uses and her regime. While i do believe both play an important in helping to maintain your hair, the reason why her hair has done so well is because she has a healthy diet! I’m made simple changes in my diet myself and my hair is doing so much better!

    2. Roni

      Preach! What possible difference could it make to anyone if a sista wants to wear a wig or rock a weave? High blood pressure, lack of regular medical care, obesity and unhealthy eating and unhealthy lifestyles are killing black women and we are putting out PSAs against lace fronts? If it was meant to be funny, okay have your laugh. But we as a people have to stop thinking that there is only one way to be black. We are NOT a monolithic culture. Weaves, wigs, cornrows, braids, wraps, relaxers, hot combs, castor oil, Shea butter, silk scarfs… We need to embrace it and accept it all. It is what it is. Black comes in different forms of beautiful . Let’s all exhale and stop pressuring ourselves to be like each other. If you are natural and happy about it, you glow girl! If you have your weave or your wig, and you do it because you prefer the look and it has nothing to do with protective styling, keep it real and do you. Our history has shaped our culture. But it’s true of white women too. How many true blonds are there in the world? Let’s all focus on what’s really important. You can scream about being natural or wearing a wig, but it don’t mean a damn thing if you are killing yourself with 3 Big Macs a day.

  8. MicahLikes Huffing
    MicahLikes Huffing'Paint

    Stupid shit like this only entertains stupid people. I don’t care if someone wants to walk around with a big bright ass Halloween anime wig. That’s them.

  9. Lisa Sapphire McLawler
    Lisa Sapphire McLawler

    Skekietha Edwards, Your message is on point, Health hair begins with a healthy body. Treat the body right, your hair will follow.

  10. Sherrie Howard
    Sherrie Howard

    I’ve been natural for twelve years; I’ve shaved off my hair twice in that time, and loved the freedom and confidence it gave me. But I also love wearing wigs (don’t care for lace fronts), the versatility it gives me without torturing my natural hair is wonderful. I must have fifteen wigs in various lengths, colors and textures. Wearing my wigs have nothing to do with hating my natural self, its just not that serious for me.

  11. Tene Scott

    Why are people upset with wig vs natural hair? It’s a hair page. We just have to hope people involve themselves in more important topics and concerns off the page.

  12. Dabney Ross Jones
    Dabney Ross Jones

    Really? I am not against wigs. I love to wear wigs and am not ashamed of it! I love to wear my natural hair as well. I will not judge any woman who choses to express her ideal of beauty in the manner she chooses. That is my PSA.

  13. Shirley Hampton
    Shirley Hampton

    what. i dont get it. now, tell me what’s wrong with lace front wigs? i wear my hair natural and i switch up and wear lace front wigs. in my opinion wigs dont pull on the hair like weaves does. but, that’s just me.

  14. Gina Mangum
    Gina Mangum

    I just bought two today! One lace front and one short wig as an alternative to wearing my natural hair out

  15. Leandra Mauricio
    Leandra Mauricio

    you natural are take this too seriuos remenber that its just hair. use like you want and be tolerant. this is not a religion that you want to convert every body no no no you have to be tolerant with people and with yourself… and im natural too in my all life JUST BE TOLERANT AND LET THE HAIR THING BE

  16. Nekeya McGhee

    I believe the post was based on the premise that black women hate their own hair. Constantly wearing false hair and never accepting and loving your own hair is a form of self hatred.

  17. Anita Brown-Pickens

    We are our own worse enemy. Just do you. We can make whatever choice we want. And Wearing a wig is not a form of self hatred. I am sure Beyonce feels pretty good about herself. We know that us not her hair.

  18. Danielle Nicole Jacko
    Danielle Nicole Jacko

    /i personally think this natural hair vs. relaxed vs. weaves or whatever is sickening and childish. I have tried every kind of style in the 24 yrs of living on this earth ( excluding locs but i still think those are beautiful) and i think it is very ignorant to judge other women based on how my wear their hair! Its dead skin cells and an individuals choice! I’m PRO HEALTHY HAIR meaning I love hair no matter how its styled and taken care of properly. Black people can be so judgmental based on the smallest of things. Some of you “grown” individuals need to grow up

  19. Andrea Simpson-Jones

    I found this video to be denigrating and a mockery of black women! It looks like a racist white person made it because of the people with the bugged-out eyes, looking around like those people who used to mock us in blackface. I think y’all should look at it again from this perspective and see if you think differently about it. I didn’t find it funny.

  20. Goddessweaves Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

    Wow! I totally admire those who can manage their natural hair daily, as for myself my hair is just too thick and am simply not ready to handle the daily struggle of maintaining it so I am happy we have a choice with extensions/laceiwgs etc., Going back natural is a personal choice , only when each is ready to take the walk it will begin. All those who are enduring the natural hair struggle I tip my front lace off to you all:), but you only need to keep up your journey and certainly teach your children, others who see and believe will follow at their own will, certainly more important issues worth been talked about as the sister below said “Obesity” is huge problem than wearing a wig, If you lose your hair and go bald you wear a wig you get too fat you get all sort or illness or die! Leave the #Lacewigs alone!:)#Goddessweaves

  21. Rachael Thompson Griffin
    Rachael Thompson Griffin

    Who care what someone else have on their head. If they like it I love it … Just do something else what your time then worring about a wig … I have to say ,’ it’s I funny when they put them 2 inch away from their eyebrows .

  22. Tia Wilson
    Tia Wilson

    They need to stop it! Really? Is it that serious? Of all the things that we as women could be concerned with, they pick hair and wigs? I guess everything in their world is perfect…. next it will be the color of your polish.. Lol

  23. Morgan Azucar Negra

    I don’t event think the problem is wigs–it’s these folks who glue that shit to their foreheads and walk out of the house like they are representing themselves in a good light–you look like an idiot with that shit glued to your head. BLEND, B****ES, BLEND!!!!

  24. Candace Belove Smith
    Candace Belove Smith

    Worry about your own hair. Why does it matter if the next chic rocks a wig, is natural, or gets a relaxer. Who cares. Women can be so stupid sometimes.

  25. Annette

    THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I am still laughing, especially with the beautiful little baby in her lacefront to start this “PSA”. Too funny.
    It is though something shameful to have this even as an issue. I have seen some women without their lace fronts and can you say SCARY! Put that thing back on! is what I scream in my head. Education it seems is really what is needed. Girls need to stop trying to be women before they are ready to so they can be taught how to be a woman (and take care of themselves from head to toe). This could prove to put back ‘choice’ as an option for hairpieces, rather than a must because you have an over/undergrown briar patch instead of a beautiful crown of beauty.

  26. Annette

    After reading some more comments, I am surprised to notice just how many people think this was meant to reflect negatively on a woman’s choice of hair styling. Does anyone else think it could be just a way to bring conscience awareness to an epidemic of exploitation of black hair consumers? Each week I graze to neighborhood circulars to find no less than 4 beauty supply stores’ ‘so- called’ sales. The lace fronts are down to $25 each and almost no store has an identical hair piece. Are any of those stores owned by someone YOU know? Does the person behind the counter, in charge of shipping and receiving, speak YOUR native tongue? Oh oh, oh one more…Do you see any one of the owners/managers of these stores wearing their own products? Hahahahahahahahah!
    I am so glad to buy my hair care products from the GROCERY STORE, bypassing the hoopla of lace fronts and Brazilian bundles. I am starting to believe all the women in Brazil are bald and rolling in bread (cash) from selling their hair to the Asians who sell it to black women covering up their natural or relaxed beauty.
    I am still laughing…

  27. oh no she didnt

    1) black women like to change up their look we are versatile like that.
    2) most black men like long silky hair so sometimes you got to fake to till you grow it or sometimes it never grows
    3) I have had almost every type of hairstyle and well it don’t make a bit of difference if you have a natural down to your ankles but can still have low self esteem or you could rock a perm 1/2 inch short and be more diva that Beyonce…. how you feel about yourself depicts how you are accepted by others or if you care about being accepted by others
    4) my hair refuses to grow, it grows and then breaks…. grows and then gets bald patches…. grows and then breaks again .
    Im through fighting… so I will cut it, weave it /or and wig it cause hell like Erica badu said Im clever even if my hair wont never grow…
    5) women with long hair try to make women with short hair feel bad… so A wig evens things out …real / but free = fake/but expensive im just saying…LOL

  28. Anjanette Anthony
    Anjanette Anthony

    I think the PSA was hilarious!!! But your hair journey is personal. I wear wigs in the winter months because a wet head is a sick head! But do you and I’ll do me!

  29. Kashmere

    The only part of the video that made me laugh was the “I don’t really have traction alopecia… I’m just lazy”. It’s the only reason I’ve ever really worn weave or extensions; because I’m a lazy natural. And I’m unashamed to say that if I could afford a realistic looking wig I’d get that to save time getting ready too lol! Don’t get me wrong, I love caring for my hair and keeping it healthy… but to style it on top of that? That’s beyond my scope of effort lol

  30. Shanta Mitchell
    Shanta Mitchell

    The number one cause of death in the Black community?

    I don’t think this “PSA” is funny at all. Black people can joke about this issue all they want, but the fact of the matter is that Black people are the one’s who are the joke of the world.

    Everyone knows that the vast majority of Black people hate themselves and their curly/coily/kinky hair. But then these same hypocrites claim to serve God. Black people hate how God has graciously created them and that’s why they’re slowly wiping their own selves off the face of the planet. But let’s keep laughing at serious issues and continue to sweep them under a rug (classic Negroid behavior). Surely change will come if we continue to ignore that problems exist.

  31. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Diabetes , obesity and High Blood pressure are far more destructive to us than relaxers, weaves and wigs…
    But let’s stay preaching about relaxers, weaves and wigs. Surely those things are more detrimental to our sisters . #sarcasm

  32. Kandi Mak
    Kandi Mak

    Am a natural and i think it is unfair that black women are pinpointed because of our hair. Every race has their artifical indulgence, whether Caucasians like fillers or Latinos like breast augmentations. Self acceptance is a good message,but some messengers may not know how to articulate it in a neutral way. I love myself ,but i also like to make temporary changes with my hair does,whether straight or Kinky.

  33. Nadege Jean
    Nadege Jean

    Wow is it that serious? I don’t think so!!It’s a preference, I’ve been natural for over 2 years i wear weaves, wigs or braids it depends on what look I’m going for or the mood that I’m in. People should not be judged by how they wear their hair, as long it looks nice and they’re happy with it that’s what counts.

  34. Monique Youn
    Monique Youn

    All the shit going on in the world and they worried about lace fronts…How about a PSA that says “Until Every Black Woman and Girl Child is Protected and Not Antagonized or Brutalized”….

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