Victoria Secret And ASOS Get Dragged For The Way They Styled This Black Model’s Relaxed Hair

Black Twitter is the mvp online. From poignant hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter to hilarious ones that have us rolling like #blacksalonproblems. But you don’t want black twitter to be mad at you. Really you don’t. Just ask Shea moisture, Kendell Jenner, Vicki Johe, Remy Ma, Pepsi… the list goes on. Recently black twitter came for Victoria Secret for […]

Stylist Removes Her Clients Weave After 9 Months of Consistent Wear

A couple months ago [email protected] on Instagram had the daunting task of removing a woman’s weave that was left in her hair for 9 months. According to the post, the client was disabled suffering from a broken arm and could not remove the weave which was left in even after the arm had healed. This was […]