Victoria Secret And ASOS Get Dragged For The Way They Styled This Black Model’s Relaxed Hair

Black Twitter is the mvp online. From poignant hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter to hilarious ones that have us rolling like #blacksalonproblems. But you don’t want black twitter to be mad at you. Really you don’t. Just ask Shea moisture, Kendell Jenner, Vicki Johe, Remy Ma, Pepsi… the list goes on.

Recently black twitter came for Victoria Secret for how they styled the model Zuri Tibby’s relaxed hair. The tweet that started it all was by user @CrowedByChina, the tweet has since been deleted but not before receiving over 5000 retweets:

Black lives matter! Say her name! We gotta help sis out!!! VICTORIA GOT SIS F****D UP!

— SoulFUL Sunflower. (@CrownedByChina) June 6, 2017

The tweet was probably deleted for using the term “black lives matter” in jest when commonly it’s used for matters of police brutality which is no laughing matter. Yet as always with black twitter, people ran with the theme calling out other brands. ASOS was next:

Here are some of the sentiments echoed in the post:

Still, to be fair some of the hairstyles of the model on Victoria Secret’s site are actually pretty cute.

What do you think, are they wrong for calling out Victoria Secret for the hairstyles?

About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.

About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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  1. Twana Chazulle

    Damn…. nowadays everything pushes someone’s button…. are there just morons out there waiting to complain?shut the bleep up and enjoy your life…. if she’s ok with it I don’t give a s**t… she’s not sharing her check with me!!!!!

    1. Jai Trineice

      Probably just starting out and didn’t want to risk losing this gig so she just kept her mouth shut.

    2. Candice Dickerson

      I agree she seems quite unbothered and it’s her hair looking a mess, it’s not mine so I’m definitely not bothered ????

    3. Slim Brooks

      Her ass could’ve brought some Flat irons, shampoo conditioner from Target or Walmart. Her ass knew she was gone be on camera Monday at 7am ????

    4. Sophronia Sang

      No way in hell I’m going to allow a company to put me out there with a 1-year old looking perm in my head while experiencing severe breakage. That’s what it looks like. New to the industry or not, don’t ever sit silent while been made a mockery of.

    5. Doris Babay Hines

      Right! U can’t pay me enough as a black woman to embarrass myself or the black community doing something like that, i dont care if im a new model or a big name. Smh

    6. Arlene Delice

      You’re a model and should never be off guard even on vacation, your body is your ???? hello

    7. Lia Blain

      She can’t argue with the photographer about his/her vision. They are paying for her to look how they want her too.

    8. Sophronia Sang

      She is not the first black model to work for VS and VS models’ hair don’t look like that in their catalogues. This was a total fail for her and the stylist.

    9. Sarah Bella

      Models don’t have the luxury of changing their hair on set. There are hair and makeup artists that are paid a lot of money to create your look, and they get offended if you try to alter their “vision”. Models get in trouble if they try to sneak in the bathroom and change anything. So it’s not her fault. She’s just being professional and doing what she is paid to do – posing and modeling. The hair stylist was clearly not capable of working with all hair types, which is sadly common in the industry.

  2. Mia Sydney

    Same thing i said! She’s black so she knows black women wld be pissed she’s out here looking a hot ass mess!

  3. Tiffany Grant

    The average black women i know including myself would have gotten them together for the mere thought of attempting to portray this image.this looks like someone just getting out of bed…and most even wake up with hair more in tact…smh…im equally offended with her allowing this.

  4. Floretry Flore

    So if the model wants to look like that it’s on her…gimme a break…so you mean to tell me that these seel out models can’t speak up and combine their own hair or speak up……the money is that deep…deeper than your self respect and worth and dignity????? I would rather not take the pic or find another agency…create my own agency…it’s 2017….where is the black girl magic????

    1. Holly Jaycie

      Okay, but I’m sure those prison workers appreciate that they’re able to a do job. What else would they do? Twiddle their thumbs? They’re not forced to participate. They have to sign up and be approved.

    2. Ashera J. Powell

      Let me shed a little light on why using a prison system workforce is not good:
      1)These prison workers get about 75 cents per hour…maybe more but not that much more. VS is still able to sell that bra for $30, $40 more or less. WE THE CONSUMER pay the cost while VS LOWERS THEIR COST to make the product. That’s a win for VS.
      2)Since VS is paying for cheap labor, that means that WE AMERICANS WHO NEED A JOB WITH BENEFITS TO TAKE CARE OF OUR HOME AND FAMILIES CANNOT get that job. Another win for VS.
      3)If VS pays the prison workers a minimum wage with benefits maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Perhaps, the prisoner’s kids or families could benefit from their earnings and benefits. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE! Another win for VS!
      3)VS is not the only major player that USES a prison workforce. BE AN INFORMED CONSUMER!
      Last point, the model is beautiful! Maybe if they had put her in a bed or sofa relaxing it would justify her hair. My hair looks similar when I’m chilling around the house or working out. VS knew what they were doing and so do I!

    3. Holly Jaycie

      Oh, I absolutely agree about the fact that she is beautiful. And yes I agree how we all look around the house. There’s no argument there. Never was.
      But allow ME to shed some light.
      1) I’m 99% sure that at least one arrival of clothing you’re wearing is from China. So let’s not pretend like hard labor effects whether you’ll wear it or not.
      2) A workforce does NOT mean forced work. If they don’t want to they don’t HAVE to. They can easily get involved with other inmate drama/gang activity. Or perhaps, look out of their tiny windows instead.
      3) Prisoners look forward to outlets such as these. It keeps them occupied and out of trouble. I had a family member tell me they couldn’t wait for the 8 days until they made work release.
      4) That $$ can go towards their family. (Stamps, commecary, trades, eventually, a phone call).

      Not one being is hurt in the making.
      Can you say that for anything you’re wearing made from China???? We have no idea what they make, how long they HAVE to work, what the work conditions are period.

  5. Dionne Williams

    She let them do it didn’t she..there is no way..i would have fixed it myself before I let them even snap…

  6. Kyli Rae

    I look at it like this the girl get paid aint no way in hell she cant go find a salon thats gone hook her up with a bad a sew in or wig she knew what she was doing

  7. Kim Braxton

    I’m pretty sure she was happy to have booked a job, HOWEVER, she should have NEVER ALLOWED them to send her out like that. Nobody is talking about her print pictures or her killer smile, EVERYONE is talking about how they styled her RELAXED hair!!! They could have flat ironed her hair. If she was wearing her natural hair and they had trouble, I could see that, but her hair is relaxed so they could have slicked her down, add some pieces or given her a BOMB a$$ ponytail. Even if they were going for the messy, tussled look, that look could have been achieved in a more uniformed fashion. They dropped the ball & so did she for not saying anything. #BlackHairMatters

  8. Ariel Cummings

    Why are we blaming her for doing her job? You know damn well most of you don’t even talk to your customers the way you talk to people in these comments so how do you think she was going to talk to her employer that way. It makes me sad to see that you’d rather Bash one of your own then be angry at the corporation that did it to her.

    1. Kim Yvette Johnson

      From what I see the fashion industry is cutthroat. They would fire you in a minute. Her ass ain’t A list, demanding they fix her hair or else. Please, they would black list her in a minute.

    2. Shawnetta Jones

      Exactly. Up and coming models don’t get to come into a shoot and tell anyone how to do anything. Have these people never seen top model. If Tyra want your head shaved shut up and break out the clippers. This model is not a super model so her control is abysmal. She does what she’s told to get that check. Jacked hair and all.

    3. Michele Williams

      Standing up and being a woman is wat it’s called. Get outta here. You wouldn’t portray me or my hair that way.

    4. Ariel Cummings

      Until you walk in her shoes I suggest you keep your mouth shut on other people struggles I’m willing to bet you had jobs where you let something slide period it’s a job is not who she is and no one asked her to be the poster child of Black America

    5. Ariel Cummings

      Why are you not mad at Victoria’s Secret? Because if it wasn’t her it would be a different model and if it wasn’t that model it would be another model it starts and ends with the corporation not with people losing their job.

    6. Jamila Kelly

      It kinda is on her. This is a job that maybe she really needed. She could have walked away. Yeah she might have ended her career, but beats black people jumping on you for…well.. something that doesn’t involve anyone else anyway :/. So over seeing people get upset over hair like its not our hair and outs not our career so let’s just leave her alone. sheesh. Hair is irrelevant in so many ways i really don’t think it has anything to do with modeling.

    7. Ariel Cummings

      Of course Deonna Brown because you totally Know This Woman’s life story you know if she has a family to support, or if she has a rent that needs to be paid. because you know everyone in every situation put what they want before what their employer wants.,every single day that’s how everyone keeps their job. But you go ahead and keep shopping at Victoria’s Secret the real problem and just try to make it this girl’s fault.

  9. Jai Bacote

    1. Jai Trineice already stated, the model was probably just starting out and didn’t want to losing the gig.

    2. If she complained or was unprofessional, she probably wouldn’t get any more work. Just how we have to play nice to keep our job, so does she.

    3. Are we just gonna complain or provide some options for black/WOC?

    We have to start providing options instead of just complaining or “dragging” on social media. If you know a company needing models, hook it up then. Let’s start building…little by little and not put alllll out business out there b/c culture vultures are circling waiting to steal and kill.

  10. Michelle McKay

    Please don’t sell out for any company, you should of came in with your hair laid and slayed, this right here is humiliating

  11. Huvie Joe

    I dont see wats wrong with it; they went for that messy look shes cute as hell

  12. Brittany Tackett

    I saw this girl on their website a couple days ago & I thought that little side braid was adorable ! natural is beautiful !❤️

  13. Terry Matthews

    She’s still beautiful no matter how they tried to make her look. In my opinion she looked better than the white models that were all made up

  14. Tamika Birmingham

    I don’t see how there was much she could do about it. Once “styled” she probably had to jump out there and smize for the camera. They did her like buzzfeed did those other black women. It got our attention now we can drag this company for purposefully sabotaging this black model.

  15. Cassandra Bartee

    A messy look is one thing, THIS looks intentionally not combed or brushed at all. Again, an overall message that black is & will never be beautiful.

  16. Shawnetta Jones

    Her smile is screaming this hair is jacked. She looks fake happy, honestly. That’s a forced smile if I’ve ever seen one. Deep down she steaming lol.

  17. Nancy Olivier

    Ohh wow, I guess they should have slapped a wig on and call it a day for people to be happy. Homegirl is getting paid to look like that without the hair pooling and manipulating. I love it… make that money girl !!

  18. Kasey Harrell

    Thats her natural hair. No one does their hair before going swimming. Over the past years VS has been trying for a more laid back natural look.

    1. Holly Jaycie

      Show me what VS has been doing that’s “more natural”. Kasey Harrell her hair is relaxed. Relaxed is not natural. Her hair is jainky and they should have NEVER allowed her to even be photographed like that. They should have fixed her hair just like every other girl they’ve ever photographed.

    2. Carrensha Hayes

      I wasn’t. Just letting you know that’s not what natural means. Natural means completely free of chemicals and in its natural state which hers is not.

    3. Elayna Lauck

      VS models have been given the opportunity to say how they want their hair to look like now. They’ve been given free well to style their own hair, or have it styled by somebody. Some women have chosen to just pull their hair back and let it do whatever it wants while they model. If this is how this female wanted her hair to look, then she has a right to wear it like that and model. It floors me to think that some females commenting would be judging this woman for being comfortable and feeling beautiful just the way she is. Why does she have to have her hair fixed? If she’s happy, how can you all not be happy for her?

    4. Johnella Marius

      It was pretty clear she meant in a “natural” unstyled manner, as opposed to natural chemically unaltered hair ????

    5. Kasey Harrell

      That’s your opinion. Her hair is in a “more” natural state without extensions even though it’s relaxed. A ton of VS models have been wearing their hair to the “actual” definition of natural. Maybe the model is transitioning her hair texture. The model chose to take the photos. It’s done with and getting bent out of shape about it gets you no where.

    6. Carrensha Hayes

      It’s not really an opinion it’s a fact. Natural means chemically unaltered. When someone asks what’s natural and you say no extensions, that doesn’t mean it’s natural. Not arguing. Just letting you know that’s not the same thing.

    7. Sandra Rivera

      She looks like she was swimming all day and put her relaxed hair in a bun or a braid . It might not be natural but it’s realistic.

    8. Liz Tisdale

      I thought the same thing until I saw the other models you can tell it was curled and styled. The could’ve at least put it in a ponytail it braid it it down seeing that’s how most of us wear our hair when we are going swimming etc

  19. Tyara Nielsen

    I see people saying it’s her natural hair and yes that is true it’s not always necessary to have 26 inches dripping but her hair should have been presentable not looking like she just rolled straight out of bed.

    1. Catrina Marks

      Every other model has similar bed head. I see nothing wrong with her hair, she’s beautiful.

  20. Shay Azodoh

    Obviously it’s her choice, she is old enough to speak up for herself. She deserves to look like a picaninny for allowing the stylists to sabotage her .

    1. Geraynah Whitlock

      LOL exactly. That hair is not okay. And furthermore the article says relaxed hair. They just satisfied with us looking any ol’ way. Not I said the cat.

  21. Sandra Rivera

    This is the reality of black hair . Nothing wrong with it . Only the white washed minds would see a problem with this . Y’all assume if it’s not layed flat , silky long and flowing it’s ugly . Get your head out of your ass . Go swimming with your flat silky hair and tell me you don’t come out looking like this . Smh.

  22. Evelyn Lattimore

    My thing is , why did the black model allow them to have her hair like that???!!!! We act like we have no say in how we are represented! Like we are some trained dogs!! The bottom line and the truth if the matter is, she allowed them to treat her that way because of the money…. Period!! She sold her soul, her integity for 30 pieces of silver! She bowed down to our oppressors and gave them what they wanted, abd thats to continue to devalue us as a people and as long as they can throw ys a few crumbs in the form of money, they will always use us for their greater purpose!!! So its not on them!! Its on her!!

    1. Jamie Lewis

      10 times out of ten… she would have been told she has an attitude and they can’t work with her…. another black girl that rocks out of work.

    2. Evelyn Lattimore

      Then I would have replied , no you are the one with the sinister attitude and I will not surccum to you trying to devalue me for your wicked agenda! So you can take your money and stick it, and dust my feet off and keot it moving!! I trust God to lead me to my wealthy place! Spiritual, physical , and financial! Theres no need ti bow down to others when yoy kbow who you are and whos you are. We are tested by Yah everyday to see who we are really serving! Is it God or is it man!

  23. Charlotte Wise

    Shes cute, if it was swimwear she was modeling… that is the beach blown look … everybody realizes its not styled for church… so much negativity over something nobody else is worried about… i dont think they had that mindset…

  24. Tsumi Fukitsuna

    Im going to be the one to say, I believe this one particular model WANTED to leave her hair this way..

  25. Fadzayi Chambati

    I have seen this a lot on Victoria Secret and I found it strange the models hair was such a mess and there were quite a few like that on the site.

  26. Amber Bourne

    Im sorry but VS is outta line for this. If it were a caucasian or light skinned black girl they wouldn’t have their hair looking this way. Theres ways to style relaxed hair. This is a subliminal look for black girls.

    1. Amber Bourne

      Yea they lowkey have her looking like a slave. Thats their way of letting us know we will never be more than that to them ????????????

  27. Unique Bree Angelik

    All VS had to do was slick her hair up in a ponytail and wrapped some artificial hair around her hair to make a bun. It only takes a few min. They have all that money they can hire a African American stylist specifically for their African American models. This isn’t the only time I saw VS screw up on their black models hair

  28. Ashley Olds

    I don’t see the problem. If she is a white stylist then she didn’t how to style her hair. She was hired for the job and best ad she knew too.

    We all know there is a difference in black people and white peoples hair. It’s not amazing or an wow moment. Also, we style of hair different, so it’s just a style the stylist could pull off on black people hair.

  29. Unique Bree Angelik

    And on another note the model probably felt uncomfortable buy some ppl don’t like speaking up on situations like this. Or she probably felt like shiy I’m getting paid do whatever u want to my head

  30. Futurama Miller

    I mean that woman should have looked in the mirror an saw her hair looked terrible there’s no reason why a white model gets pampered an glammed up to look there best an magizine​ cover ready an she looks like she doesn’t even belong on a run way

    1. Keshia Knopf

      The white model should’ve been portrayed the same way, if they’re going for a “bedhead look”. The model should’ve spoke up, I look a mess but she doesn’t?

  31. Jan Honey

    Maybe she figured this was an opportunity to be the model she wants to be and didn’t feel that making a big deal about it was worth not landing the job.

  32. I'kesha Ellis

    Maybe, just maybe this was intentional… Even on the model’s part. We, as a people are so obsessed with our hair… Even to the point MANY of is won’t workout or go swimming!?! & if we do, is this not the reality of our hair?!? Some of y’all DRAGGED Gabby as if her hair was supposed to be “laid” during a gymnastics routine… Baby girl was concentrating on bring home the gold, not what edge control works best. Same thing with Blue Ivy… It’s SAD. STOP putting your OPINION of “beauty” on others… & worry about yourself​ & what you’re accomplishing!!!

  33. Cee Miriam

    Maybe that’s how she makes her living , and she didn’t care how her hair looked because she was getting paid $$$$$ regardless of what people thought

  34. Tiara S Evans

    I just wanna know if theyre hiring hairstylist bc clearly… I wouldnt be mad at a victoria or an asos check. ‍♀️

  35. Savanna Millsap

    When she seen they wasn’t going do her hair she should’ve instantly made two braids to the back and ask for hot water,grease, a brush and some bomb holding spray.That’s better then them letting her look like that

  36. Annette Trimble

    At some point we all gotta say no money is worth allowung them to make you look like a fool zillion dollars on cheap shoes an purses male romper chaky makup am finally wont fix relaxed hair oh Hell No

  37. Gracia Alta

    Don’t really see a difference between these models and a messy bun or messy braid with other models. Just different type of texture hair. Stop seeing problems where there are non.

  38. Christina Kelly

    Got our African American sister looking a hot mess. They could of did her better than that. At least a wig.. SMH

  39. Stacia Weatherford

    For those saying this looks like hair just getting out of bed should know better! Y’all know black women wear scarves and bonnets to bed!!! Sometimes you have to bring your edge control

  40. Tara Chase Stephens

    If she were WHITE the MESSY bun would be sexy. EVERY BLACK WOMAN DOESN’T keep their hair FRIED, DIED AND LAID TO THE SIDE.

  41. Catrina Marks

    Because a black girl with permed hair is only beautiful if her edges are laid. Uggh, I swear most of these comments are more embarrassing than anything. Not everyone lives in the world of slick edges and fake baby hair, gtfoh!

  42. Affouet Marie Price

    This is why I did not succeed being a model and beauty pageant…no one could miss represent me. Stand up for yourself.

  43. Miller Dana

    WTF!!!!….all the money VS has and they couldn’t hire a black hair stylist or a stylist that can do black hair.

  44. Raylan Smith

    Why drag anyone. Hell the fact is fokes where their hair that way anyway without styling. Now my questions is what was the intent…1. To shame? or 2. Real world relation!

  45. Tricia Sinkler


  46. Lynn Perkins

    If you don’t know what what you’re doing with African American hair don’t touch it get somebody to does know what they’re doing

  47. Lisa Wickliffe

    Fashion models don’t have a choice have u ever seen project runway or America’s next top Model? They always have to wear the hair and clothes they way they are told and ethnic models have it the worst. The fashion industry is very racist.

  48. Donna Coles

    These pictures are utterly ridiculous.
    Her head look like she just got outta a fight.

  49. Vicky West Pearson

    Come on now. Can’t have it both ways. We say we wanna wear our hair in its natural state all over your head in all its glory without any kind of shape or clear definition just full and free and frizzy and dare someone to say something about it but then get mad when someone else styles someone of color like that. Bye Felicia.

  50. Quadriyyah Haywood

    Those tacky a** people who work for that company knew what they where doing. They are not blind “Ray Charles” could see that’s a mess. May he Rest In Peace that’s why I hate when, it’s a company that doesn’t represent any black artistry. Because they want to make us as African Americans look like clowns ✌.

  51. Johnna Williams Nash

    If they was going for the Bed Head look it would have been Bonnets and wraps… what Victoria’s Secret should have done is been overly sexual like they always are.. with all the models and made bed head look nicely and unrealistic as all their advertisement… stop shopping and buying with just anybody…

  52. Claire Line

    I know she signed a contract, so she feels like she’s stuck. However, Tyra used to say that she would go against a look that they had for her and she’s very established model she should rebel a little.

  53. Rosy Rose

    Women always want to “drag” these very companies they go and rush to when they see SALE. They will be right in line for PINK.

  54. Antricia King

    My race are only making those who hate us rich, I have never and will never support that line

  55. Yana Morris

    Thats what our hair looks like after working out… which is why I went BACK natural

  56. Mindy James

    OMG!!! I’d rather see her natural! This is everyday life. I’m glad there is a model out there who would rather show the world who she really is instead of the fake made up portrayal of women. She IS who our daughters should be looking up to. Not the plastic surgery fakes that exist no of days.

  57. Laydee Love

    I think the only one that makes any sense for her hair to be like that is of the sports bra . looks like maybe she was working out and it came loose some the others make no sense

  58. Shuga Johnson

    Should have been #teamnatural. Only a moisturizer away from a fly hairdo when it’s kinky curly

  59. Melissa Juanita

    The model cannot change what was done to her hair because it wasn’t her vision. The hairstylist/styling team are the ones to blame. Wow lol Victoria’s isn’t bad tho.

  60. Anthea Boyd

    Why the models didn’t say anything? Did the models have a problem with it?….if her hair was longer it would have looked better I’ve seen white models with messed up hairstyles.

  61. Love Ivory

    Bihhhhhhhhhhh’mmm they stay trying to taint Black Girl Magic with their f**kery. Like come. On. Y’all don’t want us to shine and the hell with them models for allowing it. B**chhh, I would’ve at least did a twist out. Puff. French braids. Something !

  62. Keynia Westerman

    I mean I understand everyone saying that’s how people look for the beach….until I looked at the pictures for the other models who had clearly had their hair curled VS style. They obviously didn’t really care enough to at least make sure the pieces of Zuri’s hair were Bobby pinned to make sure she looked a little more presentable..I mean after all it’s Victoria’s Secret not a Walmart shoot.

  63. Linda Manning

    Bless her heart, she still had to pose and smile with this B.S. on her head! They were dead wrong for that!!

  64. Barbara Njira

    I think I am missing something. Were they to put ornaments in her hair or like put it in an elaborate style for a swimsuit photoshoot? Were they to apply contour and blush and highlighter and whatnot for the shoot? I think she looks beautiful, simple, just like I, a regular black girl, will look when I wear the damn swimsuit. We complain when models set too high standards on beauty and we complain when they’re regular smh.

  65. Taz Judge

    Looks proper greasy as well, I’ve genuinely never experienced greasy hair apart from that time I covered it in a big tub of Vaseline lol

  66. Jay Webster

    If there were any black men on the set I blame them lol I would have been like wait one MF’ing minute! If y’all don’t fix her damn hair. Y’all got her out here looking like she lost and forgotten!!!

  67. Jackie R Wilson

    She should have opened her mouth or refused the job, bc there no way I’m going to look a hot mess & smile about it. V.S is definitely NOT for us! Apparently this is the way they view black women

  68. Jackie R Wilson

    But she allowed them! It can’t always be about money. Where’s her self respect? How many white V.S models have you seen looking like a hot bowl of mess? NONE! She just allowed them to use her & has become the brunt of their joke. It would be in their best Interest for damage control to issue a public apology. Oh that’s right we so ignorant will keep giving the store that thinks this low of us our money. Smh!

  69. Elaine Perkins

    Stop supporting them then. We buy most of it anyway! They want our dollars but not our respect. No integrity at sell!!! I know I won’t be buying any more of it.

  70. Vanessa Jackson

    They always do that to us. If not having the model cut her hair when she really doesn’t want to. As a daughter of a hairstylist, I think it’s unacceptable.

  71. Daria Sassylicius Darii Ashton

    Y’all need to get a seat if they put a wig on her head would be why they can’t leave her natural hair, if they didn’t put a. BLack woman it’s will be why they didn’t put a black model .Yo whatever this people will do black folks will have issues with it and pull the race card it’s time to just live without mixing everything all the time race race. Racism is other way around aswell

  72. Antonia Bell

    OMG! Nah that is disrespect, but she’s just as fool. Why let them style her hair like that and tek pictures?! Kmt

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