SimplYounique Did Her Second Big Chop! A Follower’s Perspective

10570542_712300868846007_8854695626500575812_nRemember this post? Well, it seems the YouTuber has made waves again because she did her second big chop, which surprised alot of her fans – including myself. I literally was looking at her picture saying, “Omg! Omg!!! OMG!!!!! Wow, she completely cut her waist length hair off!”

I remember when I first followed Kerry aka SimplYounique back in 2012 (when I started my natural hair journey). I looked up what styles to do for short natural hair, and I found her. She gave so many beautiful examples and styles that I could do for myself. She made the step by step process look so easy, and I was and still am so glad I had found her. For two years I have followed the YouTuber, and then one day she just vanished off of YouTube, and there was no video made by her for a long, long time.

Then one day she posted a video on July 23, 2014 showing that she got her waist length hair relaxed! Oh wow!!! I was so shocked! Her relaxed hair was the talk and gossip of the natural hair community on all websites, blogs, and other posts – even here on BHI. Her hair was the main topic of discussion for days to weeks, which is not an understatement.

She was also the topic of discussion on a website I follow, Kinky Curly Coily Me by Jenell Stewart. Jenell explained on her blog that when she first went natural, SimplyYounique was the one she would watch for hair tutorials because they were easy to follow and her personality was very relatable.

But then Jenell went on to say that she was going through her YouTube subscriptions, and saw that SimplYounique posted a video and she was quite shocked at her decision to relax as well.

I was pretty upset; not at the fact that SimplYounique got her hair relaxed, but that there was no update before that or any thought leading up to that decision. Of course she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone, but it did not mean that I didn’t feel some type of way over the way it went down.

From my perspective, what really started the heated discussion about her relaxed hair on KCCM, SimplYounique’s Facebook, and her YouTube, came down to the two opposing sides; one was that she started as a natural hair advocate and a natural hair public figure for a long time. The other side was that she can do what she wants to her hair because it’s hers.

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About Christina J

Hey there! My name is Christina J. I am a healthy hair advocate and have been natural since October 2012. In June 2014, I decided to start my blog, Desire My Natural! to document my hair journey and other fun topics (family, health, inspiration, more). As I share, help, encourage, and support others in their healthy hair journey, I am continuing my own.

About Christina J

Hey there! My name is Christina J. I am a healthy hair advocate and have been natural since October 2012. In June 2014, I decided to start my blog, Desire My Natural! to document my hair journey and other fun topics (family, health, inspiration, more). As I share, help, encourage, and support others in their healthy hair journey, I am continuing my own.


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  1. Rochelle Corilette Liyah Warner
    Rochelle Corilette Liyah Warner

    Typical natural nazi! Instead of understanding WHY she made the decision she did they acted a damn fool.
    And people wonder why some females haven’t made the move to become natural when you have women in the NHC who just slander every damn thing you do?! Kmt.
    Our vloggers are HUMAN to christ. Get off your High horse and remember that!

  2. Rhianna Serenity Crawford
    Rhianna Serenity Crawford

    People are terrible, if you follow her on facebook you’ll know she was going through a divorce and didn’t want to deal with her natural hair at the time so she just relaxed it. It’s no ones business really, we should be grateful that she chose to share something so personal with us but it’s terrible how fickle some people can be, you love her as long as she’s doing what you want her to do, she’s a grown woman not a slave to the community, she can do what she wants with or without and explanation.

    1. Rhianna Serenity Crawford
      Rhianna Serenity Crawford

      feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.

      You can be grateful for things that people do for you, it’s not solely a godly word. She’s going through a difficult time and people are berating her. She has helped a lot of people with her videos, she could have just deleted everything and left but she explained her situation to us. It’s just respectful to show some appreciation for her videos and keeping her followers in the loop even when the situation gets personal.

  3. Anna Ogonji Smith
    Anna Ogonji Smith

    I still can’t believe a pillar in the natural hair community went the other way! She returned though and either way she has beautiful hair. Yes it’s her hair do whatever. At the same time if you vote a dem into office and they side with the republicans wouldn’t you get a little offended? This is on a much much smaller scale, but I understand both sides!

  4. Pattie Armstead
    Pattie Armstead

    Some act as if long hair is everything and it’s not.
    For some to get mad at her for cutting their hair is stupid. Get over it and grow your own waist length bra length hair. *sarcasm*

  5. Weatha Morris
    Weatha Morris

    This is why I love KimmieTube… She was able to escape the internet Nazis and has not felt a need to vocalized any of her decisions publicly because its her freaking life…

  6. Nicole Hartley
    Nicole Hartley

    Personally im tired of hearing about natural this and that. People that went natural looking down on people who use relaxers. Its annoying. Just like the light skin dark skin battle, its another way for black women to separate themselves

  7. Malakah Angellia Gladston
    Malakah Angellia Gladston

    Everyone has their own natural hair goal. Grow your own hair and stop having a heart attack over someone else’s hair. Personally I couldn’t give a rats behind what some stranger do with their hair simply because I watch a few of their videos on YouTube.

  8. kiki

    i will never get use to the fact that people nowadays feel the need to let everyone know that they are grown and make their own decisions but will comment in that manner concerning other peoples lives. it’s her hair and she can do whatever pleases her.

  9. naturalista

    She can slap a perm in it and shave it off as many times as she chooses its her hair and she doesn’t owe any of you a dang thing

  10. Keisha Loving MyLife
    Keisha Loving MyLife

    Why do they keep posting her story?! Let her be and let her do what she wants! The only people’s comments she should hear about are those who follow her. The only thing people are doing by posting HER stuff all over and adding more to the negativity as if she doesn’t have enough going on in her personal life! Who gives a damn about what other people have to say? Ya’ll are selfish as hell using her actions just to have a story! Petty as hell!

  11. Theresa Marie Bryant
    Theresa Marie Bryant

    Honestly, if someone has healthy, long hair I don’t care if they’re relaxed or natural because obviously they’re doing something right

  12. Ni-Ni Patterson
    Ni-Ni Patterson

    It’s funny because plenty of her ‘natural’ followers unsubscribed when they found out she relaxed her hair. Just goes to show you how much they cared about her emotions and situation before she went back ‘natural’ just recently.

    Keep embracing division with this natural vs. relaxed foolishness if you want to, but I want no part of it. It’s really not that deep. Hair is dead no matter what state you decide to sport it in.

    1. Joycelyn Lanae
      Joycelyn Lanae

      People have a right to unsubscribe. Idk why people think they have a relationship with Youtubers when you don’t. People watch her videos for tutorials and to receive information about NATURAL hair. Her perming her hair means she can no longer give them the information they need, so the only thing to do is to unsubscribe. I unsubscribed to a lot of Youtubers because they started to stray away from natural hair and started doing makeup and etc. I don’t wear makeup and I don’t need styling tips, so they become useless to me. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  13. Audri Ruff
    Audri Ruff

    Its her hair not my business…I still have her videos in my favorites on YouTube. The information she shares is whats important

  14. Joycelyn Lanae
    Joycelyn Lanae

    I understand her situation, but I don’t understand why she would perm her hair due to stress unless she found natural hair to be a hassle in the first place. I have relatives dropping dead lately from left to right that were close to me, but I wouldn’t perm my hair because Its apart of me and I don’t view it as something difficult to deal with. I just find it weird that she found her hair being permed as a stress reliever when there are plenty of protective hairstyles she could have done so she wouldn’t have to deal with her hair. I think she wanted to perm it anyways and she’s using this as an excuse (IMO).

    1. Ni-Ni Patterson
      Ni-Ni Patterson

      You aren’t her, so you can’t say that her reasons for RELAXING (learn what a perm is) her hair are wrong. It’s just hair and DEAD in any state you wear it in.

  15. Howard S.

    I like her no matter what. She’s has a beautiful personality and Spirit. This article feels neutral and I respect that. But her hair, her business

  16. Kashmere Noel
    Kashmere Noel

    I could understand disappointment that your natural hair idol suddenly came off the wavelength that caused you to idolise her in the first place, but getting all judgemental and angry? No. I couldn’t get that emotional over someone elses hair lol. Some people are talking as if she got a relaxer and a pair of shears to THEIR hair! Lol

  17. EbonyCPrincess

    My thought when I saw her relaxed hair update were shock like everyone else, but also concern and love. It was obvious that there was something so much more serious than hair going on in her life and my heart went out to her in dealing with whatever trials she was facing. I’ve never known her to be a natural hair “advocate” though, just someone who decided to transition and show her journey and styles. Not necessarily a pro-naturalista like some vloggers. Anyway, I hope her second BC has relieved some of the stress she’s enduring and that hair is one less thing she has to worry about.

  18. tmw

    Never heard of her until now and find it amusing there was so much drama over one person’s hair choices… 🙂

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