Stylist Removes Her Clients Weave After 9 Months of Consistent Wear

A couple months ago Stylist @StylebyBonita on Instagram had the daunting task of removing a woman’s weave that was left in her hair for 9 months. According to the post, the client was disabled suffering from a broken arm and could not remove the weave which was left in even after the arm had healed.

This was the caption the stylist had on one of the photos:

This is the result of a sew-in weave left in for 9 months on #naturalhair . It is important to note that dandruff, product build-up, mold, and fungus, can reside in your hair and on your scalp without proper hair care.

Shampooing sew-ins without sitting under the dryer to fully dry it, will also result in moldy hair. I advise anyone who wears sew-ins not to go past 2-3 months with their install. Matted hair cannot always be detangled, in this case, I cut it off, cleansed and treated the hair and scalp. I was happy to give this client a luxurious treatment.


watch the video:

A video posted by Bonita ???????????????? (@styledbybonita) on

Even though the stylist was able to help this lady and save most of her hair, we have to admit that we have seen way too many similar stories on social media.

The truth is, if you want to wear a weave whether it be for aesthetics or as a protective style, you absolutely cannot leave the hair in for longer than 8 weeks.

Wearing a weave as a means to forget about your own hair or just as a band-aid for a deeper problem will eventually catch up with you. Sweat, sebum, dirt all covered up on top of your scalp is very unhealthy and should not be treated lightly.

If you like wearing weaves but cannot afford to switch things up every 8 weeks, try wearing a wig for awhile, getting braids or anything that will give your scalp a break.

Do you wear a weave? How often do you get it re done?

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Latricia Jones

Just Nasty!!

Elayne Bowman

Just sad, who does that? I know her smelled of everything.

Amalfi Elizabeth Elibo


Kareen Quamie Neil

Omg wow nasty

Shandelle Anderson

Is the hair that’s pulled in half her hair or the weave??

Slim Brooks

I’ve seen this at my aunt’s salon many times. It was both shandelle her hair was dry,LOC,& matted. In the IG video you can see her hair was already locking her hair. She had fungus in it.

Valerie Ann

Looks like it had to be cut out

Shandelle Anderson

All that hair, heck no. Thanks for the feedback ladies

Karina Vaz

WOOW….. this is beyond NASTY!!! Your harm is broken???? Call someone to help you remove it! I can only imagine the smell!

Mstyah Will

I’m surprised it lasted that long. After 6 weeks my tracks start to loosen.

Ashley Gaines

Wow… I don’t wear sew ins but I wear crochet braids and I never wear them longer than 8 weeks.

Prudence Renee


Chmoca Charyonce Cole

The weave had a dread lock attached to it…

Slim Brooks

The Dread loc was her hair

Jenny Jayne

C’est vraiment dégueulasse, y’a des meufs qui sont vraiment crades c’est pas possible

IhopeYou Dance

Ok lemme go wash my hair now.

Joycelyn Cannon

Man that’s a job for the PetSmart groomers……

Slim Brooks

Joyclelyn Girl you almost made me falll down the stairs had to grab the banister ????????????????

Tynesha R. Crawford


Quyen Nguyen

Your comment had made me lol , i was thinking the same, oh my lord.

Miller Dana

This comment was hilarious….LO

Cheryl Williams

I thought it was a before and after of an abandoned pet, lol

Tasha Pettaway Wooten

That’s just nasty as hell Sj Wooten

Kelly White


Jacquelyne Renee

9 months?!?!? 6 weeks or 8 at the very longest! Just EW!!

Jeanette Henagan

Look at this Tiffany Robinson

Elonda Johnson

Kristine Diane smh

Ray Kemet's Queen

Ugh that’s nasty

Nava Parker


Tynesha R. Crawford

That’s disgusting. No reason for her to keep that in so long. I know she stunk up everywhere she went.

Jé Brannon

I hate doing my hair but even I know better. Smh

Janet Henry

All this cause either you hate your natural hair or just lazy and nasty!

Tiffany Marie Banks

Eww I know it smelled bad

Jé Brannon

Where are her friends? Why didn’t anybody tell her?

Tynesha R. Crawford

Somebody! Somewhere! Some how!

Brianna Barksdale

No no no just no excuse “even after the arm had healed it was left in” just plain ole nasty if she was someone I knew I wouldn’t eat from her just plain ole nasty ❌❌❌

Theresa Thomas

Ewwee! A damn shame.

Ja Vonna Williams


Cileane White

She’s lucky the stylist was as talented as she is, and that her hair wasn’t TOTALLY shaved off!

Mohammad SA

She should be ashamed of herself. Broken arm, or no arms…she should have asked for help. My goodness, what was on her head looked like a matted dog. Just plain nasty.

Nea Mack

That was disgusting. Almost made me throw up. I know it was stinky. She was washing it, probably excessive sweating and it wasn’t drying. I’ve left a weave in for a little over 2 mos and this has NEVER happened. I also wasn’t saturating my hair with water. I would dry shampoo the places I could every so often and rinse or lightly wash the weave BUT I also didn’t use products in my hair to have to wash it often. My sebum did whatever it could and I was cool.

Toy Jaynell

I know women that keep their weave in this long.they also go back to their stylist for a wash and to get it tighten.i know her hair smelled.

Honey Yams

What is the matter w ppl? Her pillow cases need to be burned at this point ugh!

Che' Demesme


Joych Parker

Absolutely not….this is just nasty!!!!

Elsa Drayton

We as black women must love our natural hair that is the only way we’re going to love ourselves.

Toyatoy Sanders


Ellis Benjafield

How could you let your hair get like that

Neka Nicole

I can’t go a month without taking my weave out! Don’t no weave last 9 months that’s just gross

Caroline Stewart

The stylist is a miracle worker!

Keela Collisha

OMG ????????

Anisha Bolding

That’s just Nasty she would have got a #1 a Michael Jordan #A bald head #a naked head I would have taxed her ass for that

Michelle Anderson

Keela Collisha I knooo ????????

Deborah Graves

That is so sad no way should that should have been still in her hair after arm healed. I had surgery on my shoulder. I still have serious issues doctor instructed not to do things like fastening bra from back washing hair. Etc. But I would never leave my hair that long and not take care of it hygiene

Rivian Jones

Hey did you have a torn rotator cuff? Im asking because I was told that mines is torn.

Quyen Nguyen

Is like a dead animal on her head , im surprise the stylish didnt shave her head off, jezz nasty as hell no excuse for been dirty .

Rashawnea Reid-Williams

This is just trifling….I cannot find another word to describe this. Your a grown ass adult woman if your hygiene is this bad don’t wear weaves.

Melanie Jackson

I’m at a loss for words. This stylist deserves a 100% tip, plus some.

La Verne Hunt

Wow. This stylist worked her magic.

Mel Roberts

Give me a moment!

Shawna All Legz Willis

Nope!!!!!! Not I. That’s beyond nasty I would have been scared something was gone crawl out on me. Lady bye

Mariam Zainati Kadima

Maybe the person who that wave come from possessed hair head and therefore she couldn’t remove it.