13 Little Known But Effective Hair Product Gems in the Natural Hair Community

I suppose there is hardly anyone who’s oblivious to the heavyweights in the natural hair care industry. Tropical Isle Castor Oil, Aphogee Hair Reconstructor, and EcoStyler are all household names, but there are some products that have been operating under the radar. Today we put a spotlight on little-known gems that have been holding their […]

Want Hip Length Hair? Learn The Hair Length Retention Secret From The Women Of Chad

Contents: Length Retention Secret? Ingredients For ChebĂ© Traditional ChebĂ© Recipe Their Process A Substitute Maybe? What Are The Key Principles Of Their Phenomenal Length Retention? The Takeaway Final Considerations Here we always stress the importance of ensuring health if you want to achieve length. This is a holistic approach of course, inclusive of diet, mental wellness, […]

Unbreakeable Hair? The Protein Treatment That Beats Pure Protein

Contents: Errr…What? The Streets Are Talking How Does It Work? The Process Comparison To Similar Protein Treatments Recommendations Conclusion It has been scientifically proven that hair is made of protein. It is responsible for the structure, density, texture, and curl pattern. That’s why we usually turn to protein if we feel that our strands are […]

My Hair Story – Naakie

Introduce Yourself Hi there! My name is Naakie – pronounced Nah-Key – and I’m a natural hair and lifestyle YouTuber. When I’m not talking to a camera, I’m either at work (I work for an amazing marketing agency), traveling or binge watching one of my favorite shows. Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed? Au […]

Victoria Secret And ASOS Get Dragged For The Way They Styled This Black Model’s Relaxed Hair

Black Twitter is the mvp online. From poignant hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter to hilarious ones that have us rolling like #blacksalonproblems. But you don’t want black twitter to be mad at you. Really you don’t. Just ask Shea moisture, Kendell Jenner, Vicki Johe, Remy Ma, Pepsi… the list goes on. Recently black twitter came for Victoria Secret for […]