People Are Always Asking Kenyan Moore What Her hair Texture Is – So She decided To Show Us

People always ask what my natural hair texture is… this is without any styling product. Fresh out the shower so don’t pan down 😂. I only use @kenyamoorehair products on my hair. Over 90% naturally derived. My hair is now waist length when I straighten it.
#natural #no weave #nomakeup #kenyamoorehaircare #kenyamoorehair
Check out @sallybeauty for our products ***** I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHEMICALS IN MY HAIR**** NO RELAXER


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Tracey Roberts

She’s pretty..n everybody don’t have weave.

Patricia Ann Jenkins

Beautiful healthy hair

Miriam Oquendo

She looks like Natalie Cole here.

Audrea Brown

She does!

Taleah Renee

She played her in a movie!

Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

she’s always reminded me of her

Jamila Sadiyah

Whomever raised kenya, knew the importance of hair and they have maintained and trained beautiful hair that kenya Moore is able to advertise and sell products because they knew what to do

Janet Edwards

Yes Kenya has some healthy hair..

Melanie Albarran

Looks really pretty. Uhh nene’s going to be mad 😡.

Dree MackCall

She’s always had gorgeous hair since her days as Miss Universe <3 #stillafan

Monica Benton

Amber Thompson people always say that lol at least she’s pretty!!

Amber Thompson

Yep its definitely a compliment she is pretty

Estralita Givan


Kecia Coleman


Ni-Kela Howze

Get it lady👍🏾

Bae Barbara


Lemena Thompson

Them lashes need help tho she beautiful n all

Arela Grate

She’s gorgeous.

Kween ISis

She is a smart woman. Get it Kenya!

Joan Mckinnie-sanders

Beautiful hair

Pamela Christian

She always had beautiful hair!!

Alexandra Pizarro

Natural hair. Not wig good

Ikea Elliott

Besides the clear heat/texture damage it’s nice

Ikea Elliott

Jalissa Denise I know it isn’t because it’s damaged.

Shalanda Boykins

Someone always gotta throw salt

Shameka Smith

Always. These comments are ridiculous.

Webster Cheryl Steel

She always had beautiful hair!

DiSheila BrownSuga Fulks

I remember when she used to do the pantene commercials back in the day… she always had beautiful hair…

Akua Daps

Her hair has been gorgeous from day one but I think it’s safe to say this is a damaged texture judging by the fact she constantly straightens her hair and her ends look damaged. Lucky for her, her hair is quite resilient so it seems 💁🏾‍♀️ stop straightening your hair ma, and let it regain its health and beautiful texture

Ursha Love

Or relaxer that’s growing out

Akua Daps

Ursha Love could be, but she does use heat regularly

Ann Ross-Burke

Akua Daps her hair is heat trained which is why it’s so long and full. You can tell by her roots she doesn’t have kinky hair

Heat damaged hair looks horrible.

Akua Daps

Ann Ross-Burke 😕 her hair can be silkier or a softer texture and still be damaged…ask white people lol. No one is saying her hair isn’t healthy, but it could be healthier

Ashley Elaine Plummer

Akua Daps not necessarily. Could be combed and depending with the product used it could look like that.

Christina Ann Mulder


Brandy Gilliam

The length of her hair, u can tell has heat damage though. It’s new to healthy with that type of damage, and she should get that part cut off. But she has pretty hair, and thick

Ursha Love

Nice… skin complexion switched up tho 🤣

Missie Tropical Brooks

Kenya is gorgeous.

Chimere Chi-miracles Williams

Lotta heat damage😬

Gail Harrison

She has pretty hair

Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

beautiful hair. mine is like that but not as long and because I have been using a flat iron lately, my ends are looking like hers.

Sandra Morris

She’s one beautiful lady

Cheryl Gilliam

That’s a wig she’s wearing

Tia Cranford

Cheryl Gilliam its not a wig

Monique Robeth Cure

Cheryl Gilliam I don’t know if it’s a wig but I do know that that’s not all of her hair and she’s saying that her hair is waste length I don’t think so

Jennifer Laster

Cheryl Gilliam what you think black women can’t have long hair?

Sharon Patterson

She’s Beautiful

Tenia Davis

I like Kenya Moore but you can definitely see that her hair is severely damaged

Mercí Luckey

I don’t know why this lady stay lying so damn unnecessarily. Receipts can easily be pulled. There’s been a plenty of time when her new growth was a good 4c and the rest of her wiggaweave was 4a. She loves making a fool outta the gullible. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Monique Robeth Cure

Mercí Luckey Amen, hunni she’s always lying about her hair yes she may have a good grade of hair but that is not all of her hair she is lying

Margeaux Williams

Beautiful hair 🌺

Lauren Carter

Kenyan? 🤔

Kgaitsewe Mofolo


Angeline Mimi Mqakelabe

She would be perfect if she didn’t have her loud and trashy mouth!

Sarah Jazmine

That definitely is the look of relaxed hair. I relaxed mine for 12 years it was always like this when washed

Mo Butter

Sarah Jazmine that or heat damage.

Shani Aisha

I was going to say the parts of my hair that are heat damaged look like this. She does straighten her hair a lot, so def possible 💗

Ashley Elaine Plummer

Sarah Jazmine I am relaxed and mine doesn’t lik like that when it freshly washed its really curly and kinky

Eb Haring

Waist length?

Tiara Gaines

🤣🤣 y’all believe anything y’all see

Latesa Arnold

Ok she has heat damage?
So what!
She has beautiful hair❤

Sharon Watson

Kenya, your hair is as natural as your contact lenses.

Nikki Osterloh

Hair goals….but my hair is too kinky…

Erika Wimberly Hillard

Who has ever asked about her natural texture? Like really? Which one of yall asked? Cause I don’t believe it… Floss your hair girl… You don’t need to make up a reason…

Renee Gasaway


Marilyn Bethel

I will be glad when u come back on the show.

Ashley Elaine Plummer

Absolutely fabulous