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    1. Stella Groove
      Stella Groove

      Nesha Lashae not only is it ugly, but it’s also putting a lot of strain on her actual hair….she gonna wake up with no edges.

    1. Nina Caponè
      Nina Caponè

      Robin Red Bird not me. If she lended her head for practice & ended up w/ this I’d be ok. But to pay someone for those bs 3 braids & then have them lie to her saying she looks good & then have the audacity to post it like this was on ????

    1. Deborah L. Long
      Deborah L. Long

      Neena Harris I don’t. We have everybody else’s hair stitched up in our lace fronts so let it go.

    2. Shauni Maney
      Shauni Maney

      We also would be barred from employment and called everything but a child of God for this, but go off Deborah L. Long.

    3. Deborah L. Long
      Deborah L. Long

      Deborah L. Long I’m just being honest. We (some) LITERALLY wear everyone else’s hair but snap if another race rocks our styles. Not ok!

    4. Shauni Maney
      Shauni Maney

      We wear the hairstyles we wear because our natural hair is deemed ‘unprofessional’, ‘unkempt’, etc.

      It’s called assimilation and it’s necessary for survival.

      They’re wearing our styles and are called ‘exotic’ and ‘trendsetters’.

      But, okay.

    5. Slashetta Mellette
      Slashetta Mellette

      Deborah L. Long do your research on the history of us wearing our own hair oppose to BECKIES wearing theirs then come back n tell us its ok we were shamed n made to cover ours n that theirs were the standard of beauty meanwhile you jump your ass up here at the ready to defend them gurl please!!!!

    6. Ashley Sadowski
      Ashley Sadowski

      i see everyone point about the hair but I think wearing your natural hair isn’t a problem anymore but I’m from an area where all of our culture are pretty blended so I can’t speak for other places

    7. Slashetta Mellette
      Slashetta Mellette

      Ashley Sadowski then don’t until your child is kicked out of school or you’re fired from your job for your natural hair why is that y’all feel it’s your duty to chime in on issues that you’ve never experienced or ever will?

  1. Chanique Selvyn
    Chanique Selvyn

    Now ya’ll know if it was Beyoncé, everyone would be loving it and start copying it just like how they did the so- called “lemonade braids” ????????????

    1. Kaliyah Brown
      Kaliyah Brown

      Chanique Selvyn Exactly what I was gonna say. Let somebody famous wear this hairstyle and it’ll be turned into a hashtag or a challenge and blow up the internet. ????????

    2. Shea L. Bitting
      Shea L. Bitting

      First of all, lemonade braids weren’t new, they are a recycled look. Ish, you have faux locks in your hair. That is definitely not original. So it’s safe to say, you followed a trend yourself. ????????‍♀️

    3. Chanique Selvyn
      Chanique Selvyn

      Shea L. Bitting I think it’s safe to say that you completely missed the point I was trying to make.

    4. Shea L. Bitting
      Shea L. Bitting

      I think it’s safe to say I did not! Are you a bit upset because you aren’t original, yet you tried to assume folks aren’t original enough to see a style, like it but choose to not copy it? I am dead on with my point, stop assuming you know mufuckas and what they’d do.

    5. Chanique Selvyn
      Chanique Selvyn

      Shea L. Bitting if you want to talk about originality, nothing is original. Everything is repeated or copied trends through the decades. I say you missed my point because if this were a picture of Beyoncé, or any mainstream celebrity for that fact, I don’t think there would be as much hate under the photo. I’m not assuming anything, and I’m not upset, I was simply stating my opinion as I thought everyone could do in the comment section????????

    6. Ezee DeGrate
      Ezee DeGrate

      It’s because she’s white. Period. What can we have that they won’t touch? That’s the issue here…. They talk about us… And then copy our culture. Pay attention ladies ????

    1. Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene
      Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

      Natasha Steed I have relatives with her color and hair like that and both parents are black. my dad is brown skim with silky hair. well it’s all gone now but that what he had back in the day LOL.

  2. Metri Nicole
    Metri Nicole

    If u don’t take them “don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking juice in the hood” ass braid’s out????????????????

    1. Tahira Buckman
      Tahira Buckman

      Melody Hunt but it’s neat work…obviously by a black person. I don’t prefer it but it’s nothing “raisins” about it lol

    1. Sarah Taylor
      Sarah Taylor

      Yoruba Harris what…braids? White girls have been wearing braids since back in the day of Vikings, dreads too. It ain’t just a black thing. ????????????

    2. Yoruba Harris
      Yoruba Harris

      Sarah Taylor You know that I know that this is not a “Viking” thing…check out the baby hair. We wear our braided hair a certain way. C’mon…you know that.

    3. Sarah Taylor
      Sarah Taylor

      Yoruba Harris a braid is a braid is a braid. I went to beauty school…and hair is hair is hair. ????????????

    4. Yoruba Harris
      Yoruba Harris

      Karlyn Moody This is what’s wrong with the world ppl can’t differentiate truth from hate.

    5. Yoruba Harris
      Yoruba Harris

      Sarah Taylor Not much…cant be with all the different textures. Bottom line…this is not a style normally worn by her. We all know it. Whoever did this is somewgete counting their ???? and laughing at the same time. Next thing you’ll tell me is Bo Derek invented cornrows. We are tired of the appropriation without the respect and appreciation. I’m done.

    6. Kaya Staten
      Kaya Staten

      Sarah Taylor Africans were around BEFORE these si-called vikings so they still stole the damned style! Y’all always want to try to justify cultural appropriation! WE can’t even wear styles like this without people labeling us “ghetto” and saying it’s not work appropriate but white folks can steal our styles, call it trendy, and STILL not give us credit for it! Fuck you and the “vikings” you think invented this????

    7. Sarah Taylor
      Sarah Taylor

      Truth from hate?
      I am f*****g sick of that term.
      I’ve done Jewish girls hair that had more kink in it than a black girls. I’ve done white girls hair that had more curl than a black chics.
      Sorry y’all…you ain’t right here.
      A braid is a braid is a braid.
      Quit being pigs.

    1. Treice Massey
      Treice Massey

      Damn Lamontrez tho?? That is absolutely somebody’s name. Someone please tag a lamontrez ????????…for the culture

    2. LaToya Bates
      LaToya Bates

      I dead ass just did a search of a Lamontrez……. It’s one out there y’all Lamontrez Jackson. ????????????????????????

    3. Treice Massey
      Treice Massey

      I was willing to bet my paycheck there was at least one. Lamontrez Jackson it don’t get no blacker than that. Well Lamontrez Jenkins I guess.

    4. Stephanie Lyonga
      Stephanie Lyonga

      Kimberly Medina Courts I died about 8 times reading all these comments ????????????????????????????⚰️

    5. Juju Baxter
      Juju Baxter

      Kimberly Medina Courts y’all forgot JAYDEN. that’s the go to mixed kid name ????????

  3. ShaTaura Deon
    ShaTaura Deon

    Hell nooooooooooooooo
    And nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    And FYI

  4. Shaketta Singleton
    Shaketta Singleton

    Not interesting to me, it looks just as stupid when “we” do it. Lol nothing in life requires braids that big and a total different color than your own hair at that! Let’s all agree to keep this fuckery in 2018.

  5. Theresa Brown
    Theresa Brown

    Her WHOLE c2 and c3 vertebrae fractured! (I don’t even know where those are. Just sounds right)

  6. Cierra Patterson
    Cierra Patterson

    I know those 3 braids aggravating as hell…. that ????????is????????not????????cute????????in????????any????????way….take that out neeeooowwwww

  7. Bobbi Pickens
    Bobbi Pickens

    I’m not sure what she’s trying to accomplish here but this style is hideous!!! I am a hairstylist and I wouldn’t even touch this style!!

  8. Tynishea Cooper-Byrd
    Tynishea Cooper-Byrd

    What in the gluten free, no frills, BAPS , biracial momma of two baby mamma of three RING the ALARM she been with Terrance too long hell is going on here!!????????

  9. Meshack Mar
    Meshack Mar

    On God make this a 360 pic, bahahaha. I bet she look like a damn ram with blond braided, why!!!!

  10. Julia Lutwana Smith Dean
    Julia Lutwana Smith Dean

    Have y’all ever noticed all the white girls that try and act like black girls try to portray the “hood, ghetto” black girls? I’m like all black women dont act like that! Why not act like a black woman who’s doing well for herself & educated. Is this all they see. And not saying nothing wrong with braids because I’ve worn them but…..

    1. Sarah Taylor
      Sarah Taylor

      Alicia Turner-Codrington what?
      White girls have been wearing braids and dreads since back before the age of Vikings. Actually anyone who has hair long enough to braid…has had a braid.

    2. Melody Mayo
      Melody Mayo

      She know tf…these braids didn’t come from no damn Vikings…but they wanna be us but hate us….bye Sarah Taylor

  11. Nikki Ford
    Nikki Ford

    Hope this was her Halloween costume “ Don’t be a white girl menace while drinking her red wine in Beverly Hill” or Baps the white girl edition!! ????????????????????????????‍♀️just stop already!!!

  12. Jessica Restoule
    Jessica Restoule

    She needs a damn time out ti think bout her stupid life choices ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  13. Indea Renee
    Indea Renee

    What in the Goldie NOT is going on in here!!!!????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  14. Shanell Blue
    Shanell Blue

    Just why chile?? Look like some dear & ram antlers / lady Godiva mess ????????‍♀️ lol ????

  15. Karlyn Moody
    Karlyn Moody

    I really dont understand why it matters if a white girl has a “black” hair style. This is what’s wrong with our world hate from both sides. Let it go and let people be who they want and wear what they want.

    1. Tracy Sipple
      Tracy Sipple

      Karlyn Moody I think if she got her hair done in a cute “black style” no one would object but if you’re going to mimic “black cultural hairstyles,” please, for the love of all blonde braided extensions, make it look good! This style is straight garbage! ????

  16. Yoruba Harris
    Yoruba Harris

    Bottom line…this is not a style normally worn by her. We all know it. Whoever did this is somewhere counting their ???? and laughing at the same time. Next thing you’ll tell me is Bo Derek invented cornrows. We are tired of the appropriation without the respect and appreciation. I’m done.

  17. Whit Soni
    Whit Soni

    Chillllllll! She’s been punished enough by having to just walk around like that ????????

  18. Danielle Seltzer
    Danielle Seltzer

    All her needs is some bobos and clamps and she’ll be ready for her first day of kindergarten!!????????????#childish

  19. Keona Stanford
    Keona Stanford

    You don’t have to be a women of color to wear braids. So what get over it. The style is ugly period, they’re too big.

  20. Monisha Perryman
    Monisha Perryman

    Y’all understand what Im trying to say.

  21. Star Jackson
    Star Jackson

    Let me find out y’all waking around heaaaa looking like this.. just a mess *face palm. The position of the braids reminds me of Angelicas doll from the rugrats ????????????

  22. Toni Stewart
    Toni Stewart

    Let huh be great y’all!! Lol the stylist only did what she asked Lol!!!! But my question is…… How will she sleep and how will thou pick up thee to wash!!!!! Lol!!

  23. Sade Simone Baker
    Sade Simone Baker

    I don’t like the style in general. I think maybe it’s the color of the hair added. Or the braids just being extremely large. And it doesn’t look like the style would last. Should’ve went for a different style in general.

    1. Nat Millan
      Nat Millan

      Girl you need to stop, you killing me ????????????????????????????????
      You get the award????

    2. Tanya Manyuira
      Tanya Manyuira

      Oh the internet is cruel!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  24. Shameca Bey
    Shameca Bey

    Looking like they eat sleep and breathe our culture….WE THEEEE SHHHHIT.. BUT THEY STILL LOCK THEIR CAR DOORS???????????? TO FUNNY

  25. Brandi Love
    Brandi Love

    Y’all should check her Instagram out dmvhair I think is what it is. I know her and she’s really good at what she does.

  26. Pauline Grant
    Pauline Grant

    Interesting?……..I can think of so many other words to describe this mess….MAAAAANY other words….????????

  27. Lakeisha Wiggins
    Lakeisha Wiggins

    well its neat not my favorite but i know as a stylist ppl want what they want and sometimes u gotta give it to them even if u dont agree me myself would tell them its not a good idea but they dont always listen so gurlll get that bag and keep it movin…client looks happy to me????????

  28. Nai Nai
    Nai Nai

    Am I the ONLY one that could care less about this braided MEYUSSSS ????…I’m really just here for these HILARIOUS BEHIND COMMENTS????????????????????

    Done read all 2,000 of ’em ????????????

    1. Don Moses
      Don Moses

      You know she got three mixed kidone of them name Nivea Trey and Devante bad ass

  29. Porsche Giles
    Porsche Giles

    Yooo they need to add the skull emoji to the reaction not ready for this ???????????? #cameforthecomments

  30. Ahsinot Nosirrah
    Ahsinot Nosirrah

    That head gotta be heavy. Get in a fight and pull one of those braids, it just might snatch the whole side off ????

  31. Melissa Irby
    Melissa Irby

    That’s why she clearly see her eyes and is smiling cuz she knows she looks a hot mess. But maybe her friend needed it head to practice on. My bff practice do hair on me. It’s fun and different.

  32. Dianna Marie
    Dianna Marie

    What in the rum raisin , cream of wheat, under cooked chicken with no seasoning with stove top dressing is going on here ????????

  33. Samantha Staplins
    Samantha Staplins

    I could say so many things right now but I’m just gonna finish my coffee read the rest of these comments and then go to sleep…smh

  34. Mz Spice
    Mz Spice

    @diana Thatcher…She gotz black roots? Hair roots not her culture…????????‍♀️..
    I’m just saying. ????.
    And her aunt married a black man

  35. Ebeline Wilson
    Ebeline Wilson

    It looks horrible. Only thing is Proven… Some things are better of when blacks wear or does it. Some things or styles are not 4 everybody ????

  36. Jeanette Rankin
    Jeanette Rankin

    If y’all dont leave my Cousin WhyTeeKesha alone! This is my little cousin’s big sister. They used to spend the summer with my family and she has always had a love for this style.

  37. Jay Banks
    Jay Banks

    ????she looks like she definitely just throws chicken in the grease fresh out the pack????????‍♂️

  38. Sherry O
    Sherry O'Neal

    There’s so many concerns that I have looking at this. Mostly I’m concerned for her health. Those braids are too heavy.

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