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Lexy Dudley

No. Just NO!

Romera Sophia

Mmmm NO thanks ????????

Amina Sukhera


Naja Riches

JUST GHETTO ????????????LOL

Tiki Punch Johnson

Sorry no I don’t even look right!

Monica Dortch


Tricey Mitchell

Ummmm, NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????‍♀️

Stephanie Marion

Wtf no

Sabrina Sabrina

Culture vulture

Kaydessah Meechee


Ana Yibis Rocha Escobar


Dee Matthews

She ain’t got no friends. Smh

LaShon Jackson-Giraud


Ann H. Reed


Sheila Hobson Allen


Deniece Jeter


Nesha Lashae

I don’t care about her race this style is just UGLY AF period!

Zion Flippin

For real

Stella Groove

Nesha Lashae not only is it ugly, but it’s also putting a lot of strain on her actual hair….she gonna wake up with no edges.

Jerita Richardson

I Totally Agree ????

Sandy Conway

Nesha Lashae 100% agree

Elayna Morrison

Nesha Lashae agreed ugly no matter what color you may be

Delvonna Brooks


Kimberly Smith

I thought the same thing.

Rita Okolie

You cared a bit.

Beverly Green


Karrie Ann Moore

She looks saf

Latoya Foose


Angela Todd

She trying way to hard… No

Ashley Phillips

I see we can’t have shit to ourselves ????

Carol Kern Allen

What tha?

Jazi Jaz

Looks painful

Nina Caponè

I hope she didn’t pay for that

Nina Caponè

Robin Red Bird not me. If she lended her head for practice & ended up w/ this I’d be ok. But to pay someone for those bs 3 braids & then have them lie to her saying she looks good & then have the audacity to post it like this was on ????

Moneybagg Mechee


Rieka LaShay

Hell No! ????

Jennie Eugene


Anesha Rhett Berry


Da Vashia

Im to confused to respond

Tiffany Owens

This what we doing now?? ????????‍♀️

LaToya Marie

Why tho??

Cassandra Salamone

The braids are way too big for that style

Monique M. Thomas

It might’ve been cute with one braid????????????

Mesha Meek

Monique M. Thomas I agree

Jasmin Mitchell

Stupid style sorry, on anyone.

Syeena Tyne' Fowler

The braids are neat, but I don’t care for the style too much

Neena Harris

I hope whoever did it charged $500 since we can’t have shit????

Shea L. Bitting

???????????????? This!

Laquita Amos

Just let her have that! We don’t need it! but You right tho! Lol!

Deborah L. Long

Neena Harris I don’t. We have everybody else’s hair stitched up in our lace fronts so let it go.

Shauni Maney

We also would be barred from employment and called everything but a child of God for this, but go off Deborah L. Long.

Deborah L. Long

Deborah L. Long I’m just being honest. We (some) LITERALLY wear everyone else’s hair but snap if another race rocks our styles. Not ok!

Shauni Maney

We wear the hairstyles we wear because our natural hair is deemed ‘unprofessional’, ‘unkempt’, etc.

It’s called assimilation and it’s necessary for survival.

They’re wearing our styles and are called ‘exotic’ and ‘trendsetters’.

But, okay.

Sharon Hayes-Warren

Yes, that right there!

Crystal Reeves

Lol, @$500

Slashetta Mellette

Deborah L. Long do your research on the history of us wearing our own hair oppose to BECKIES wearing theirs then come back n tell us its ok we were shamed n made to cover ours n that theirs were the standard of beauty meanwhile you jump your ass up here at the ready to defend them gurl please!!!!

Ashley Sadowski

i see everyone point about the hair but I think wearing your natural hair isn’t a problem anymore but I’m from an area where all of our culture are pretty blended so I can’t speak for other places

Valdimir Pieter

Neena Harris hahahhahahaha but really though ????????????

Kimmie Kim Kim

Neena Harris $500 per braid ????

Nakita Moore

WE don’t even want this

Slashetta Mellette

Ashley Sadowski then don’t until your child is kicked out of school or you’re fired from your job for your natural hair why is that y’all feel it’s your duty to chime in on issues that you’ve never experienced or ever will?

Myra Ward

Yes 600

Charlene Thompson

What the what

Chelle Martin


Chanique Selvyn

Now ya’ll know if it was Beyoncé, everyone would be loving it and start copying it just like how they did the so- called “lemonade braids” ????????????

Kaliyah Brown

Chanique Selvyn Exactly what I was gonna say. Let somebody famous wear this hairstyle and it’ll be turned into a hashtag or a challenge and blow up the internet. ????????

Shea L. Bitting

First of all, lemonade braids weren’t new, they are a recycled look. Ish, you have faux locks in your hair. That is definitely not original. So it’s safe to say, you followed a trend yourself. ????????‍♀️

Samara Martin

Beyoncé did have this hairstyle. They just added two more thick ass braids to it ????

Vanessa Haywood

I never saw Beyonce wit a style this effed up! Her lemonade braids were laid!!

Tashonda Wilson

The style isn’t necessarily ugly, just not executed properly on the model!

Chanique Selvyn

Shea L. Bitting I think it’s safe to say that you completely missed the point I was trying to make.

Shea L. Bitting

I think it’s safe to say I did not! Are you a bit upset because you aren’t original, yet you tried to assume folks aren’t original enough to see a style, like it but choose to not copy it? I am dead on with my point, stop assuming you know mufuckas and what they’d do.

Nicole Wilds

thats not how it works????????Nice try ????

Shatavia Harlemon

I don’t see any thing wrong with it but to each it’s own

Chanique Selvyn

Shea L. Bitting if you want to talk about originality, nothing is original. Everything is repeated or copied trends through the decades. I say you missed my point because if this were a picture of Beyoncé, or any mainstream celebrity for that fact, I don’t think there would be as much hate under the photo. I’m not assuming anything, and I’m not upset, I was simply stating my opinion as I thought everyone could do in the comment section????????

Amy Williams

Not a Beyonce fan but if I was I still wouldn’t wear this..just not a trend follower

Ezee DeGrate

It’s because she’s white. Period. What can we have that they won’t touch? That’s the issue here…. They talk about us… And then copy our culture. Pay attention ladies ????

Tina Carter

They set her up????????????????????

Sharida Spellman

Nah she need more braids or either only one

Kim Pennington

Not cute on anyone at all.

Natasha Steed

Ummmm she not a woman of color

Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

Natasha Steed I have relatives with her color and hair like that and both parents are black. my dad is brown skim with silky hair. well it’s all gone now but that what he had back in the day LOL.

Malika Long

I thought she was just lighter skin

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

So what?

Metri Nicole

If u don’t take them “don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking juice in the hood” ass braid’s out????????????????

Charlynn Haynes

I’m weak at these comments????????????

Robin Red Bird


Ginger Womack


Willie Mae Cobb

No way that’s nog a good style on her

Hanna Miguel

Guess she not gonna have a good night sleep for some time soon ????????

Sybil Bell

This looks crazy…

Sheriah Murphy

Lol this ain’t it sis????

Melody Hunt

What in the potato salad with raisins…

Anita Driver


Tahira Buckman

Melody Hunt but it’s neat work…obviously by a black person. I don’t prefer it but it’s nothing “raisins” about it lol

Misses Melinda


LaKisha Arnold-Capehart

Melody Hunt I wish I was this clever. This comment is everything????????????

Neki Love Greergirl

i was thinking the same thing.

Sharon Pickens

That’s exactly what she should look like in braids. W R O N G!!!!!!!

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