I Hurt Just Looking At This



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  1. Erica Smith
    Erica Smith

    Who allows someone to do this to them! An adult!
    I will get up quick! No way in hell im paying someone to do this to me!

  2. Tania Blackman
    Tania Blackman

    Can someone please called 911 for her?! Her edges have been snatched up! That looks too painful to even look at so I know she is some pain! ????????

  3. Bianca Rice
    Bianca Rice

    I can feel her pain thru this picture. This is way to tight. I haven’t had my hair braided or anything of that nature since I was small and every time I see pictures like this it makes me not want to

  4. Tikishia Bruton
    Tikishia Bruton

    That’s what y’all get for not speaking up, this hasn’t happened to me ever. If I feel it’s tight you will do it looser, braiders aren’t allowed to touch my edges nor the nape of my neck.

  5. Megn Freeni
    Megn Freeni

    Many times i have pulled my head away to let my braider know it’s too tight. We’ll be at this all day; if i say it’s too tight, loosen it up.

  6. Jennifer Caudle
    Jennifer Caudle

    That’s to tight you should have told your braider to loose them up a little bit hun I feel for you i know your head is in pain take out it’s not worth that pain or hair loss

  7. Novie Pooler
    Novie Pooler

    Them braids are tighter than my jeans. She done torn your imagination, thoughts, prayer and most of all your emotions.

  8. LeAnn Perry
    LeAnn Perry

    I’ve had this happen to me before. She pulled my hair so tight I had a blister in the front and it ended up busting and bleeding

    1. Jasmine Dallas
      Jasmine Dallas

      .. I Had My Hair Done In February Really Big But Nice & Neat Box Plats! I Normally Don’t Let Everybody In My Head (For This Very Reason) Long Story Short Here It Is September & I’m Still Trying To Grown My Hair Back Up Front On The Sides From Where It Was Ripped Out Blistered Infected & Swollen Red Spots ! It’s Now White Bald Patchy Spots Nothing Will Grow It Back & I Take Pride In My Hair It Was So Long Thick & Full Now I Look Like A Mangy Dog ???? ! & I’m Pregnant So It’s Makes Me Very Emotional When I See It ! So I Understand Your Pain !

  9. Rhonda Thomas
    Rhonda Thomas

    I’ve been there sad part about it is that if you take them out there goes your edges m. ????

  10. Huvie Joe
    Huvie Joe

    Oh…My…God!!!! I thought we were wayyyyyy pass that!!! ???????????????????? I’m hurt for her

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