A Simple Way To Go From Curly To Bone Straight


Girl a weh mek yuh modda use suh much setting lotion?

Translation: Girl why in the world is your mom using so much mousse or setting lotion? This is exactly what I thought the first time saw this video until I thought way back in the day when I went to the hairdresser in Jamaica for a roller set and I distinctly remember my stylist doing the same thing. The next time I do a roller set, I plan to lather up just like that!

Now about the tutorial, Minimarley demonstrates a great way to get your hair bone straight by starting the process with an old fashion roller set and totally skipping the blow dryer. We agree wholeheartedly with the fact that if you plan to straighten your natural hair it is way better to do it right the first time so that it can last awhile without re applying heat.

One thing we did notice, and some of her followers mentioned in the comment section was that she doesn’t use heat protectant. We always say use heat protectant but she isn’t the only one who has sworn off of the special sauce and has had great success without the heat damage. Could it be the mousse? Her deep conditioning process?

It is probably all of the above, when you use silicones or deep condition it gives your hair enough protection and strength to withstand alot of heat. Alot also depends on your hair type, coarse or fine; Fine hair has less to work with so it is important that layers of protecting product is added so that it can withstand the heat. Coarse hair has a bit more meat to it, it can get damaged of course but you don’t need as much help as fine hair.

We loved minimarley’s results and I am excited to share her video, check it out below: