I Hurt Just Looking At This



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  1. Tewanna Richie-Banks
    Tewanna Richie-Banks

    Lissen!! For the sake of healthy hair which is what protective styles should be and protecting your edges, people please ???? ✋???? letting this happen. You have control it’s your hair. The style will still look nice if your brains aren’t pulled out of your head. I wouldn’t of even allowed this to happen no tight braiders allowed in my hair and my edges are off limits…

    1. Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene
      Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

      Tewanna Richie-Banks Thank you for saying “we” have control
      ppl act like they are scared to say something to the braider. I love my edges so I’m speaking up. if they can’t do it the way I want…I will leave that chair LOL

  2. Webb Natasha
    Webb Natasha

    I see so many black women with permanent hair loss around the edges we cannot wear those type of hairstyles we have some very delicate hair and people need to realize that..

    1. Valerie Johnson
      Valerie Johnson

      Yes so true, that’s why I’ve never worn styles that pull my hair…still have my hairline…there’s no way I could stand it anyway…

    2. Donna Allen
      Donna Allen

      This is not normal, the “stylist” didn’t need to pull on the hair he or she’s unprofessional and just plain wicked

    3. Erica Danielle Meeks
      Erica Danielle Meeks

      I can wear styles like this I have all my edges and some and my hair is very healthy.. but I know my limits I would have never gotten my hair this tight

  3. MrsRacksand Lovely Lane
    MrsRacksand Lovely Lane

    I tell my braider NOT TO TOUCH MY EDGES!! I dont care if they say its better to have all hair braided it’s safe don’t worry i wont pull them tight????, touch my edges and u don’t get paid! Smh

  4. Chyenne Ridge
    Chyenne Ridge

    I stopped getting braids a couple of years ago after one of my singles fell out and took the edges it was attached to with it.

  5. Mai Mnam
    Mai Mnam

    But as soon as she felt the pain and saw the strangulation of he hair strands and cuticles why did she let this continue? Who does this and thinks its okay, this is murder lol

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