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Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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    • Leah GRH says

      Tea is drying, so you should deep condition after doing the rinse. I haven’t tried black tea yet, but do use green tea and it does dry out my hair if I don’t condition afterwards.

  1. Jess says

    I didn’t have a problem with shedding however I tried the black tea rinse 2 weeks ago just to experience its effects and I must say it did more than stop shedding. I’ve gone natural and after the black tea rinse…I’ve seen new growth of hair! Well I had to put my hair in a protective braids after the tea rinse.

    It’s amazing.

  2. Michelle Luna says

    Ok I might sound clueless here but you shampoo your hair, then put the tea on your scalp (and avoid your hair since the scalp is where everything happens anyway, right? that would help avoid being so drying?), wait 30 minutes… then shampoo *again*? My hair can only handle getting shampooed about once or twice a week, and it’s only about 10% non-caucasian hair! Would this still work if you applied it on dry hair, and then just did the one shampoo? Or applied after shampoo, and merely rinsed out later?

  3. Anonymous says

    does this work if you do the rinse on braided hair? Will it reduce hair loss when you remove the braids?

  4. CozyVon says

    If caffeine blocks the hormone that causes hair shedding, would just drinking lots of coffee & tea (as I do, along w/ water) help also?

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