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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Coco WashingtonCoco Washington says

    Child or adult, rich or poor it’s called hygiene. I don’t know what is going on with Blu Ivy but yes her mom looks plenty well groomed daily. The child can be natural, relaxed, or dreads. There is a thing that exist called styling and grooming no matter what style you wear even a fro’.

    • Lena says

      @Coco Washington. I AGREE with You 100%!!!!

      Definition of hygiene: conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

      The way the child’s hair looks (most of the time) doesn’t appear to be clean, not to mention unkempt. Folks are really missing the point here – including India Arie?

      No one is picking on that kid. The fault lies in the hands of the PARENTS. I would think by now that they’ve also read the ‘negative’ posts and if they still aren’t doing anything to her hair, to make it look presentable in public, then that says an awful lot!!! Ruthless, selfish in addition to not caring about the public’s opinion. Well, you know what I think about that? The next time either of them have a concert maybe folks should IGNORE that. I guarantee you their attitudes would change.

      I think Blue Ivy is a beautiful little girl. But she’s NOT immune to looking presentable. For all of you who don’t care about your appearance, or those of you who love to see others look bad, you have a serious problem and you will have to deal with that. I don’t condone a relaxer or very tight braids for someone of Blue’s age, but some etiquette would definitely be in order. You’d be surprised how self-centered some (if not most) celebrities are. It’s sad, they’d rather allow their children to look like hood rats, to avoid losing any of the publicity for themselves alone. I PERSONALLY KNOW THIS (not just guessing). None of us truly know what is done to the child’s hair. However, it should at least appear to be taken care of when in public. That goes for ALL parents.

    • Jedidah says

      Really? Do you have any toddlers? It may seem easy to yank a toddlers head up and down, but its not! Shampoo and oil is enough. I could spend an hour on my baby’s hair when she takes a nap and when she gets out of bed she yanks all the hair bands and beads out!!! Hygiene has nothing to do with it, her hair is always clean!!!

      • Lena says

        Yes, really. I have (5) daughters AND (2) sons. All were toddlers at one point.
        First of all, you SHOULD NOT ‘yank’ a toddler’s head up and down. That’s child endangerment.
        Secondly, you don’t have to ‘yank’ a toddler’s head up and down to fix their hair. It’s called DISCIPLINE. Like everything in life, WE must adjust to it. Who’s the parent? When it’s time to comb your child’s hair, there’s no questions about it. You are in control. Be as gentle as possible, but remain in control. If you truly know what you’re doing, it may seem difficult – depending upon the child’s hair type, but it’s NOT impossible.

        The subject is not about styling products or what a child does when they wake up. It’s about the care and maintenance of a child’s hair and the appearance.

        I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to control your child. After all, you are supposed to be the parent. The issue here isn’t about what the child does to her hair when she wakes up. IT’S ABOUT THE PARENTS NOT MAKING SURE THAT THE CHILD LOOK PRESENTABLE WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC. PERIOD.

        Hygiene has EVERYTHING to do with it. In case you weren’t aware – obviously, hygiene isn’t simply about washing up. It’s also about your overall appearance. BTW you don’t have a clue as to whether or not her hair is always clean, unless you were there “always.”

    • Coco WashingtonCoco Washington says

      When you wash your hair you use shampoo, and conditioner, etc. Do you know for a fact of the regimen that is used on Blu? We don’t know if her hair has been washed or not. But we can see that she lacks styling and grooming. Not my child but when you are in the spotlight then that is what comes with the territory.

      • Marsha says

        I believe those who criticize natural hair are simple minded. I do not believe you all who criticize natural hair as unkempt hold the standard nor have the knowledge of what natural beauty is. You are holding standards from your years and years of what is perceived as standards of a European culture. I think your judgment of someone, especially that of a child goes beyond the scope of integrity. I will bet my life on the fact this child is clean and “well” cared for. Do not project your ignorance and insecurities on that of a innocent being. Look inside of yourself and try to figure out what is missing in your own life the reason you need to lash out at this child or her parents. There is a lot more going on in this world and much bigger things in life to than worry about others who have no significance to your misery and inadequacies in life.

      • Marsha says

        I believe those who criticize natural hair are simple minded. I do not believe you all who criticize natural hair as unkempt hold the standard nor have the knowledge of what natural beauty is. You are holding standards from your years and years of what is perceived as standards of a European culture. I think your judgment of someone, especially that of a child goes beyond the scope of integrity. I will bet my life on the fact this child is clean and “well” cared for. Do not project your ignorance and insecurities on that of a innocent being. Look inside of yourself and try to figure out what is missing in your own life the reason you need to lash out at this child or her parents. There is a lot more going on in this world and much bigger things in life than to worry about others who have no significance to your misery and inadequacies in life. Stop worrying about others and make sure you sweep around your front door.

    • Princess MekaPrincess Meka says

      I never read any report of her having bad hygiene if she did trust me we would have known about it … Spotlight she never ask for that we forget that she is a kid my daughters still swirls her hair and pull bows and ribbons out her grandmother is a hair stylist and they have excess to the best can we just let her be a baby please smh

      • Lena says

        @Princess Meka – you don’t have to “read any report of her having bad hygiene.” BTW do you believe everything that you read? Also, there’s more to hygiene than simply washing up.

        “Spotlight she never ask for that we forget that she is a kid my….”
        Please try and practice proper English. Periods should be placed after sentences. What you’ve written are what’s known as “run-on sentences” i.e. just babbling on.

        If you allow your child to mess up her hair after styled, that’s on you.

        I have five daughters – Yes you read it right! FIVE and they would mess up their hair (as children do), but AS A PARENT, I didn’t allow it, if they were going to be out in public. If their hair didn’t look presentable, then it was up to me as a PARENT to fix it. …..So negligence is no excuse.

    • Jani47770 says

      Being a baby has nothing to do with it. Having mucked up hair isn’t natural. Being natural simply means not chemically processed. Not the appearance of one’s hair. By your comment, you probably are the same way with your own kid(s) or you wouldn’t be defending this. (Haters).

    • didi says

      Yeah I bet you do say go Blue Ivy because you don’t want her to look nice. it probably strokes your ego to see someone else being the scapegoat. SMH

  2. Lisa AntoineLisa Antoine says

    Jeezuss !!! The girl needs her hair combed no matter who her mother is ! Quit playin’ if that was your daughter or neice or neighbor you know you would of combed her hair before strolling down front street !

    • Ashley JeanAshley Jean says

      I agree that people would still comment on the baby’s hair even if it was a niece or another persons daughter. But it does seem more intense because it’s the Carters baby. Maybe they finger comb the baby’s hair I don’t know…lol

      • Janine says

        Uh actually your hair does define you. Not the whole you, but part of you. And with all of the wigs and weaves I’m seeing, there’s a lot of definitions LOL!. Your hair makes a statement about you. When you’re a kid & too young to care for your own hair, then it’s up to your parent(s) to do their job. The main thing to understand here is that when there’s a public figure, they are under the eye of everyone. So they have to care about their image and that includes how their kid(s) look when out in public. Actually, EVERYONE should care about how their kids look in public. If I ever saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z look like they just rolled out of bed everytime that I saw them, then it would be understandable that they don’t care for their daughter’s hair, but that’s not the case. Oh, BTW Beyoncé & Jay-Z caught wind of all of the talk about their daughter’s hair and they recently had it styled to look, “presentable.” So all of you nay-sayers about, “let them be” “she’s just a kid”, etc. hopefully you will come back to reality. Beyoncé and Jay-z did or they wouldn’t have changed a thing about the way their daughter’s hair looked.

    • JaJae says

      You know what Lisa Antoine? Maybe some of these same folks wouldn’t do anything about their own children looking messed up. Therefore they condone how Blue Ivy looks. SMH.

    • JaJae says

      No, but it does HELP! Let’s see you go on an interview looking like that or somewhere else where you should look decent.

    • didi says

      Actually hair does make a person, at least part of them. Have some respect for once in a lifetime. Think about it.

  3. Joan M. ManuelJoan M. Manuel says

    Since when did taking care of your hair, you know combing picking it out, moisturizing it considered it not natural. Having natural hair does not mean to run around with it dry and nappy. If anything natural hair is the exact opposite. You have to care for it more. Natural only means void of chemicals and dyes and weave. You still need to care for the hair.

    • Lotti says

      Having natural hair simply means not chemically adjusted. @ Joan M. Manuel – you are so right.

    • Goddessweaves Virgin Hair Bundle DealsGoddessweaves Virgin Hair Bundle Deals says

      You can be natural underder with weaves 🙂 its personal choice if you want to use weave as protective style or deal with our raw kinky natural every day , mine would drive me nuts so weaves totally is great way to keep up with the Jones ..LOL:) and if you say weavers is not considered natural then pressing or blowouts not …:) #TeamVirginhair #Goddess4life with or without weaves…:)

      • Lotti says

        Being a Trichologist (Specialist in Hair Care) I know for a fact, in addition to medical and scientific research, as well as patients and placebo experiments, that WEAVES ARE NOT A PROTECTIVE STYLE! Weaves are nothing more than a covering of your real hair. Wearing weaves do much more harm than good. Yes, they may look nice, but what they’re doing to your own hair is atrocious. I am getting more and more patients who complain about all of the hair fall and thinning after wearing weaves. Due to the tension and stress involved in adding the weaves, it causes the scalp to rupture gradually and damage to the cuticle, which results in things like alopecia areata, thinning, breakage, etc. Low manipulation is good for the hair, but you still need SOME manipulation (daily). Wearing a weave decreases the process of normal manipulation. It also deprives the hair and scalp of oxygen, etc. One of my good friends owns a Beauty Salon. She said she, “makes a killing” off of hair weaves. (As if I didn’t know) I once asked her why does she promote doing weaves when she knows that it harms the scalp, and she said, “I have to pay my bills. If they want to spend their money on my hair so what?” If someone wants to get a weave, that’s their business. But they should really consider the consequences. It may look good now, but who knows what the future holds? Also, flat-ironing (pressing) or blowing out the hair doesn’t stop the hair from being natural. Yes, it does change the natural look of the hair, but it’s still natural. It only becomes unnatural when chemicals are applied i.e. relaxers, perms, dyes, etc. Once those things completely grow out of the hair, it becomes natural again.

    • Lotti says

      Actually India Arie doesn’t look light-skinned at all. She does look medium to light brown-skinned and she looks lighter in the photograph probably due to the lighting of the camera. Light-skinned are the likes of Paula Patton, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, etc.

  4. Ashley JeanAshley Jean says

    The funny part is that people don’t see how the baby’s hair is every single second. The paparazzi could have taken those pictures over a course of two weeks and just are gradually posting them. That’s their child and letting her hair stay loose is their business. I let my daughters hair loose at times and I have put tons of moisturizer in her hair and it still looks like she doesn’t have anything in it. It could be the products too. For instance Cantu did not work on me or my daughters hair when we first started using it but then trying it later it worked and added some shine. At the end of the day it’s their child and I highly doubt her hair is so damaged. I don’t expect Blue Ivys hair to be LAID…you would think so but so what. I take care of my daughters hair and that’s my responsibility.

    • Julie says

      It doesn’t matter when the paparazzi took the pictures. The fact still remains that the child was out in public and when you’re a celebrity you have to be ready at all times or get out of the spotlight. We all know it’s their business, you are not telling us anything we don’t already know. In regards to your daughters – is anyone posting any comments about them? Don’t compare yourself to a celebrity. Not that they are any better than anyone else, but when you are of celebrity status, you have to be more disciplined in public. If you don’t care about how your kids look in public, that is your problem. No one is talking about the hair being LAID, it is about respecting the appearance of your child. After all, your children are a reflection of you. Don’t forget that.

  5. Adrianna FloydAdrianna Floyd says

    i didnt even read what India Arie had to say..howeverrr I understand the whole natural thing as I am natural myself and comb my hair every day..no one said put a 27in sew in in the babys hair just some grease and water, ponytail , bow, feather ..DO SOMETHING! people quick to talk about “common folks kids” when the parents looking Casket sharp and kids lookin like yesterday….baby blue needs her hair combed

  6. Re Re MonaeRe Re Monae says

    I don’t care what no one says that little girl rich or poor needs her hair combed and moisturized. I don’t care in u put it in plats afterwards. Maintenence is important in hair growth and hygiene…I don’t care how old u are.

  7. Ni-Ni HendersonNi-Ni Henderson says

    There was no reason for her to write a letter, but she can do what she wants. Her letter doesn’t take away the fact that Blu’s hair was looking like no one touched it in months. See how quick somebody did her hair after what seems to be most of the responses to the petition were expressed about how unkempt it was and appeared to be dry? Most responses were NOT bashing her natural hair, but plenty of people created drama trying to say that was the cause for the petition and observations of others.

    The fact of the matter is, as I’ve mentioned in another post, there are children REMOVED from their parent’s care for stuff like this, because it is considered to be a form of physical neglect. There is a difference between playing so much you mess up your hair and looking like somebody took down some of your braids, forgot about the rest, and now your hair is on the brink of matting up.

    No one is hating on her. Doesn’t matter how much money her and her parents have or who they are. Her hair was very unkempt. Plain and simple.

    • LaDelle says

      I agree with you. Why can’t people see this? Are they that blind or are they guilty of the same? No one is bashing anyone’s natural hair. Natural hair is beautiful. The whole issue is about her hair looking like it wasn’t combed while she was in public. You are right that children have been removed from the “care” of their parents for things such as this. If I worked for one of the agencies and saw a child looking like that it would definitely make me wonder about the parents. I would think that if they allow their child to go around looking like this, how must they be with the child in private?

  8. Khaos BreKhaos Bre says

    Its not here child why she even opening up her mouth…..another woman who trying to bring other woman down by pointing out flaws Way to go smh! !!

    • LaDelle says

      IMO she’s simply trying to get some media attention and maybe need some financial backing. When was her last album? Case closed.

  9. Deanna Merritt RossDeanna Merritt Ross says

    I agree with Ms. Arie. I think the little girl is adorable. I applaud JayZ and Bey for not straightening or over-manipulating her hair, which can cause damage/breakage. She is fine just the way she is! And I hope she grows up blissfully unaware of the critics. Most of them have no idea what their own hair would look like in its natural state.

  10. Lisa AntoineLisa Antoine says

    It’s really not important, but really,seriously, and honestly someone could have combed the baby’s hair. They have 24/7 staff, security, maids, have that big guy Julius(?) put in some plats.Her grandma is a damn hairdresser !!! Ijs

  11. Kai McIverKai McIver says

    I think she looks crazy sometimes but so does her momma. That being said….Can we move on to something else? She is a baby and the Carter’s dont seem to give a damn about what people think.

  12. Gwendolyn D. SimminsGwendolyn D. Simmins says

    To me, it looked as if the child’s hair was taken down from a style and not re-styled. I am not part of the Jay-Z/Bey hype but I think way too much has been put into the issue of Blue Ivy’s hair. Again, to me, it simply looks as if the hair was taken down and not re-styled.

    • DonnaB says

      But that’s the whole point. It WASN’T styled. You don’t just take down a hair style and say, oh well that’s it. I’m not a B J fan at all, and this makes me think of them even less. Not to mention B showing her cunt on stage (this was on Jay-Z’s Twitter account and my brother still has the copy). In my opinion Jay-Z has a Pimp mentality and sees ALL Women as “hoes”, etc. It shows with how he carries his own daughter around with her hair looking so bad, while his wife is on stage leaving nothing to the imagination. Think about it for a sec. How many men would be comfortable with their own wife parading around like yesterday’s meatloaf and their daughter looking like a dirty mop is on her head. It’s all about the $$$ and no morals. They’re trying to get theirs while they can and don’t care about anything but that. As long as they are bringing in the $$$ they will keep doing the same things. But they really need to remember that, “when the going gets tough – the tough get going.”

      • Brandi says

        Why do you care so much about the baby’s hair? lol Do you wear your hair in its natural state? If so do you always have every single strand in place all day everyday?? If they want to have her out IN PUBLIC looking the way she looks, that’s THEIR damn child. They can do that. Celebrity or not, who gives a damn? Why do you?? How do you know that her hair is not moisturized? How do you know that is not clean? She’s a baby! What do you want to see? Gel and greased up tight ass ponytails with rubber bands, ribbons and bows? Why can’t she just let her hair be free? Everyone does not and will not do everything to your liking. Get over it.
        I hope they continue letting her wear her hair as is so it can continue to piss people like you off. lol

        • Miranda says

          Well, well, well..Guest what? B has finally come to her senses (somewhat) and done something to Blue’s hair. I feel bad that she’s getting it permed, and I truly hope that she takes proper care of it, BUT it should look much better AND hopefully it won’t do any damage. Here’s a quote from B:

          “Fine I’ll do it. Ya’ll happy? Damn!” …………(now this implies that she WASN’T doing her hair)

          Now. For all of you saying, blah, blah, blah it’s her kid and she can do whatever she wants, etc. Guess what? If that was how she truly felt, then she would’ve continued allowing her child to look the way that she did. Also, by getting her child’s hair Permed, it shows that she personally didn’t know how to care for the child’s hair.

          Here’s the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kadia-blagrove-/beyonce-responds-to-blue-_b_5488645.html

          • Brandi says

            Well, well, well… Guess what Miranda?! That’s a fictitious article. LOL
            At the end of the article it reads: “Kadia Blagrove is a journalist, reporter and a proud owner of a nappy and happy fro. Details of this story may or may not be true. Sources are trusted imaginary beings. If this article made you question your negative comments about a child’s hair, then you’re welcome.”

          • Miranda says

            I’ve already confirmed it. It was posted on more than one site. I stand firm on my opinion about the kid’s hair. Believe it or not. I really couldn’t care less.

          • Miranda says

            I’ve already confirmed it on more than one site. Do your homework and stop simply looking for something that probably reminds you of what you may or may not be doing. Nothing will ever make me question what I have said, unless I didn’t truly believe in it.

          • Brandi says

            “I’ve already confirmed it on more than one site.” Okay, Miss CNN. You so want to believe the BS you see just because it’s on a website. A website that is clearly labeled as “COMEDY”. Did you know that wrong info can be on more than one site? Or nah? lol People get paid to post trash all day long. Let’s look past the fact that you think her hair should be “done”… we can agree to disagree on that. But I want you to use some critical thinking skills here. The ARTICLE IS FICTITIOUS boo.

            You know what, I actually believe that you’re playing with me. There’s no way a person can be this dumb. NO WAY. I’m done. lol.

          • Miranda says

            If I had said that I personally knew something about the matter you probably wouldn’t believe that either. BTW I don’t simply validate website material. I do my research first before commenting. It’s your choice to defend what you believe in. And it’s my prerogative to do the same. I really couldn’t give a flying f$$$ about the kid’s hair. I simply stated my opinions, such as yourself. Maybe you find it fashionable to allow kid’s to walk around like they’re in the jungle. I don’t and I won’t. I don’t need to validate my intelligence to the likes of you. Actually you were already done in my opinion.

        • D. says

          Finally! someone speaks with sense. All this hoop-la about this childs hair is really no ones business but the parents, and it’s sense less conversation, there are far more important things in the world to worry about than B.I. hair.

    • DonnaB says

      But that’s the whole point, if the hair was taken down and not re-styled, you’re going to tell me that alright to take the child out in public looking that way? Are you serious or do you (or someone you know) have the same issues? I cannot believe what you said. Say it with me, Public – Public – Public. Get it? Care about how YOU look in Public. Care about how YOUR CHILD(REN) look in Public. Particularly a celebrity’s child. I wouldn’t dare talk bad about the child simply because she’s a child. But her parents are showing no Empathy whatsoever. Keeping quiet about it, doesn’t silence anything. If they truly cared about their child, they would do all they could to protect the child, that includes not being seen in public looking like a mop on top of the child’s head. My brother has a picture of Beyoncé with her c### exposed. Guess what? That picture was on Twitter in Jay-Z”s account and Jay-Z has since deleted it. But my brother still has the picture. It’s disgusting!!!!!! Jay-Z seems to have a pimp mentality. When he has been seen carrying his daughter her hair looks just as bad. Now tell me, what man would display his own wife’s private parts on a social media page, carry his own daughter around looking like no one cared about her appearance? Don’t make any excuses for people like that. It’s all about the $$$. They will just need to remember that, “when the going gets tough – the tough get going.”

  13. Brittany MissPriss LeggettBrittany MissPriss Leggett says

    Froncessca curry I agree with her . If Blue hair was laid they would STILL have something to say . She can’t win for losing simply because of who her parens are and who she is. She is a child , and we can’t tell her parents how to raise her or what to do or don’t so to her .. People need to focus on more important things like maybe wth they kids got going on or what they look like. Or maybe even things that are going on in our world. But I’m sleep tho lol

  14. Sylvia Inez King BlauSylvia Inez King Blau says

    Africa which consists of many countries aka my ancestors home is what Im talking about. Senegalese braids come from there. Tribal people braid, wear hair cropped short and in large cities style like Europeans and Americans with weaves relaxers wigs etc. I dont see any looking like that baby, wild.

  15. Froncessca CurryFroncessca Curry says

    Brittany MissPriss Leggett I been went to sleep Zzzz.. At one point I was like why don’t they leave this child alone BUT I strongly believe she should at least comb it. Whats the point of being natural if you’re still not going to take care of her hair. She can grow it out chemically free and all but it means nothing if its not getting any moisturizer or anything. I feel like saying she wants her natural is a scapegoat. If she feels so strongly about it then Beyonce needs to be natural as well. Practice what you preach instead of making excuses. There are plenty of celebrities that have their children natural that don’t look nearly as bad as Blue’s hair. But hey different folks different strokes..

    • Brittany MissPriss LeggettBrittany MissPriss Leggett says

      Right . She should comb it BUT who are we as people to tell her what to do?? Her close friends/family maybe should suggest it but that’s like Jazamine trying to tell us what to do with our kids . Her opinion simply isn’t needed or wanted.

      • penny201 says

        @ Brittany MissPriss Legget we are the ones paying for them to survive. That’s who we are. No one is trying to tell anyone what to do with their own kid. All we’re saying is since they entertainers and we are the ones paying their salaries by buying their products, we have the right to comment about them. It comes with the territory. Why is that so hard for people like you to understand? And you are wrong- Jazmine’s comments were critically wanted and very much needed.

  16. Nonie OboliNonie Oboli says

    I get the whole, not picking on children thing….but, when celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z, who are constantly putting their lives, money, power, success…and yes even their child…in our face all the time, then they should expect criticism. They can’t count on people to be compassionate enough to understand that criticizing a child would be a “no-no”. Sadly, it’s part of the price they pay.

  17. Joslin says

    Judges—-“Get A Life”—-Don’t like the Baby Blu’s hair—stop looking—-MOVE ON to another judgement—AGAIN! “GET A LIFE!

  18. scotty 1016 says

    let people live their life….as BLACK mothers we need to make sure our own children are receiving their education, self expression, freedom of the mental slavery we are all bombarded with, be happy, be free, be innovative give to your community and stop worrying about IF a BLACK FAMILY have made a decision of what they want to do with their child…not walking what everybody feels is the code of BLACK AMERICA…let them live and YOU too….peace

    • nannette says

      You sound typical. Don’t you even care about how the Black people of America are being displayed? Talk about selfish minded.

  19. Lauren B says

    I agree with India but what most people are forgetting is it’s not your child! Yes you have every right to your opinion but in expressing it this publicly is just plain rude. Worry about your own. She is not your child

  20. Sherez ReneeSherez Renee says

    We should probably all be focusing in more important issues, rather than blu ivys hair. Come on! People are literally starving, racism, etc. If we put at much energy into solving those issues as we do on having an opinion on what’s going on with celebrities that could give two shits about us, the world would be a much better place.

  21. Melisha Osborne-BryantMelisha Osborne-Bryant says

    I agree with India Irie.. Society and it’s definition of what’s pretty is why all of our young girls, black and whites included are walking around here with ate off edges, and chemically treated, over processed hair.. We need to support parents when they choose to keep their children’s hair natural. Hell who haven’t had a bad hair day.. It just so happens camera’s and the paparazzi is around to catch Blue’s hair… #liveandletlive


  22. Alycia CobbAlycia Cobb says

    I find it funny how ppl act like they spoken to bey and she told them ” girl nah I dont do blue hair” or some shit like that. just because it may LOOK as if she don’t moisturize it, wash it and comb it dont mean its true, that could just be how hair damn hair is. my 1 year old niece has thick kinky curly hair and no matter how much you spray it, moisturize it or comb it, it goes back to this big afro with kinky curls all over her head, ppl have said.the same about her but saying my sister dont do her hair or comb it but little do they know she.gets her hair done damn near every day. and on top of that ppl pick on blue because of who her parents are because bey has put her hair in twist and ppl bashed her and blue. talking bout she look a mess , she has put her hair in little ponytails ppl complained about that, she put it in a bun ppl complained about that, it dont matter what she do to HER child head yall still bitch and moan. and to be honest I rather see her hair like this rather than with tight rubber bans, weaves and braids like I see many little kids wearing.

  23. Lilly says

    Maybe blue has 4c hair! Don’t see anyone talking about Kany’s daughters hair! Leave blue Ivy alone and get a freakin life. People are going to complain no matter how her hair is styled. Black people love dogging each other out. White folks enjoy this behavior because it shows how small minded you are as a whole. With all the things going on in the world, a child’s hair has made the news! This whole subject is such a waste of time. Worry about your own hair!

    • Lennie says

      “Maybe blue has 4c hair!”…………………….. And?? What’s your point? By that statement, you’ve just condoned that her hair looks bad, as you’ve just tried to make an excuse for its appearance.

      “Don’t see anyone talking about Kany’s daughters hair!” ……… It’s Kanye’s (not Kany’s). That could’ve simply been a typo so you get a pass on that from me. Now in regards to Kanye’s daughter’s hair, can you really sit there and try to make a comparison? The two girls’ hair are obviously different in texture and therefore going to look different. The main difference is that when Kanye’s daughter is seen in public, her hair looks smooth and cared for. Not all over her head like a wild animal. Unlike the other kid. I think this is because Kanye and his wife care enough about their beautiful daughter to fix her hair. Kids are a reflection of their parents.

    • Lennie says

      You said, “White folks enjoy this behavior because it shows how small minded you are as a whole.”

      I disagree with you on that also. I’m Caucasian, and I don’t think badly about Blacks talking about topics such as this. You folks should wake up and learn to take constructive criticism, instead of being so defensive all of the time. It does give me great pride to know that my parents never let us go outside looking that way. We may have come back into the house looking that way after playing outside, but we never left looking that way. Both my parents have pride and that gives us pride.

  24. Sylvia Inez King BlauSylvia Inez King Blau says

    Every continent has different levels of urban versus suburb style. My reference is about upkeep of natural hair. Natural takes us to our roots, Africa and having said that I dont believe our root awarenous involves unkept hair. Natural does not mean unkept. I’m around and have Africans in my life. I see no reason you are posed to defend a continent when nothing wrong was inferred.

  25. Joan M. ManuelJoan M. Manuel says

    A weave is not natural simply because it did not grow out of your own scalp. Noe your own hair under it then Yes it is. Hair that grows from your own scalp and hair you buy are different in the whole natural versus non thing. Just like my hair color is not natural. My hair doesn’t grow bright red. I dye it. I change it’s chemical component. I do not perm or press my hair. A simple blow dryer and olive oil grease. But because of my dying it it’s technically not natural. But we all do what want and how we want. It just matters that we care for our hair. We grease it style, comb it, twist it braid it whatever the point is we do something to it. I hope.lol anyways Have a Productive day ladies. 🙂

  26. Maame Akosua OhenewaahMaame Akosua Ohenewaah says

    Y is this still a discussion last time I check she’s not my child the parents are doing what they feel is good for child . Just leave the BABY alone and on with ur lives . Good God have mercy

  27. SlimPrincess says

    Look at that. Yes Blue looks like a doll, but she should still have her hair combed. Putting on crown on it, doesn’t cut it. But it does look better than I have seen it before. Look at the mother (clothing up to her twat) and the father (looking like a typical pimp). No wonder they don’t put much emphasis on their daughter’s hair. Ghetto. Just Ghetto.

  28. SlimPrincess says

    Here’s the epitomy of what a little girl should look like and she’s even younger than ‘you know who”:

  29. Celeste says

    Yes!!! I have a CUTIE right here too. You can see that her hair is well cared for. That’s what I like. Respect your child and yourself. Let her look like the beautiful angel she is and not some rag top looking like who dunnit lol and what for?

  30. *sigh* says

    I wonder why people are so emotionally invested in Blue Ivy”s hair. Really? You don’t have anything better to worry about ? No bills to pay? No work to do?

  31. amira says

    I am natural, does not mean you go around with an unkept head, Beyonce needs to comb that girls hair. It always looks dry and matted

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