It’s Date Night – 5 Hairstyles You Can Rock On A Date

date nightThe goal is to swoon your date. You’re gonna want those eyes showing brightly, face structure poppin’, and balance (not too much going on to where it looks like you’re over doing it, but just enough.) Most importantly, you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that is authentically you.

High Bun

Not only does the high bun show off your facial features, but it gives you this “clean, sleek” look. This hairstyle goes for any occasion. The sleeker the bun, the better.

With absolutely no hair in your face, you’ll give your date more to stare at and be mesmerized by. If your hair is not long enough to go up into a bun but is able to be pulled up, use and extension ponytail or marley hair to create this style. Too easy!

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