WWYD? – Woman’s Ex Husband’s New Girlfriend Cuts Her Daughter’s Hair

bbyhaircutPicture this: your ex-husband comes to pick up your daughter around 12 pm for a day of bonding. You figure everything will be normal as usual. He comes to drop her off around 8 pm. You meet your daughter at the door, and turn on the big light to see her smiling face when you end up seeing something totally opposite.

Two things are drastically different about her: her facial expression and her long, beautiful hair is HALF the length it was before she left this house. You call your ex-husband to ask why her hair was shorter, and he says his new girlfriend “cut and styled” her hair. Yes folks, your read that right – HIS NEW GIRL CUT HIS DAUGHTER’S HAIR?

What exactly would you do next?

I am actually shocked that this kind of thing happens a lot. There are loads of forums and Facebook discussions with furious parents who have sent their child away with the mother or father and the child comes back with a new, drastic ‘do’.

I remember MTV star from Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans freaking out when her ex’s new girlfriend cutting her son’s hair. Her ex’s only excuse was his girlfriend is a hairstylist. Is that an excuse, though? Let alone, that was her son’s first haircut, which is a moment the mother should have been a part of.

In this case, this true story is all over Facebook with a before and after picture of the daughter’s hair. Mom sent her daughter away with long, curly hair and got her back with half the length. The picture and story went viral within a matter of days.

So with that said what would you do if you were in this predicament? Should there be consent from both mom and dad before a child’s hair is cut or styled in any way? Comment below!

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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  1. Catherine Dyana

    She was wrong. Hell even Judge Judy would tell her she’s nothing to that child and that’s between the mother and father.

  2. Anastasia Adams Jones

    Mom must be extremely passive and dad isn’t assertive enough there’s no way in hell this is remotely acceptable! She wouldn’t be trimming anything unless she a full time parent! you’re the girl friend that mean juice and snack only nothing else … Girl bye! It’s time for a serious sit down!

  3. Natalie Nelson

    Slap the s**t outta that b***h and whoop his dumb ass too….That’s over the line too me my son’s father did this to me (got my son’s hair cut off behind my back) and i was livid… .

  4. Valerie Johnson

    This happened to me as a child but at the time I was not in the care of my parents or family (long story). The family did not know what to do with my hair (white women) so they cut it off and gave me a perm…I still remember sitting outside in a chair crying while my hair blew away…my dad was very upset but there was nothing he could do.

  5. Karen Washington

    I would take both, the ex and his new girlfriend to court! Damage already done! No sense in getting yourself in trouble, cause that’s exactly what the new b**ch want! She probably did it, so the girl mother would lay hands on the father, so they could gain custody! of the lil girl!!!

  6. Ashley Young

    Kick her ass!! Any black person knows it takes forever to see our new hair growth. Her ass would be mine.

  7. Patrice Perez

    You don’t touch nobody else child’s hair or anything else without both parents permission mainly the mother.

  8. Calandra Ellis

    I blame the father. He should gave stepped in and told her not to do this. That’s equal to an ass beating!

  9. TiaRéna Harris

    I’ll be at their house with some clippers cutting her damn hair off ugh hell no… I wish a would Adrian Scruggs Jessica Norris

  10. Deidra Nicole Kidd

    You don’t put scissors to another woman’s child unless she grants you permission period. Show some RESPECT. If the tables were turned you wouldn’t like it young woman.

  11. Audrey Wells

    OK grown folks let’s be clear if I sent my child away with long hair unless I’m the mother who is sole proprietor of the child know her head should have been cut. But its cues me I’m not no bad person if anybody ask I’m not violent I’m not out of control unless you make me make a new ID you jump out and not be one time somebody will get their behalf with the girlfriend and the ex husband that’s something you don’t do and she definitely crossed the line so yeah that’s why everybody and I’m trying my best not to use profanity but everybody should have whooped your ass out of jail money have a work out of jail card money.

  12. Le Petite McCullough

    My baby sitter cut my hair when I was five and put it in a zip lock bag and gave it to my mom and said she clipped my ends.. She did not cut my ends She cut my pomp pomps off while they were still in the knockers.. And then forked it out My mom was going to shoot her!! long story short DO NOT TOUCH mama’s baby hair!!

  13. Culinary Queenie

    And this falls on the asshole father for allowing that s**t to go down. And I’m sure hi next step is marriage since he don’t have common sense

  14. Audrey Wells

    And the woman out here who said she sees no problem with it we’re not talking about the hair being cold hearted you can fix a nappy hair but that has been cut FOOL

  15. Stacy Tucker

    This haven’t to me but she didn’t cut my daughter hair she put a perm n it and mess up my daughter hair type never with back to being curly

  16. Tanya Betton

    what kind of idiot would think it was okay to cut someone a child hair that isn’t your child. There would be hell to pay for both of them and he should be pissed as well. New girlfriend is either a bitch, stupid or both. Actually she was probably jealous. Little girls hair was probably prettier then hers.

    1. Juanita Wallace

      A special kind of idiot..those vindicative things that are jealous of a child. Smh. Just sad to go after a child.

  17. A.D. Allen

    Pray family bonds me out before midnight..I don’t wanna sleep overnight in jail

  18. Vanessa Houston

    She wrong, that’s not her child. She may not be there next week(seat filler) so she had NO right cutting that baby’s hair. She was jealous!

  19. Connie Smith

    if it her real hair someone going to pay but that other add on hair she probably shorten it a little

  20. Jennifer Batiste

    I would’ve had to find a way to be calm and weapon free when I ask her why and I hope her answer will help me to remain calm and weapon free.
    And I would also hope she had the smarts to donate it…which is probably the best reason she could come up with…to help me remain calm and weapon free.

  21. NieCee Ekundayo Scott

    I wouldn’t have to do anything because everybody and their Momma KNOWS that the Boundaries Starts and Stops with my kid.
    Her @$$ would be in the Special Hell I’d build for her. She’d NEVER have Peace in her Life for as long as I Live.

  22. Allison Battles

    I’m loving how every single one of you females are missing the fact that it takes a village to raise children. Truth, it takes two to make the child, but where one of the two will lack the village will provide. How are you all so completely up in arm’s about the child being taken care of? If the motive wasn’t to upset nor use the child as a ploy for petty thing’s then the act is genuine. Smgdh…. This completely dysfunctional way of thinking is literally the reason why I stay away from men with children all together no matter how great of a man he may be. I know deep down in my heart there’ll be an angry, bitter brawd behind him that I truly have no time for. Smgdh… #PointCompletelyMissed

    1. Tee Cee

      That’s a smart idea cause if u cut my child…..lol yeah just stay away from men with children

    2. Mariama Diaw Khouma

      It takes a village to raise a kid but as long as you didn’t push that kid out, you do not have the authority to take drastic decisions like that on your own without the parents’ consent. If you can’t understand that… like you said stay away from men with kids.

    3. Stephanie Miller

      The problem is that she did not ask the mother if it would be okay…. The dysfunctional thinking was the girlfriend overstepping her position in the child’s life and undermining the mother. She had no right.

    4. Allison Battles

      Again, I know there will always be a bitter brawd behind a good man with a child. And you ladies literally just proved my point. Smgdh… That’s sad as hell

      1. Tonya

        Allison please explain to me why I, ( the primary caregiver) of my children would be considered “Bitter” for being PISSED that some broad I don’t even know (new girlfriend) cut the hair off the head of a child that “I” painstakingly took the time to nurture? Hmm… plz, plz explain why ANY MOTHER should just say oh well it takes a village to raise em? ( side note where’s that damn village when the bills are due)?

  23. Shannie Blake

    OMG !!! …I would beat TWENTY INCHES off her ass QUICK !!!! That is a Crime and her ass jealous of that little girl beautiful hair .Put her ass in jail immediately!!!

  24. Rens Follies

    Let that had be my daughter her or that father would never see that little girl again

    I wouldn’t appreciate the fact that someone is putting their hands on my child against my will.

  25. NevaNot Eva

    We boxing… Thas it … Anything you do with my child’s body and mind needs to got through me and their dad…and we mutually agree..

  26. Danielle Renee

    Heads would roll
    Do not
    I repeat
    DO NOT TOUCH MY DAUGHTER’S HAIR! I only have one baby girl she has alopecia, her hair is extremely sensitive so do not push me! Her hair is usually in its natural state (looks nappy) bc too much combing causes breakage
    And this is my point! If you don’t know wth is goin on stay in your mf place!

  27. Arbida Young

    She needs to be Sued or Whooped!
    5 inches is not a Trim!
    She probably was jealous of the little girl!

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