WWYD? – Woman’s Ex Husband’s New Girlfriend Cuts Her Daughter’s Hair

bbyhaircutPicture this: your ex-husband comes to pick up your daughter around 12 pm for a day of bonding. You figure everything will be normal as usual. He comes to drop her off around 8 pm. You meet your daughter at the door, and turn on the big light to see her smiling face when you end up seeing something totally opposite.

Two things are drastically different about her: her facial expression and her long, beautiful hair is HALF the length it was before she left this house. You call your ex-husband to ask why her hair was shorter, and he says his new girlfriend “cut and styled” her hair. Yes folks, your read that right – HIS NEW GIRL CUT HIS DAUGHTER’S HAIR?

What exactly would you do next?

I am actually shocked that this kind of thing happens a lot. There are loads of forums and Facebook discussions with furious parents who have sent their child away with the mother or father and the child comes back with a new, drastic ‘do’.

I remember MTV star from Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans freaking out when her ex’s new girlfriend cutting her son’s hair. Her ex’s only excuse was his girlfriend is a hairstylist. Is that an excuse, though? Let alone, that was her son’s first haircut, which is a moment the mother should have been a part of.

In this case, this true story is all over Facebook with a before and after picture of the daughter’s hair. Mom sent her daughter away with long, curly hair and got her back with half the length. The picture and story went viral within a matter of days.

So with that said what would you do if you were in this predicament? Should there be consent from both mom and dad before a child’s hair is cut or styled in any way? Comment below!

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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  1. Selina Jean

    It doesn’t matter if the hair will grow back. this lady was being evil. point, blank, period. Why are you so concern with cutting that child hair? Cut your own hair. This said alot about her as an individual, and clearly cannot be trust with no one children.

  2. Fatima Foust

    Why do some people that have had nothing to do with making and raising some children feel they can decide what happens with the children. I am soooooo upset for this Mother. Her hair will grow back yet that man will miss his “bonding” time till he got rid of “Ms. Hair doer” !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amber Johnson

    Stfu….First off there is no before and after pictures. I am a step mom my bfs baby mama would let her daughter hair get f**king tangled to the point when you try to brush it, well you wouldnt be able to, it would have food in it and knots all over her head, her hair was beautiful but the mother is a lazy b**ch and doesnt care if her daughter looks like crap even though everytime she leaves the house her hair and makeup are done!!!!!! Unless she did it to be vendictive which I doubt the father would allow that, I see no problem!

    1. Amber Johnson

      PS of the main pictures on the front are her…… her hair would still be pretty damn long!!!!!! Its hair AGAIN unless it was vendictive she needs to chill.

    2. Honey Yams

      Step parents dont have the right by law to alter a childs appearance. Now if the dad consented that may be different but i believe it could all be put in writing in court that way ppl can avoid these issues…

    3. Tee Cee

      so you saying you would cut the child’s hair? What you saying doe?

    4. Lora Atkinson

      First of all you need to stay in your lane that is her child not yours. She is nicer than me because I would’ve shaved all your hair off your head.

    5. Daniella Koroma

      Lets assume it was dirty & tangled….Then she should’ve washed & detangled it NOT cut it. That she’s the supposed step mum DOES NOT give her any right to cut the little girl’s hair. I don’t care if she’s trying to help, doing it to be spiteful or whatever she has no right to cut the girls’ hair WITHOUT the consent of BOTH parents. I dare someone to do that to my child, so help me God by the time I’m done with that person, trust & believe me she’ll have a scissors and a hair cutting kit phobia for life. I don’t play that game.

    6. Amber Johnson

      My personal expierience I told the bbay mama you cut her hair or take care of it or I will call CPS because she is neglecting her kid.

    7. Rissy Finesse

      That ???? is???? not???? your ???? child???????????? do not worry about her hair. Mention it to the parents but you do not touch it.

    8. Leeanna Salandy

      Am still not your child! U didnt birth that child u dont know how that child get big so! Wash it and detangle it. I cant do it ask permission to take the child to a hairdresser to get it cut dont do it yourself!

    9. LaTausha Jones

      Girl!! This happened to me one time too….u let your child come out the house looking like kunta kente bout the head but u make sure ur hair and makeup is done….so yes, i trimmed it and twisted my boyfriend’s(of 15 years) daughters hair up and it was hella cute but of course babymama gets mad…funny thing though…..babymama kept her daughters hair up after that though! Lazy!! My mama was never lazy and always had my hair on point!

    10. Shawn Baker

      As a CPS investigator calling us about hair is a waste not combing your childs hair is lazy not neglect….leave the system for childeren who are actually being abuse and neglected….cutting that childs hair us abuse…

    11. Patrice Perez

      I hate dumb ass “new girlfriends “.No matter how you feel about it your mans child is his child . Your reign does not go beyond him just cause your sleeping with him now. That issue was between the father and mother.These women need to stop trying to get brownie points.Nomatter how your personal feelings are YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO TOUCH ANOTHER WOMEN’S CHILD. PERIOD.

    12. Lakesha D Deal

      She has no right to the child’s hair, unless she was giving permission or a licensed hairdresser. Even if the hair was hard to comb not her place. Somebody better sure she not bundling it and selling it.

    13. Stacy Reed

      If the father of the child you’re speaking of let his kid walk around with food and tangles in her hair than YOU need to question who you sleeping with….cause he needs to step up and do the child’s hair. NOT YOU. You don’t need to question a mother…question the man you f**king with who wouldn’t take the time to wash and style his own kid’s hair but just leave it up to the mother to do it.

    14. Shae Shae JW

      Stacy Reed True, all of it. Plus how hard is it to check with the mom? If she says no, let it go. The girlfriend is not a stepparent until she is married and even then she must ask both bio parents. Poor baby.

    15. Tashiba Pat

      Yes Stacy Reed , the father picked the so called lazy nasty baby moms, tells you bout his character! He sure can pick em!! Back to the matter at hand…..keep your hands and opinions bout kids that you did not birth, if a female is that concern and bold, step to the mother with your concerns or for consent! Your so involved and helpful, throw some salon money to the mother! Yea I know the ones reading this would never! Spiteful fake asses! Baby dad is weak!

    16. Amber Johnson

      PS she is my kid. Im her step mom since she was 2. I have her daughter 5 out of 7 days a week. SMH

    17. Amber Johnson

      LaTausha Jones thats all I was saying, the baby mama didnt wanna take care of her hair, I always do. Now this situation sounds like she wanted to spend quailty time and bond with the little girl. Unless the little girl complained or cried to her mom saying “daddys gf is mean cut all my hair off” then she shouldnt be mad! She said she cut and styled which mean she was bonding if the mother isnt happy about that well sorry should have stayed with the dad or have custody to where the gf cant be around the kid.

    18. La Tonya Ranson

      Should just make the report (and wash the hair) instead of taking it upon yourself to cut THEIR child’s hair. Stepmother by behind. As close as I could be with my spouse’s children by another woman, there are still some decisions I am not privy to making.

    19. Amber Johnson

      Its hair, it grows back, people are acting like it the end of the world, she didnt hit the kid, she didnt force the kid to do anything, except bond with his bf/husbands daughter.

      People are so mad that she did it, but nobody again with my situation the girl would be in PAIN because of how bad her hair would be.
      Nobody knows the full story they know the pissed off mothers side of the story. Like I said it seems most women commenting are mad single moms. Whom probably actually take care of their kids hairs and stuff. My comment was based on my experience, and feeling this mother over reacted im thinking past the mad mother and thinking there may or may not have been a reason.

    20. Jennifer Michel Sims

      You’re not understanding that it’s not your place. She has a mother and father. Your stepchild has a mother and father. If you have a problem, you consult them first and foremost. If you want to call CPS consult your boyfriend first and see what he thinks about that. But you, under no circumstances take it upon yourself to alter a child’s appearance, especially one so young for any reason at all. “Bonding” is no excuse. You don’t need to bond a child that is not your own if you think that it gives you the right to start making decisions as a parent. Period.

    21. Amber Johnson

      Again my personal expierience her mother is in her life 6-8 days a MONTH. The father clearly allowed it as she said in the article. Also my bf aggreed with me on CPS but the mother stopped being selfish and got her hair cut after 4 months of people telling her you get it done or other people will. But people are hating on the GF but the FATHER allowed it!!!!!

    22. Kia Prioleau

      Amber, the new girlfriend cut over 5 FIVE INCHES off her daughter’s hair!!! If my daughter’s father girfriend was a to just TRIM and STYLE it, no problem. But trimming and cutting is two different things. You ASK permission before touching someone’s child head. If the girfriend was respectful that’s exactly what she would have done for proper protocol.

    23. Amber Johnson

      Ooooo no your right Kia I agree she should have asked, hell the dad should have asked. But the point im making is people are so quick to hate the girlfriend, when the articale stated the father allowed her to do it.

    24. Tee Cee

      I wish a b**ch would CUT my child’s hair without my permission. The ass whooping she would be receiving…. however thankfully I’m married and I don’t deal with baby mamas, step moms, or girlfriends. Lol

    25. Sarah Alexandra

      People, Amber Johnson is white. She obviously doesn’t get the whole black people hair issues. We could kill someone that messes with our hair.

    26. Honey Yams

      Amber Im not a single mom but i wouldnt appreciate ANYONE!!! not even my own husband or parents altering my childs appearance w/o asking me. There should be boundaries. My girls have curls like me i flat iron my hair but my husband (their dad) is against flattening the girls hair bc he wants them to love and be confident in their appearance as is and change it themselves if THEY want to so i as their mom never flattened it bc my husband is against it. If we weren’t together i wouldn’t appreciate his gf doing whatever w my kid w/o consulting me. Its just disrespectful.

    27. Amber Johnson

      Um I know she is black lmao my best friend of 10 years is black and I understand that the hair issue is it doesnt grow as fast, texture and styling possibilty differences. But her hair was down to her butt and she looks about 4, SO im pretty sure she is either mixed or she naturally has amazing hair again 5 inches isnt alot when it took her 4 years to grow 2 ft of hair lol

    28. Honey Yams

      Im multiracial carribean hispanic. I cut my hair all the time and trim my kids hair. I really dont thunk its a black or white thing. I know plenty of white ppl who wouldnt appreciate someone cutting their kids hair…

  4. Darci Flowers

    The person who cut the child’s hair without permission can be arrested and sued. I know someone this happened to. The evil new stepmother had to pay the mother a five figure settlement. She never did that again.

    1. Vedejah Scroggins

      No because the father who has just as much say over the child’s hair let it happen so you can’t sue her and make her pay for it it’s messed up but ya know there’s nothing that can be done

    2. Kim Simms

      I was going to suggest the same thing, after my first thought of whipping that azz ????

    3. Delane Grace Bradley-Fletcher

      Vedejah Scroggins A non-custodial parent cannot make that call, this was wrong and me and that exes new girlfriend would have had a meeting of the mind real quick if you know what i mean, never touch the babies hair, some women do this as to say that they can do a better job in taking care of the child than the mother can, just pure meddling and asking for trouble, also can be jealousy.

  5. Tanya Maria McDaniel

    Most mothers send their daughters to their fathers with hair done. I sent my daughter for a few weeks so had her hair braided the ex didn’t like braids so on her arrival had her take them out. Some men have No common sense and maybe she needs to see a lawyer to see if there is any law against what was done or maybe even supervise visit for her dumb ex

    1. Kim Simms

      What she did amounted to simple assault. But most police will tell you it’s a civil matter, don’t let them push you off. I don’t care is she gets 3 months probation! Then I’d sue her azz and beat her azz. Business first

  6. Macia ll'Moni

    Now whether she was being spiteful, vindictive, or thought she was actually helping she should have never cut that little girls hair without the consent of both mother and father. That’s not your child at all. Yes you are a female figure in that little girl’s life because her father is dating you but you’re not her stepmother. Even then you still need to check with both parents to see of they want their childs hair cut. There are boundaries that you just don’t cross. I would have a fit if even my mother cut my child’s hair without consent. That little girl hair could have been breaking off horriblu but still you need consent from her biological mother and her father that you’re dating if you’re going to cut her hair

  7. Tamirra E Leftwich

    If you do not consult with the primary parent and obtain approval then we have a serious issue. No one parent or their significant other should be allowed to do anything that alters the childs appearance or well being unless agreed upon by both parties!! Totally out of line.

  8. Kiela Griffin

    She was in the wrong. Cutting a child’s hair should be the permission of both parents. Girlfriend has.no right to touch her hair without speaking to the mom also. I would be so freaking upset.

  9. Hindala Jones

    Black women have been trying to grow there hair for years. We buy extentions, wigs, etc: and this child was blessed to have long hair. This was not her child she was not even a step mother. A girl friend ? no way. I hope someone would come to bail me out cause it would of been on………………………….

    1. Alisha Elnora

      Lol if the dad isn’t bald his behind would be bald to so would his girlfriend, you don’t touch someone else’s child.. she must be crazy and him too, because a decent loving dad would have called his ex up and asked since it does not seem he has full custody but visitation and asked how she felt about a hair cut.. I would have been locked up right next to ya!!!

  10. Shannon Barnes

    We would be fighting. What would make her think she has the authority to do ANYTHING to that woman’s child?!

  11. Alesha Clayton

    ok so you cut 5 inches off that baby hair, the mother needs to cut 5 inches into the girlfriend’s ass , that was mean and spiteful, children are off limits . Then when you get done beating the crap out of the girlfriend, go find you ex-husband.

    1. Angie Herring

      Odorless hair remover in her shampoo and conditioner and a laxative poop cake. And a note 2 days later on where to meet me HEFFA DONT TOUCH MY BABY HAIR

  12. Traci Howell

    Omg!!? I’m a mother of two girls both with long hair I don’t allow anyone but me to touch their hair.. This would have sent me to the moon I would have made the local news of this was my child…

  13. Lisa Nicole

    That was not her danm place I would put my foot up her ass.!And the Ex for choosing the b**ch..u dnt play with the kids

  14. Renae Nelson

    Unless that childs hair was a MESS filthy and matted, (and the father should at least know that much) they should have at least called before cutting.

    1. Leeanna Salandy

      Even if it was in that of a mess u still have to ask permission not take it upon yourself to cut the child’s hair

  15. Sheila Thompson

    I would be content with the results, my babies hair will grow back, but your front rows won’t (teeth straight yanked).

  16. Barbara Hughes

    I would stomp her down, then shave her head!!!
    Not really. But, I wouldn’t send my child on visits without a court ordered mediator.

  17. Natacha Webster

    That’s more than half the length her ass would’ve been grass
    I would tire her up shave her head bald and put chemicals on it so he hair won’t grow

  18. Shelbra Grissett-Little

    You all are killing me with all the nice answers. I would scalp that b**ch than I would scalp her father for dating a dumb b**ch!! Don’t judge just roll with it!!…

  19. Jennifer Whitfield

    I would’ve snatched that b***h up and shaved her bald. Then tell her it’s just hair, it’ll grow back!!! I’ll have to clip his a** up too….but in the worst kind of way

  20. Sharon Caurthens

    The child’s father should not have allowed it. I’d file a court order against the child’s father. No drastic changes to be made to the child’s appearance without discussing it with the me, as the mother.

  21. Da'Vida Cannon

    No one has permission but me to cut mines. I promise you all of those talking about or trying to judge if the girlfriends intentions were spiteful know that they are. There are some grown people that take their childish nature out on the kids of whomever they are with.

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