The Saran Wrap Technique [Video]

Learn to get that smooth salon quality wrap with a little help from plastic wrap.


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Dee Howard

Amazing…..I would LOVE this

Jamie Lewis

Slayed……can’t wait til Sept to get mine…….so I won’t sweat it out……fall baby…

Goldie Munnings

So old been doing it for years

Crystal Livingandlovinglife Johnson

Gotta try this

Kyri Ward

Its back

Emily Thompson Boss

Instead of blow roll that’s what black women should have been doing it old with this u don’t loose the body just wrap the hair the usual way then wrap the Saran on the hair sit back
Under the dryer for 10 min then Combe n style

Amanda Thomas

Damn the left is nappy

Malasia Hawthorne

I’d rather have natural naps than an unhealthy perm…

Nefeteria Moore

Saran wrap didn’t do that. Heat did. That set of pictures is very misleading.

Lydia Dorsey

That’s pretty.

Denise Freeman


ShiShi Maze

kinky, coily, curly natural on the left. .. press out on the right. And then there was light. I get pressed in the winter months -the press last longer.

Rest Well


Esther Williams Jordan

I just wrap mine in wrapping foam. No Saran Wrap except while DCing.

Tameka Allen

Silk wrap!!!

Adeneye Rashidat

is there anything i am not dong

Diane Willis

I love it

Stacy Lewis- Thomas

Yes !! U must press thst hair first then wrap with saran wrap and yes that hair will be FIRAH!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Monette McLin

I couldn’t watch it either.

Lisa M. Osborne-Robinson


Annagjid Kee Taylor

Thank you for the feature!! #DeeperThanHair Deeper Than Hair


Are those the only three products that you used??

Cicely Pernell

This was done on my hair after a lot of new growth. Hair was tight at the roots. This technique works great! Will do it again!

Sanyar Riah

I do this for my clients .. love it

Dolores de Graaff

I love natural hair…

Ladii Bri PlusThree

Tamara Merritt…look at this!!

Tamara Merritt

I need to try that

Yvonne Rose


Laressa Thomas

I want my hair like this

Taneshia Ray

Can somebody do my hair like this