An Illusion Part Quickweave On A TWA! [Video] Better Or Worse Than An Invisible Part?



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  1. Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

    “This would be great for someone who has no edges”…really though? Suggesting GLUE to stick to already strained hair. Are we being punked? This was atrocious. Smh

  2. Jazmine Jean

    This was a horrible way to do this she could have used a cap then glues the tracks to it! That glue is going to ruin her hair

  3. Grace Anne

    Glue is not good for anyone’s hair..the client hair looks damaged already..I hope the client would just go natural …or get a more protective style..FB needs a thumbs down button..smh

  4. Chyenne Ridge

    Thanks for the comments I was a bit confused as to weather or not they’d applied that much glue to her actual hair.

  5. Julianna Browne

    Her hair was perfect before …dont understand why black women think we need fake hair to look beautiful …we have natural beauty .

  6. Jamie Carter-Bailey

    If you’re not careful you can have an allergic reaction. Im not into the quickweave thing its definitely not a protective style , to each its own! I prefer wigs, sew-ins or clip ins

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