Simple Protective Style – Long Twists Tutorial

Simple Protective Style - Long Twists Tutorial

I gotta say after watching the below video Dr. Nina aka BeautifulBrwnBabyDol seriously has me ready to go out and get some of that hair she used for her twists and its 12.16AM.

I am not an extensions kind of girl, but for a while I have been really looking for a solution for my hair that does not require that I touch it daily. We have recently launched our protective styling challenge here on BHI so this came right on time for those struggling on styling ideas.

Nina’s hair is light comfortable and absolutely gorgeous. For the tutorial and if you want more tips, and some pros and cons watch the video below.

Here are five random tips for those wearing or twist or braid extensions

1. If you are relaxed it is better if you wait two weeks after a fresh relaxer because your hair is still very sensitive and weak after the chemical process. Give yourself some time, to strengthen your hair using protein and hot oil treatments, whatever it takes to keep your strands strong enough to withstand braids or twists.

2. You can absolute do the Green House Effect on braid and twist extensions, it helps your hair to retain moisture, and contributes to the over all health of your hair and may just increase the hair growth rate.

3. Human hair extensions hold more moisture and synthetic hair extensions strip the hair of moisture so it is important that your hair is very moisturized if wearing synthetic hair, every day being the ideal.

4. Spritz your hair to maintain moisture levels, and don’t be afraid to make your own mix. Water and your favorite oils would work, just try your own formulation that works well for your hair. Alternatively try these two recipes that work great at both moisturizing and strengthening your hair.

5. Protective styles are not permanent, if you leave them in too long things start to get counter productive to your length goals. So for twists or braid extensions a great rule of thumb is keeping them in for two months maximum and at least 3 weeks to get length retention benefits. After you take your extensions out, wash and condition your hair thoroughly.

What do you ladies think?

Originally posted 2014-01-28 20:00:45.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Deana Spiller King


Dacia Lovinmichans Jones-Strange

Nyisha Strange i want these tho

Dominique Cromartie

I was just looking at some YouTube Havana twist tutorials the other day..These are making a come back from the 90s lol.

La'Charae Brown

I Look than

Devonda Holloway

Beautiful Brown Baby Doll!!!

Joy Desta Ntanda

cute hair style. The only thing is nothing is embarrassing as having one gigantic braid fall out it public LOL.. true story. I kept on walking like shewt ..

Braun Shuga


Darla Parker

I love this page.

Eugènia Nini Santos Lucas


Brandy Cheung

What! as expensive as Human hair is, I go back & get the darned thing. LoL!

Peruvian Hair Guangdong

love this page

Sierra Watson

…look so nice…I wanna try them…

Frankye Campbell


Monjae Trubeauty Washington

Perfect …was looking for something adult enough…

Neresa Smith

Joy Desta Ntanda You are absolutely hilarious. You made me genuinely Laugh Out Loud.

Mark Grant

Lxee Banks that would look good

Sheryl Clark

That’s a cute hair styl, would wear that style for a long.time

Cat Goods

Haven’t worn braids(triple micros)since like 94/95…but cute on her!

Wendy Holmes Robinson

Love it on my list of protective styles

Yemina Thomas

Really cute on her not sure I could pull off all of that hair though. May not be for those with bigger heads, lol.

Sierra Mitchell Sykes

Hey I invented those braid in Ohio.i did me n my cousin hair like this.

Beautify Thelusma

How long does it takes tho

Angela Harlin Banks

I am going to see if I can find someone to do mine

Sulien Zimmerman

What kind of hair did u use?

Neka Strickland

Those braids been out for some time now !! Look good !!

Brittney Stevens Cooper

Hella cute !

Murleen Coakley

Gotta try this

Quinnesha Lovesjordyn Washington

I like these

Lxee Banks

Too plain , i don’t like them babe . Mark Grant

Emerald Jewell Cox

I Want This !!!!!!!!!!

Christian Shaw

Love Em

Novelle Burks

I just got my twist a few days ago and I love, love, love them!

Montree Lewis


Deshunna May

Nah I’ll pass

Lakisha Newby

It look like she did it

Jen Tobin


James Pecoraro

I think you look fine no matter how you do your hair

Geri Jimenez


Lorinda Whitfield

Lol…it’s rave not rage…don’t want twists that piss you off! LOL!!! Very cute though 😉

Zahna Colmant

I used to do these in my daughter’s hair. Her hair was down to her waist after wearing them on & off for a year. They are good for teenagers.

Anjeleigh L Partridge


Blessedfrom Above

I think they are nice…I’m going to have to start wearing them myself again…use to when I was younger…

Taneshia Johnson

Pretty girl but not the twists

Tina Lousie
Tina Lousie

You are in the minority with your comment. The twists are beautiful….maybe a little to long but they are natural looking and very pretty. What’s not to like?!

Venus Ynvme Bond

She loves her twists and this page…thanks for all the inspiration

Grejaun Chandler

If you twist then twist the hair will stay in better it forms a tighter rope.

Takeyia Sophisicatedpatrick

I want my hair like that..I was just thinking of how I wanted my hair braided into the zillons but now long twist too..

Sueli Silva


Cheyenne Heavinn'leah Cooper

What kind of hair is this

Keisha Webster

Aren’t the smaller ones considered Senegalese twist

Ofelia Hernandez

Nice hair

Keyonna LaNae

Aren’t these Senegalese? My how history repeats itself…

Michele Bess-Reggie Snelling Jr.

You did a good job if you did them yourself, and plus they don’t look like everybody else

Ashley Floyd

these dont look like Senegalese or havana twists..

Tracie Bowen

love this style i really want to learn how to do the myself

Ju Broxton-Williams

NO MA’MA SHE WILL NOT! I got her !!! This isn’t it.