3 Reasons You Should Not Get a Vixen Sew In

0So I have another wedding to attend in May, and since I am on this “New Year New me” thing for the month of January I thought it would be cool to research the Vixen Sew In weave option that everyone is so crazy about. The thing is, I did not want to hear how awesome it was anymore, I want to know the straight up cons of doing it.

The point of a sew in for me, is for one, giving my hair a break from manipulation and the environment so that I can retain length. The other reason I would consider a weave over braids, is the versatility of the hair especially for the wedding.

This doesn’t mean you cannot wear braids to a wedding; I just wanted something I could play in a bit, a few curls here and there, you know how it is, right?

So the first thing I did was ask my personal hair consultant, because you know, every one needs one of those *wink*. I knew she would give me her absolute honest opinion, so I hit her up in an email.. “Would you ever do a vixen sew in?” Her response, “Hell no!”

I was like WHAT!?? That was not the response I expected because in my mind how could you not want one, it looks so awesome. She explained to me that there is just too much leave out and when would she ever wear her hair in two ponytails.

Well hell, hec that’s true, when would I ever wear my hair in pig tails? Here are 3 reasons you should pass on a Vixen sew in.

1. The versatility might not be worth it

I wear pig tails. Now if I plan to attend a costume party during Halloween dressed as Little Bo Peep, and when have I ever done that? Some styles work better for some women, and the half up, down thing is too high school for me to pull off now. Vixen Sew In’s cost a pretty penny not to mention the hair, so the parts aren’t that necessary considering the cost.

2. Chopping up my good hair

To get the Vixen sew in to work you will have to cut my wefts up so that they can be placed on the individual quadrants. The problem with that is, I don’t necessarily like the idea of purchasing a bunch of hair and having someone cut it into a ton of pieces. The hair I buy will not be cheap enough for me to justify just chopping up the wefts.

3. Too much leave out

The Vixen sew in requires that you have leave out all around the perimeter of your head, so I will have to blend all of that with the weave. Aint nobody got time for that. Plus what would be the point of having to manipulate so much of my own hair when I am doing a protective style?

Vixen sew in’s are great for a special occasion, but not for long term protective styling. Would I do it for the wedding? No! because even though it is a special occasion, I would want to wear the style long term. Your girl aint ballin’ like that!


Originally posted 2015-01-14 21:00:16.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Berthonia Dl
    Berthonia Dl

    I don’t think these reasons are good enough, just because you cant afford to get a vixen doesn’t mean others can’t. I was expecting this article to list harmful thing that could happen to you hair not that you can’t afford to have them cut the weave.

  2. Tianedra Bea Little
    Tianedra Bea Little

    I was thinking the same thing about versatility I’ve never seen any one use the half up half down style and the fold over method for tracks aren’t as neat as cutting them

  3. Kayla Rose
    Kayla Rose

    This wasn’t a very strongly-written article. Sorry. I’ve not done this to my hair. But the three reasons, including ” who wears their hair in pig-tails” was just not enough. I see the formation of the tracks and think of 7 beautiful styles that would benefit from this hair installation.
    So. Not saying there aren’t reasons…just….come with something better.

    Thank you.

    1. BlackHairInformation.com

      There are just reasons to consider guys, and the authors own opinion… If there is nothing ‘damaging’ in your opinion, you are also right. 🙂

  4. Rivian Jones
    Rivian Jones

    Well basically if your lazy and don’t know how to maintain a weave then don’t get it. I got from this article that she has no need for one and to justify she came up with lazy reasoning.

  5. Deionna Luvin
    Deionna Luvin'Lyfe Young

    I agree. The outcome is nice but I’m not about to pay $100s of dollars for expensive weave for you to cut it up and me only being able to use it once. I use my weave multiple times before disposing of it. If you got the bread then by all means do you but for me who weave funds are limited Ima stick to my glue ins and regular sew-ins

    1. Tarin Thomas

      Even when weaves are cut up they can still be reused it depends on how good your stylist is. Mine has done multiple of styles and cuts with my wefts and NEVER has an issue.. JS

  6. Orlando Cosmo Ortiz Jr.
    Orlando Cosmo Ortiz Jr.

    …this article was petty… I was expecting the worst.. Like being bald… Or ending up with ring worm… Her argument was pig tails.. And leave outs….Sounds like she’s just comfortable being basic… With a basic part and basic closure…If anything her edges probably couldn’t support such versatility…..let alone leave out…..Next..

  7. Elysa White
    Elysa White

    As i stylist, i HATE when clients ask for this type of style! After you’ve worn it for a bit the versatility of it kind of declines. The new growth makes it bulky! Plus like she mentioned, the weft is cut for flatness. True you could fold the wefts but then it’s bulky and just doesn’t look natural when styled. All the leave out makes it impossible to be a protective style IMO. This style is highly overrated to me and needs to go away lol

    1. Emmy Lozanguiez Lo-k
      Emmy Lozanguiez Lo-k

      Elysa White your a stylist? Good cuz u have a question. What if I get this hair style how long will it end up looking natural? Will it break the hair or help it grow, and protect it?

      1. Angela Cooper

        cutting wefts is not a deal breaker for me. ive heard of splitting the wefts up. to me a weave is a weave its something i have temporary i take it own wear my natural put it back up no harm no foul

  8. Jennifer Price
    Jennifer Price

    The amount of leave out bothers me, but then again that’s why I prefer wigs over weaves period anyway – if I’m aiming for a protective style, I want all of it protected with no leave out. The versatility is nice but – yeah – certain styles I wouldn’t really do anyway. But of course to each her own.

  9. Adlee Tonya
    Adlee Tonya

    You don’t have to cut the tracks up, or leave out much hair, and you can wear the weave in many hairstyles, I do vixen sew in all the time, and the girls love it..You just have to know how to do hair.

    1. lala

      So true. Takes talent to do hair. You make impossible, possible..☺ I would like better reasons why it is not good for ur hair.

  10. Unique Changes
    Unique Changes

    Truth this sewing is very costly and if you don’t get the right blend hair it won’t look right

  11. Toni Richardson
    Toni Richardson

    This is good for cheerleader types. I also would do the two part vixen over the four quadrants, its less hair out but also gives you versatility with your sew ins to do up do styles

  12. Ab Ster
    Ab Ster

    i agree with the “too much leave out” defeats the purpose of a protective style

  13. Barbara Funnye
    Barbara Funnye

    I don’t agree I’ve been doing hair 18 years,I don’t wear ponytails either,you stylist can’t do it well or she don’t like doing it because those reason, no,no

  14. Angie Jackson
    Angie Jackson

    This will be enough for many people but not for me. I had a vixen crochet style done & I love it. I also have no leave out & even thou I don’t wear pig tails either I do like putting the top of my hair up & leaving the back hanging down, and with the vixen I have that part going straight across from ear to ear. Different strokes for different folks

    1. Mekiah Upshaw
      Mekiah Upshaw

      I SWEAR I was thinking the exact thing about the pigtails when I first heard/saw the vixen sew-in. Like, who the hell is ever going to wear their hair like that? Lmaooo!

  15. Nadine Halstead
    Nadine Halstead

    But the creator of the style said herself that it’s not a protective style. So, if that’s your purpose for putting it in, then don’t.

  16. Dorcas Burns
    Dorcas Burns

    I agree. The best thing about a sew in is to let your hair take a break. Leaving so much of your hair out defeats that purpose for me.

  17. Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas

    … I’m going to make a vixen (cross) shaped lace closure. Lemme see how i can make this more protective

  18. Imani Perkins-Phyall
    Imani Perkins-Phyall

    Why didn’t I see that autocorrect ruined my sentence lol, but I guess it was the thought of having a style that you can do anything with rather then having a style that protects your hair.

  19. Imani Perkins-Phyall
    Imani Perkins-Phyall

    Me too, I’ve been weave less for about 5 months.. There are ways to get a weave in without any of your hair out but it’s sort of expensive.

  20. Jamila Kelly
    Jamila Kelly

    It really IS versatile though 🙂 and realistic. I’ve seen them irl and I mean. … isn’t every sew in kinda damaging to your hair anyway? Yeah your real hair rests, but what about all the pulling and stretching and breakage that comes with braiding your real hair tight anyway?
    I say, do it if you want. Don’t do it if you want. I’d personally do it if I had the money to get a sew in ^^;

  21. Jamie Carter-Bailey
    Jamie Carter-Bailey

    I was telling someone the same thing this morning. Not to mention if you get straight hair and you’re constantly flat iron the hair. I’ve done high ponytail sew-ins with curly hair (I either braid my leave out or two strand twist to match the curl pattern. And I make sure to moisturize using the loc method. No breakage, thinning while stile maintaining length

  22. Cheryl Kirksey-Newsom
    Cheryl Kirksey-Newsom

    This is a stupid article! Nobody doing a protective style would do this style unless they’re not knowledgeable about being natural!!!! Smh

  23. Kojo Aidoo
    Kojo Aidoo

    How about 1 reason! 90% of coloured women look better with their own natural hair.

  24. Dedra Sutton
    Dedra Sutton

    I was thinking I was going to read something horrible! Lol everyone is entitled to their own opinion just thought I was going to read something outrageous

  25. noneyabusiness

    Just because you dont like the idea of ‘The Vixen’, doesnt mean you should talk down about the style. Youre obviously in your 40s or nearing your 40s..i say that because of the simple fact you called the ‘half up, half down’ style too “high school” for you…like what??! This article was a bad idea, take it down because your simple minded article will not stop females from getting the vixen. There are many hair textures of bundles that can be bought for this style. You dont have to necessarily manipulate your leave out to blend it with your hair. You can also buy natural textured hair as well, so its considered low manipulation since you will not have to keep blending your hair with the weave all the time. And who cares about spending money on high quality hair just to cut it up?? You only live once so live a little! Also you can use old virgin hair that youre ready to throw away and use it one last time for the vixen….youre dismissed!

    1. Nefertari Azure
      Nefertari Azure

      Not if you get a texture that matches your own or close to it, then you can just do twist outs or roller sets for your leave out instead of applying heat.

  26. Tiffany Marie Banks
    Tiffany Marie Banks

    The only point I agree with is cutting up good hair. If Im paying $300 for my hair I want the least amount of cutting possible lol.

  27. keke

    I agree with everything she said….Really who wears 4 ponytails! It’s 2 much work for clients to fix everyday, it dont last long, it’s looks bulky once hair grows out compared to a regular sew inn, time consuming. I would suggest at least the half up half down. The 4parts is unnecessary….but if you like it go for it…

    1. keke

      I’ve seen ppl get it and it looked nice then about a wk later it looks like here’s my hair heres my weave

  28. Kristine Wilson
    Kristine Wilson

    I didn’t think it was good for people because of the fact you leaving majority of your hair out. I want a sew in for protective styling not to put more damn hair on my head

  29. Ni-Ni Patterson
    Ni-Ni Patterson

    It’s funny how this was presented as basically a new method, “created” by some random woman, but I’ve been doing it for years and others have too.

    And you can do like Tyra Banks and others and reuse the hair. Just take it out and number/label how it is to be reinstalled and keep up with the order when you wash it as well.

  30. Shakiya Monee
    Shakiya Monee

    I was getting mine with curly hair that matches my own so it’ll all blend better and I wouldnt need to do much

  31. Trevia Myles
    Trevia Myles

    There are natural textured weaves… For example, heatfreehair.com…ijs if you don’t want as much manipulation in trying to blend your hair with the weave.

  32. Dre Hair

    I totally agree . I tell my clients “hell naw” when they ask for that.. It looks good in pictures but in real life it looks stupid . Who wants to walk around with 4 pig tails. U have to chop all that weave up just to make it lay flat, then want to reuse the hair again ? NO MAM !! . It’s not for everybody . If your hair is short , it’s not for you. The leave out requires so much maintenance . It’s not a protective style . Looks like something to do for fun.

  33. Carmen Martinez
    Carmen Martinez

    I will try doing the vixen weave crochet weave style. Same vixen weave style, but, not sewn in! I’m going to try it with Havana Marley hair,so it can match my hair texture and I can two strand twist my hair that I leave out….

  34. Slicko DaSicko

    I suggest all you chicks leave the weave alone…self identify… And grow your own natural hair…instead of wasting an abundance of money on hair to look like Caucasian black women.

  35. Nasiir Ahmad Shabazz
    Nasiir Ahmad Shabazz

    I have been doing hair for 17 years and have done the vixen sew-in on lots of my clients. It being to expensive is a personal problem, not having enough hair to blend a personal problem, not liking certain styles a personal problem….And the parts made for the leave out or not supposed to be big portions of hair… homework fail -F

    1. Carmen Martinez
      Carmen Martinez

      I figure you wasn’t supposed to leave out that much hair….just enough to part and blend or part and mini twist to blend( if the person is au natural!

  36. Juanita Taylor
    Juanita Taylor

    Im a hairstylist based in Virginia. I have NEVER cut up anyone’s wefts to do a vixen sew in and if you get someone who KNOWS what they’re doing, you won’t have much leave out and your stylist SHOULD inform you if you are natural about what sew in is best for the looking you’re going for. I thought that was what consultations were for…or are stylists not doing those anymore

  37. TT

    Ok. Good points taken…now who in Indianapolis can fyi this?

  38. Angela Cooper

    im a curious lil cat ill try it but i dont do leave out whether its hair that matches my texture perfect or not. whats the point of having weave if i leave my hair out might as well NOT have weave at all.

  39. J9ssica

    You could’ve chosen a better picture of the hair.

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