2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days? Inversion Method, Hairdrenalin Potion And Bamboo Leaf Tea

2 Inches Of Hair Growth In 5 Days - inversion method, hairdrenalin potion bamboo leaf tea

Not too long ago a story broke in the media of a woman who tried to rob a Beauty Supply Store of $850 worth of hair weaves. The woman got involved in a violent altercation with the shop owner and at one point the woman’s little baby was caught up in the fight and fell from her stroller as it was being flung around.

After pleading guilty to attempted robbery, the woman was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Now the point I am making with this story is that there’s a reason why black women who form 12% of America’s population are consumers of over 33% of hair care products. Basically we take our hair very seriously.

Yes I know that the title sound ludicrous and we all know that every few weeks yet another lotion, potion or technique of speeding up hair growth is released but still you couldn’t resist clicking through to see what this one was about.

As a hair blogger I have seen and heard more than most when it comes to hair care and even though I reached my goal length a long time ago, I have to admit to a burning curiosity any time I come across a fast hair growth technique and this is one is too fascinating not to share.

This particular method was shared by YouTuber longNhealthy (videos to follow) who while doing the inversion method decided to change a couple of things and see if they improved her results. And oh boy, did thye ever! She claims to have received 2 inches of hair growth in 5 days.

Here’s what she did:

1. The Inversion Method

Inversion method

If you don’t already know what the inversion method is then click here to read the full article. But the summary version is that you apply warm oil to your scalp and massage it, then turn upside down, either hanging off the side of your bed or bending over for 4 minutes each day. This increases blood flow to the scalp area.

You do this every day for 7 consecutive days and the method promises that you will see a growth increase of 1 inch in a week. LongNhealthy had already been getting good results from the inversion method but she decided to enhance the results with the these two extra tweaks…

Originally posted 2014-02-09 15:00:19.

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About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of Blackhairinformation.com. I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.

About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of Blackhairinformation.com. I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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  1. Candis Mayek
    Candis Mayek

    Is it even possible for hair to grow 2 inches in 5 days. On average a persons hair grows about half an inch per month?

    1. Journey to Waist Length
      Journey to Waist Length

      Not true, this is a pic of Shanel she does use Hairfinity but she also uses the inversion and bamboo tea and so on. All of those things helped her hair grow. So its not a hairfinity pic. Simply because she used other growth aid as well.

      1. Tabatha

        I use hairfinity too. Its pretty good but I heard Manetabalism is better.

  2. Tina Wilson
    Tina Wilson

    The potion, is it a tonic? I used one some time ago from India (Amla Oil) and now I cannot find it again.

  3. Poppy Nope
    Poppy Nope

    Does anybody know where I can get a shirt like that I’ve been looking for a shirts like that

    1. Tabatha

      You can make one. Just grab a cheap t-shirt. and you use a ruler and marker and just draw it out.

  4. Aeysha Young
    Aeysha Young

    This is too much. Im not willing to go that far for some length. But to all who is doing it or who is going to try it. Good luck and pls post picture of ur growth. I would love to see it.

    1. Ruth

      I’ve done the inversion method too and received the same results. I have to get the onion and garlic oils then making my own Hairdrenalin; I can hardly wait!

      1. Tabatha

        I know it seems so crazy, yet intriguing. I have short hair, but I’m thinking about trying it. The more I think about it the more I’m like, “Eh… might as well; if it works great if it doesn’t fine”.

    1. Ruth

      If there is a store that sells Indian hair products you can get it from there too, it’s much cheaper. I drive about 15 minutes to get mine an d it lasts a good amount of time too. If not, Amazon has it as Nicole said.

  5. Kimi Sunflower Taylor
    Kimi Sunflower Taylor

    I know when I blow dry my hair it is fuller and shorter. When I moisturize and flat iron it, it weighs/ stretches it down and shows more length. (Just my opinion) but this is what it appears to look like what was done in this particular picture here.

    1. Michelle

      I agree with you…her hair looks puffy in the first pic and it’s flatter in the second. Also, there’s no time and date stamp to “prove” this method works. Seems like their just trying to get more clicks for some AdSense money.

      1. Tabatha

        Even if there was, whose to say it wasn’t doctored? You know what I mean? I’m not calling her a phony, but since has proven 1/4″ to 1/2″. I don’t know I’m gonna side eye it a little while. But it is interesting though.

  6. Alexandria Aretha
    Alexandria Aretha

    That is too much for me to do. Bending over for 3-4 minutes everyday will cause me to be dizziness and light headed. I’ll stick with the norm.

  7. Del E Shius
    Del E Shius

    I’m just not willing to go that far to get more hair. Also I hate trying things on myself that have not been tested and tested. So until my head starts to bald, I’m gonna take care of my head and let my hair grow at it’s own pace.

  8. Lynnette Lewis
    Lynnette Lewis

    It works!! I dont kno bout 2 inches but I got 1 inch and my oil was just wild growth oil…I didnt think it would work either but I tried it kept my hair in a braid for a week and definitely grew:)

  9. Ciji Davis
    Ciji Davis

    We all know braiding your hair helps it grow, if you don’t know how, don’t bother asking the friend that does, it’s gonna be an all you thing or you can get your daughter involved, utube French braiding its easy to learn. Simple, simple, simple, 3 to 5 cornrows every night before you go to bed, wake up take it down, do your daily. Reality about 1″ in two weeks. Trust me, this is why ANYONE can grow his hair long, and it’s highly possible he didn’t put a dang thing in it. Come on ladies, they can’t keep out shining us on #THE HAIR…let’s braid it together!

    1. Vee Smith
      Vee Smith

      lol, the truth. men do not use any special techniques and be having the longest hair

      1. Bea

        Men’s hair grows faster though – something to do with testosterone.

  10. Natrice Babineaux
    Natrice Babineaux

    The shirt is up more on the after photo so it makes the hair look longer cause of the shirt length in my opinion

    1. BlackHairInformation.com

      I have to admit that I thought the same thing but wouldn’t that suggest that her hair grew longer in the same time period? Straightening her shirt in the first pic would make it drop to a lower number.

    2. Alaina Powell
      Alaina Powell

      if her shirt was drooping too low on the back side. What i think Natrice is saying is that when they straightened the shirt in the 2nd picture, they could have just as easily pulled it up higher/more forward so that the back would raise the hair would hit a lower number

    3. Dorothy Wright
      Dorothy Wright

      I think she just flat ironed her hair in the second pic. Her hair is already long anyway, so it will grow quicker. Braiding and leaving it be for a while always worked for my daughters. AND we are not defined by our hair, BUT by our inner selves!

  11. Latasha Cannon
    Latasha Cannon

    Let grow & let God. All these potients, vitamins, food in hair, putting your head upside down, where does it end? Show some love to your hair weekly & enjoy the journey.

    1. Cecile Chery
      Cecile Chery

      Hey Latasha, I’m new at this and it looks like you know how to grow hair the right can you help me out?

  12. Sharon Istmena Ellis
    Sharon Istmena Ellis

    Massage….hanging upside down and Tea….not bad. Smelling like onion and garlic….tough. hair will grow in time. Eat balanced diet….exercise. we should be fine!

  13. MiSonia Moore
    MiSonia Moore

    The answer to whether it works or not can only be answered if you actually try it, but I recommend doing some research before trying ANYTHING new to be sure it’ll help you and not harm you in the long run.

  14. Priscilla Washington
    Priscilla Washington

    The inversion method works..don’t know about his other stuff. When I did the inversion it was one day only and about a week or more later I noticed I had about an inch of growth. I appreciate they ingenuity of some naturals but I concerned about it turning into hysteria

  15. Mckenzie Rose Buie
    Mckenzie Rose Buie

    It does work but I wouldn’t recommend it is very dangerous it causes crazy headaches because all the blood is rushing down you can actually feel your follicle open up when you do it eating healthy and taking care of your hair works too I’d rather be safe but whoever choses to try it is to each it’s own

    1. BlackHairInformation.com

      Actually I agree with you. Even with my 4 inches a year I still eventually got to my goal length without ever taking a supplement. Problem is patience is a very difficult virtue to master for some. lol

      1. cassie juste

        i have a question will the hairdrenaloin work on curly perm hair. if so how much on the inverson do you do

    2. Toyosi Olowoyeye
      Toyosi Olowoyeye

      True, I think the cure to impatience is loving every phase of hair growth. There are things that I loved doing with my TWA, and medium length that I can’t do with my hair length now (like washNgo…if I tried a washNgo now…I’d probably have to cut it all off. lol). There is beauty at every phase. I didn’t realize that, honestly until I chopped all my hair and regrew it.

      1. Dinah

        i agree with you 100% Toyosi. Eventhough im going to chop my long relaxed hair off soon because im going natural. I know my natural hair will grow to my hair goal at its own pace. All this turning upside down doing this and that im like naaah.

  16. Kerimah Rogers
    Kerimah Rogers

    Yeah you do Asha……YOU keep your head upright and as straight as possible!! Chicken heads like me need to be doing this!! LOL

  17. Monique Montague Davis
    Monique Montague Davis

    If you maintain a healthy eating regimen and drink lots of water, hair will grow. Maintain proper PH balance with moisturizer and protein, hair becomes strong with less breakage. The inversion method or whatever is used is an added benefit that may or may not work.

  18. Tanisha Stewart
    Tanisha Stewart

    Why does it matter if someone wants to grow their hair out. It might be a goal to see if they can get it to a certain point. On top of that not every regimen works on everyone’s hair. Ijs

  19. Diane C. Dejean
    Diane C. Dejean

    Soon enough there will be people walking with their hands with plastic bags roaming this Earth :-/ just take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

  20. Kyera Charnise Heppard
    Kyera Charnise Heppard

    This seems like a method I would try. But at the same time, I like how my hair is growing. I come from a family that has super long hair. even my mom has hair that comes down to her back. I don’t have to drink water and exercise just to get long hair. It comes naturally for me.

  21. Diondella Blanton
    Diondella Blanton

    One day yall are gonna be old and gray and are gonna say to yourselves man was we desperate and tried some dumb shit just to get our hair to grow smh

  22. Ashlee McAfee
    Ashlee McAfee

    My sister and I have tried it and Yes it works!!!! You have to be consistent and make sure your oil you choose to use is warm. I used olive oil…

  23. AngelaJenkins Brenneman
    AngelaJenkins Brenneman

    I don’t get what’s so dangerous about bending over bad holding your head down for a few minutes. Those that practice yoga multiple times a week, do it daily without issues. If angry you’ll get a great vertebrae stretch, which feels great and elongates the spine.

  24. Keena Murray
    Keena Murray

    I’m a bit surprised by the reactions to this post. This isn’t exactly breaking news. There’s a multi million dollar industry based on adding/growing hair. This didn’t just start with this post. It’s been going on for decades, and not just in the Black community.

  25. Melissa Streeter
    Melissa Streeter

    I just try to do everything for healthy hair growth….. gotta drink more water ….I want more length too so I hope by me.using protective styles(low manipulation ) and patience I will get the length

  26. Ashley Monique
    Ashley Monique

    My advice is stop damaging your hair, trim the bad ends as needed, and moisture (mainly and especially the ends) your hair will grow. Trying to put little heat as possible is a big help!

  27. Buddy Love
    Buddy Love

    Honestly I have tried this because I was curious. It does work. But I love how females with short hair love to give hair advice. Lol I mean my familys hair pretty much grows when we leave it alone. But I want faster results and this blog is amazing

  28. Jacqueline Glover
    Jacqueline Glover

    Hell no! My hair grows because I don’t abuse it, don’t wear weave everyday (I love my weaves) and I accept my length for what it is. I’m sooo much more concerned about how I frow what’s “inside” my head than what’s growing atop it:*)

  29. Antricia King
    Antricia King

    Water, Vitamins ,protein ,sulfur, mind or brain play a key role in growin hair if u stressing , thinking or playing/touching your hair to much will slow growing

  30. Monte Elis
    Monte Elis

    I don’t know if The Inversion Method works for everyone but I am having amazing results so far! During my first round I did it for seven days. My hair measured 19″ (stretched) in the crown before I began and 20.5″ (stretched) after 7 days. At the end of the month -which is today- my hair is measuring 21″, so it appears I have gained 2″ this month instead of my average 1/2″. I only do it one week out of the month and I am beginning a new round tonight. I don’t use oils or creams on my scalp because it clogs the pours and causes build up on my scalp. I just gently rub my scalp with the pads of my fingers for 30 seconds and then lean over my bed with my head down toward the floor for 4 minutes every evening before going to bed.

  31. Tasika Saunders
    Tasika Saunders

    Keep any and everyone out of your hair, don’t over/under process if your relaxing, don’t stress, lesser chemicals, lesser heat, deep condition often, trim ends, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, etc…all this and more plays a major role in how our hair grows!

  32. Cleopatra Jones Best
    Cleopatra Jones Best

    Do what makes you happy ladies. If you are doing it & you’re getting great results then keep doing it. Some of us want to achieve long healthy hair and for the ones that don’t thats ok to. Just don’t knock the ones that are.

  33. Gershelle Cunningham
    Gershelle Cunningham

    Be aware of hair scams and gimmicks ladies. Although there are Asian supplements which have actually been proven to grow hair. But google “supplements to grow hair”. Its not biotin either…..can’t remember the names sorry:(

  34. Antricia King
    Antricia King

    Rosemary water, clove water, sulfur water helps to steamulate, steam with the white of eggs it’s protein, conditioning shampoos, mixer of conditions together cover with shower cap, leavin, e vitamin in scalp, use organic hair products, casteroil ,olive oil, hair food organic grease in scalp

  35. Antricia King
    Antricia King

    To many products damages your hair ladies organic or natural care won’t cause a chemical boom or google the right thing to do or one one hair analysis for your hair type

  36. Briana Spencer
    Briana Spencer

    Any recommendations on products to use for natural curly hair ? I use leave in and herbal oil at the moment , but my hair is still kinda dry at the roots .. Just looking for something to keep my hair soft and hydrated .

  37. Natrice Babineaux
    Natrice Babineaux

    While I believe this method may work I’m not believing the rate that this picture suggest cause the hair measure would be the same if the made the measurements at the same markings the one is higher up so it measures longer

  38. Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson

    Sorry im just not into quick grow methods for hair. Im for letting hair grow at it’s own pace , natural and healthy.

  39. Tion Walker
    Tion Walker

    This sounds crazy as hell, but where can I sign up… 😀 I just don’t know about that bending over for 4 mins. All the blood rushing to my head. Idk about that…. Maybe not…

  40. Sheri DiamondznPearl Bryant
    Sheri DiamondznPearl Bryant

    Once a month use extra virgin olive oil if u want I only get a inch but its fun oh n I didn’t check length until week after completing I saw major diff

  41. Vanessa White
    Vanessa White

    Caution: Bending over like the pic is not ideal if you have High Blood Pressure! Can be dangerous and could result in blood clot/stroke! Should always get advice for a doctor before trying these sort of techniques.

  42. Natasha Finch
    Natasha Finch

    Denetra Gilmore, thank you so very much. I love long, healthy hair, but I believe in Godly balance and try to keep it all in a healthy perspective. At the end of the day it’s just hair. I love the tips, info and commentary as well as keeping first things first.

  43. Mellisha

    Hi I bean trying to grow my hair back long I bean looking for long till I start taking biotin vitamins I just relax my hair jan and the same month I take them I got lots of regrowth the same month

  44. Crystal Doyle
    Crystal Doyle

    It looks like the shirt is pulled up farther on the first pic and pulled down on the second. The hair doesn’t look longer to me…

  45. Orelia Nunley
    Orelia Nunley

    Don’t use Keratin.
    Just wash your hair with baby shampoo and conditioner and keep ends clipped Regular.
    Your hair WIll grow fast…..mine is 21inches and I just keep clipping my ends.

  46. Tessa Chocolit T Lewis
    Tessa Chocolit T Lewis

    So in other words you are saying that blacks are not obsessed with hair? You don’t see many Asians, Caucasians or Hispanics buying weave or wigs over the ying yang like black women do you?

  47. Bettina

    Why have we become obsessed with length… and YES if you’re willing to do this you are obsessed. Nothing wrong with it I guess, everyone has his or her passion, but the one about the length of hair has always been a curiosity to me. Especially because you see so many beautiful women with short hair in everyday life and in the media. I’m going to pass on smelling like a castor oiled onion and hanging upside like a bat and be grateful for what God has blessed me with instead. It might not be touching my arse, but I can comb and brush it so that’s good enough.

  48. Shani Marie
    Shani Marie

    They also buy clips ins get sew ins done and use lace fronts as much as “african american women” too.

  49. Annie Martin-Roberson
    Annie Martin-Roberson

    My hair dresser and I both took a popular pill to grow our hair. This product thinned both of our hair. So I am leery of all of the promises they make, but I know something out there does work.

  50. Cheri Bell

    I make my own oils and I have made a similar oil, I guess great minds think alike. I used a crock pot or you can use a slow cooker as it does take 6+ hours. I use Mustard instead of pepper, not as much biotin and added burdock root, lavender oil etc. I have also added carrots. I did think about adding tea and will try a version of this oil when I make my next batch!

  51. Naya Tu
    Naya Tu'Kute

    Just think of it was oiling your hair every night i just u olive oil n argon oil mix heat it up put my head down for four mins then put my cap on n go to bed

  52. Lauryn Riley
    Lauryn Riley

    Two inches longer yet the exact same length and proportions in both photos? C’mon people…

  53. Lula T Ditu
    Lula T Ditu

    looks like the same length to me and why would u want your hair to grow that fast anyway

  54. Taneesha Renee
    Taneesha Renee

    I’m about to read up on this. I dont believe it and the hair looks the same only shinier in the second pic

  55. Whitney Glenn
    Whitney Glenn

    Really? you don’t need to do all that to grow long and healthy/hair. Just pay attention to it and give it some TLC when it needs it. Simple.

  56. ticha

    Do i hv to put it
    in a oven,is it a must?

  57. melanie washington

    Dont be afraid to try new things. If you dont grow the inches at least you’ll back will enjoy the stretch

  58. Antricia King
    Antricia King

    Our hair, skin and nails are made up of sulfur plus the dandruff shampoos are sulfur plus I have a well known sulfur grease I known my work

  59. lyn

    Why do keep sucking your teeth? Very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Kara

    Is biotin save? I took some hair vitamins that contained a substantial amount of biotin, and it broke my skin out, leaving scars.

  61. Nikki Cashmere Danzey
    Nikki Cashmere Danzey

    Perle Enna Henry do your research cause Sulfur is the biz!! Especially mixed with natural oils….oooooooowwwweeeeee..
    My first bc was sept.2012 by March 2013. My hair was almost APL. By sept 2013 I bc again only had an inch of hair. I now have 5 inches of hair growth and thats in its curly state:-)

  62. Nicole Powell
    Nicole Powell

    I did this and it works. I didn’t use the oils each day but co-washed my hair 3days. With the natural oils on my scalp and hair from other days I massaged my scalp for a week. I was a bit lazy so when I do it again I will see if doing all the steps promotes even better hair growth.

  63. Ashley

    Alma, glad your’e trying this! Excited to hear your results. 🙂

    1. Alma Ruddock Post author

      Totally am Ashley. You know I don’t go for hype so I will give you my 100% honest review. It won’t be for a while though, I’m on holiday next week so I would say give it 2-3 weeks and I will put a video up 🙂

      1. Stephanie

        Did you try the 3 growth aids? What were your results? I’m very interested in find out how it worked or didn’t for you.

  64. Kara

    I don’t think it’s necessary to turn upside down to get the blood to rush to your head for hair growth. That can cause health problems. Just simply massaging your scalp for a few minutes does the trips. I will try this method but not that inversion method. Also drink bamboo leaf tea. This tea is known to promote weight loss, and some of us do not need this.

  65. Tabatha

    Well I thought I heard it all. You know what?! I’m considering trying it. lol I mean if its a bust then its a learning experience if it works then that is an awesome thing and she is a genius!

  66. Tanecia nesbitt

    This method has been used for centuries in India and as most of us know most Indian women had incredibly long healthy hair. All you can do is try it and see if it works. If you want hair growth you have to put some extra effort into taking care of your hair. i have seen and heard many people who have tried this method and it has worked for them. i am using hairfinty vitamins as well and I’m still doing inversion, my hair actually grew a few inches in less than two months time.

    1. Tabatha

      True, but My friend is Indian and she has never used that method. She does spritz homemade rose water and some oil in her hair, but all she does is massage her scalp for 10 minutes then she brushes her hair with a soft brush to distribute the oil down her hair. She thinks the hanging upside down part is kind of silly. But you know to each its own. I personally think that massaging your scalp and eating right will help grow your hair. I used Hairfinity. It didn’t really grow my hair, BUT it DID put nutrients back into my hair to make it stronger, so it wasn’t breaking off and splitting. I heard about Manetabolism though ( I heard it was better than Hairfinity) and I’m on my first bottle, so I’m going to see how it does on my hair. Most likely it will be the same. The only thing I do is massage my scalp.

  67. Jaleesa QueenJaleesa Renae
    Jaleesa QueenJaleesa Renae

    I’ve been hearing about this for over a year … There are videos on YouTube with ladies claiming to gain all this length in a few days or a week. I personally tried it once & I got a headache the second I put my head down … Lol.. It wasn’t for me. But I have a friend who does it. And according to her, her hair is growing like crazy.

  68. Alice Caldwell
    Alice Caldwell

    My personal experience is that’s there no magic trick to anything, hair growth or weight loss, just patience, maintenance and hard work!

  69. Deanna Phillips
    Deanna Phillips

    Why is everyone’s goal especially African Americans to have long hair shoot I just want healthy hair the length will come as long as it’s healthy and maintained

    1. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      Because today’s standards of beauty say that long hair on women is more beautiful and socially acceptable. It’s been that way for a long time..

  70. Kelly Jamila
    Kelly Jamila

    speak for yourself ^^^^ not everyone’s goal. .. “esPecially black girls” goal is long hair 😛

  71. Lori Williams
    Lori Williams

    I really don’t care too much for long hair its aggravating to me but it takes a lot for your hair to grow long.

  72. Kerimah Rogers
    Kerimah Rogers

    I’ve always been obsessed with having long, thick, healthy hair. It don’t have to be straight, just LONG

  73. Jokoya McLean
    Jokoya McLean

    Deanna Phillips that comment goes back to slavery times. People have always associated long pretty hair with beauty but not every black girl is that way

  74. Carla Nicole
    Carla Nicole

    Lol ive tried it two months . Havent seen much growth. It may work for others. I dont believe the hype

  75. Shavonne R. Boyd
    Shavonne R. Boyd

    This is a resounding failure. Hair growth is something you can assist with proper nutrition and hair care techniques. Now I get the science of it. It helps with blood flow to the scalp. However, this is just silly.

  76. Belicia Anderson Carter
    Belicia Anderson Carter

    This reminds me of all of those All Curing Potions and Elixirs that used to be marketed at the turn of the century. Like Coca-Cola being marketed as a nerve tonic. I feel like people are a little too desperate to try anything. How about trying patience. I heard that does wonders!

  77. Emithen Mi Wangu
    Emithen Mi Wangu

    Hair growth is also genetically inherited some pple do use anything on their hair and it grows ….and some use even raw products like eggs n.avocado,use every product being advertised bt there is no results…if your genes are to hair growth it will grow bt if its has dwarfism even if u put fertilizer its a waste…nutrition n maintainance will work magic

  78. Kashmere Noel
    Kashmere Noel

    Too lazy to put this kind of effort in just for length Lol, I’d rather wait and let nature do it’s thing. Natural hair care has taught me patience and appreciation

  79. Destiny Brown
    Destiny Brown

    I try he inversion method for a bad back and it brings blood flow to your scalp which ends up in some hair growth. So this doe work.

  80. Palma Rosa

    Here is my question: how many of you do yoga? How many times do you do it per week? How many inversion poses do you do during your yoga session? I am not defending this inversion thing, but it seems like nothing more than some sort of inverted yoga pose. People are complaining about being flipped for 4 minutes whereas in yoga, you are inverted a lot longer. Just don’t get it.
    Where is the origin of this method?

  81. Corina Floyd

    I have this in the oven now! Now to get ready for church! Why not boil what’s left in the stocking and make a tea rinse?

  82. Virstyne Henry

    Hello I’m about to use the hairdrenalin potion. Just curious if anyone experienced any shedding or hair loss when they stopped using the hairdrenalin potion? Or any other negative side effects would be greatly appreciated.

  83. Anonymous

    For the record its her shrinkage that makes it look like it grew… its the same length people… scientifically it’s impossible… if it sounds to good to be true Issa Lie!

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