How To : Ghana Braids [Video]



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  1. Ashley Blue

    No thanks but I suspect some of you will give your 6 yr old daughter this hair style based on a recent post

    1. Enez Laurendine

      Oh yes don’t get me wrong the style is pretty but they need to stop calling the stressful styles protective!! I personally love braids but can’t wear them longer than a week

  2. Eve Gamanya

    I had a hair style with edges like that,it’s not what it seems..They look like they are too tight but they don’t hurt at all

  3. Drina Phil

    Poor edges… I can’t do it.. Grabbing edges that tiny guarantee they will be gone when you take them or

  4. Tiara Richardson

    The front is NOT cute w/ those three braids.. But if those weren’t there, it would look nice. Not for me cause of the damage it causes though.

  5. Nia Gladden

    The braids are nice, however her edges are done. Look at the huge gap separating the braids.

    1. Nicole Sangreia

      I’m talking about the constant patterning and finger control which forms how long the style last..Yes I see Tracia Alopecia..

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