Interview With Jay Natural 4a From The Mini Braid Method

Jay mini braid method

Jay from the mini braid method shares her thoughts on her natural hair journey and regimen. I have cared for my own natural hair in mini braids in the past too. It is an ultra low manipulation style and it looks great too!

Introduce Yourself . . .

I’m Jay, a blogger and grad student. I have natural hair. My last relaxer was in March of 2009. I big chopped in August of that year. Since then, I’ve been growing out my natural hair and loving every minute of it. I wear my hair in mini braids often. I recently started blogging about my experiences in mini braids because it’s not a style I’ve seen often in the online hair community or in the real world. I thought I have a lot to share and maybe others will become more interested in this style.

How did you first get involved in hair care?

About 4 years ago I googled hair growth and stumbled upon the online hair care community. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of using the internet as a hair care resource before, but was so happy I found the wealth of information.

What made you come to the conclusion that being natural was right for you?

I went natural for the first time as an adult my sophomore year of college. By junior year, I was texturized. Years later, after finding online hair forums, it seemed like most members were natural or transitioning. I decided to give it another go and if I wanted, I could always relax in the future. During my time as a natural, I have fallen so in love with my hair and I know I will never relax it again.

Did you have support from your friends and family when you decided to go natural?

My friends don’t really care what I do with my hair. They wouldn’t feel any different if I were relaxed or natural.

How would you describe your texture?

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  1. Sunny

    Wow, Alma, such a helpful info for people with curly hair like me! And thanks for sharing this interview and the Curly hair method with us!

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