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Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, http://www.seriouslynatural.org/ where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at www.seriouslynatural.spreadshirt.com


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  1. Yolanda says

    Ladies and Gentlemen, do your research. Remember that products do not have to be harsh, drying, and full of chemicals to do their job! I have found several all-natural shampoos (through trial & error and many dollars later) that do the job of all the different types of shampoos listed above. My general sulfate-free shampoo I found at nattynaturals.com named Dudu Osum Shampoo. I found a “clarifying” shampoo at justnaturalskincare.com called “shampoo to remove buildup”, also at this website I found a chelating shampoo alternative in the vinegar rinse (the products may seem pricey but they are all-natural and a little goes a really long way!) I have also found a gentle cleansing shampoo that I think works better than any cleansing conditioner or co-wash. All the shampoos cleanse my scalp and hair without stripping or drying my hair. I am actually able to do light finger detangling…if need be with the shampoo in my hair-no tangles! So after 2 years in my “back to natural” hair journey, many websites, blogs, questions and tons of my own research I think I know my shampoos very well 🙂

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