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locs and faux locs



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Shalette Carmeldelight Earvin


Gaby Moviefan

Cute but where are her edges

Šhá Möñêţ

Same thing I said when I seen this

Pauline Grant

There aint none!….

Cher'iee Davis

I love it!

Pauline Grant


Pattie Armstead

Neat work but in a couple of years she will not have any hair.

Tiela Lewis

Uh uh! That don’t look right. #thinnedOUt

Debbie Yvonne Mckenzie

Looks painful

Jamie Lewis

I’m not a fan of this particular style…but I do like locks in general……It’s definitely a well done & neat…..

Jennifer Price

Pretty but looks too hard on the hair

Lisa M. Osborne-Robinson


Chyenne Ridge

Is it just me or does this look really really tight and painful?

Natalie Dockeray

I was thinking the same thing. It’s a beautiful style but the pulling on the hair root can’t be good

Chasity Hood Holland

My thoughts exactly…?

Bri Rheun

It’s literally like 8 locks on the whole side of her head smh

Chmoca Charyonce Cole

I was thinking the same thing… Edges already gone!

Kendra Bailey

Hell yeah, way too tight. She’s gorgeous tho

Alisson Hislop

Thats why i will never have locs or think about doing them every woman ive seen with them has ended up bald ..nice but no thanx ..i worship my luvly thick hair too much

Yvonne Mclean

I have a full, thick head of locks because I only interlock my hair twice a year.

Jamie Elaine Reed-Anderson

No, thank you!!

Assy Roberts

Looking painful

Karla Harley


Creative style..but it looks painful. And no style is worth the loss of your edges.

Deanna Elliott

Too tight!

Jasmine Golden-Heart

her lack of edges are probably not due to the locs, Looks like she may not have had edges to begin with. With the right hair care and not getting your hair done too often, you will not lose your edges having locs.

Janelle Barrett

No, not interested

Carla Tyner

I’m basically just seeing a mostly bald head, and that isn’t cute. I would want a weave to fill in the baldness. This style heightens her lack of hair.

Janelle Barrett

Sometimes females be just doing too much to their hair…less is more

Nesha Bender Langford

Cute but edges are taking a hike. Stylist should turn down certain styles when its breaking the hair. Suggest something more protective on the scalp.

Bridget Ford


Barbar Wicker

all the twisting will damage your hair and twist your hair right out your head and it does not grow back ..

KeKe Pool

Dwl! Exactly!

NaturalBee Love

Looks like it hurts!

Kathy Thompson


Mary Baker

Wow I know your head is hurting

Patsy Phillip

No no no way! getting them off is a headache by it self.

Carleen Shaw

too spacy for me and her poor sides!!

Malaika Nelson

Not really Sisterlocs

Yvonne Mclean

Love this style but……. way too tight! No hair at the front due to the pulling to style.

Brittny Roberts

Makes her head look shaped weird

Brigitti King-Semidey

That looks like it hurts

DA White

No +No =No

Tammie Faulkner Taylor


Stephanie Montalvo

My eyes hurt

Gillian Kelly


Donna Lipscomb

Real nice

Amor Heart

Looks painful not feelin it

Patricia Slaughter-smith

That is very pretty and neat and different

Alexia Proudmother Barnes

I want some

Kim Danielle

looks very painful

Viola Matthew

Ooooh my Goshhhhh,,!, Sorry but I would wear such a hairstyle of braids if I had such a awefull headfigure!!!

Sonja Myles

Definitely not for me. It actually looks unattractive.

Cynthia Jimenez

Looks real tight, ouch :0

Royce Mauvais

Me u tagging lol I hate to twist my hair farless style

Mavis Ricketts


Brenda Clay


Veronica Love


Janice Provan

Ugly, sorry. Looks like it hurts.

Lydia Mcconnell

Ooooooh no!