Sista’ Locs on Point

locs and faux locs



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  1. Jamie Lewis

    I’m not a fan of this particular style…but I do like locks in general……It’s definitely a well done & neat…..

    1. Natalie Dockeray

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s a beautiful style but the pulling on the hair root can’t be good

  2. Alisson Hislop

    Thats why i will never have locs or think about doing them every woman ive seen with them has ended up bald ..nice but no thanx ..i worship my luvly thick hair too much

  3. Karla Harley


    Creative style..but it looks painful. And no style is worth the loss of your edges.

  4. Jasmine Golden-Heart

    her lack of edges are probably not due to the locs, Looks like she may not have had edges to begin with. With the right hair care and not getting your hair done too often, you will not lose your edges having locs.

  5. Carla Tyner

    I’m basically just seeing a mostly bald head, and that isn’t cute. I would want a weave to fill in the baldness. This style heightens her lack of hair.

  6. Nesha Bender Langford

    Cute but edges are taking a hike. Stylist should turn down certain styles when its breaking the hair. Suggest something more protective on the scalp.

  7. Barbar Wicker

    all the twisting will damage your hair and twist your hair right out your head and it does not grow back ..

  8. Viola Matthew

    Ooooh my Goshhhhh,,!, Sorry but I would wear such a hairstyle of braids if I had such a awefull headfigure!!!

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