How To Get 4b Hair To Waist Length In 3 Years


How To Get 4b Hair To Waist Length In 3 Years

If you watch the below video you might think that getting your 4b natural hair to waist length is kind of easy, I mean protective styling, drinking water, supplements, deep conditioning, moisturizing and cleansing all seems easy enough right?

Then why aren’t we all on #teamwaistlength then? Well it is that easy and then again it isn’t, we are all human and we have setbacks sometimes but the most important thing is having the regimen down and sticking to it no matter what, which is where may of us fail.

We will allow the lady in the video below to expand on her secrets to waist length hair in 3 years, but before we do that we have a few tricks up our sleeve too.

1. Focus – If you really want to get to waist length in 3 years then come up with a plan on paper or in your head, just make sure you know exactly how you plan to get there. Sometimes planning might mean a little math too, so calculate how many inches you grow in a year, and how many inches you will need to get to waist length on your body.

2. Make the plan realistic – This just means knowing how your hair performs and what it can do within 1 year with your very best regimen. If you retain one or two inches of hair in four months by protective styling then you know that protective styling will be a huge part of what you will be doing for the next three years.

3. Stay away from things that cause setbacks – Heat is a perfect example of something that you can do often or occasionally that can cause setbacks. With that said it doesn’t mean never use heat at all for the entire time you are focusing on getting to waist length but it does mean that if you know your hair does not do well with heat then avoid it. Its kind of like red velvet cupcakes, if you know you cant just have one then stay out of the bakery baby.

4. Don’t be afraid to start over – Yes you have a goal, yes nobody likes to start over but maintaining damaged hair is not quite the idea we had in mind and it shouldn’t be yours either. If you have to trim or chop what you are starting off with the just do it! The faster you do it the faster you can get on track to your goal.

Check out afrolengths’ take on the whole thing in the video below:

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Blessedfrom Above

      There are lots of ways to do that…I use vitamin pills…msm, biotin, hairfinity, hair-skin & nails..etc..I also use hair oils and shampoo & conditioner called F.A.S.T…

      1. poupee

        Hi Blessedfrom Above,
        You used biotin, msm, hair skin &nail while you are using the infinity?

    1. Panama M America

      some ppl go by this method. i personally think its another way of good hair vs bad hair. just my opinion..

  1. Marcella Clark

    My option Marj Desius, now maybe I need to try it, and then I can have my own story to tell, I just cut off all my hair, I might just see if this can grow it back, just to see. Then I’ll tell my story.

    1. Kimberly

      Congrat’s on cut your hair!! It will grow big out before you know it. I did my big chop 2years ago 4/16. My hair is almost armpit length. My first 2 years I was more focus on health now I am trying to get my hair back to my longest length with a relaxer which was bsl. Enjoy your natural journey.

  2. Dev Lynne Disguise

    I’m still super new to the natural thing. I just wavy a simple, no fuss regimen that won’t take forever. That’s the hard part: finding what my hair really loves so that I know what to stick to.

  3. Jas Nikkinac Nicole

    You can get waist length in less then a year. My hair grows fast. My hair has been natural since birth and it’s been past waist length for years.

    1. Jamillah Davis

      everyone is not predisposed to having long hair and not everyone’s hair grows fast. DNA plays a larger role in things of that nature, than how often u get your ends trimmed and what products u use. Your hair grows fast, whereas another woman’s may not.

    2. NubianPrize

      Jamillah is right on point ,esp about the DNA. How fast your hair grows & your hair’s terminal length ( the maximum length it can grow before the growth phase ends & it falls out ) are all genetically determined. If your growth rate is 6″ a year & your growth phase lasts 3 years, then you’ll have 18″ of hair if there’s no breakage. Waist length for most people. However, if your growth rate is only 4″ or 5″ a year..(and there’s a naturalista blogger who says that’ hers is about 4″ ) then you’ll have 12-15″ of hair in 3 years. A good length but may not be waist length. May have to go another year to get waist length, but if your growth phase only lasts 2 years then your maximum is 12″ if you grow 6″ a year and and 8″ – 10″ if you grow 4″-5″ a year. Some articles I’ve read say black people’s hair grows slower than Asian & Caucasian hair & other articles say not true. Who knows? We see lots of white girls with long hair but some of them have short cycles,too. I’ve known several who were not able to get longer than about shoulder length. All I can say is this: take care of your hair the very best you can; make a plan & see what happens. I don’t think any of us have ever seen our terminal length because of relaxers, breakage, & everything else our hair has endured.

  4. Kenesha LuvsKe'Myrie Gray

    OK, if my daughter has soft spongy hair, and if you wet it, it tightly curls up, but if you blow dye it, it becomes thick and kinky, what kind of hair is that?

  5. Jo Anna Harris

    A website called Black naps has a lot of information on how to type your hair & how best to care for it “naturally”. I’ve learned a lot off this website on how to care for my daughters hair, she has 4c hair.

  6. Redy Mix

    mine grow like that, like one lady said it depends on your genes, trim ends, and how you care for it

  7. Cleopatra Jones Best

    why must people put limitations on things? Whether the rate of growth is fast or slow shouldn’t matter whether other family members never had hair longer than shoulder length shouldn’t matter. if you practice good hair habits and love your hair it will grow long. Me personally I dont believe in terminal length and all that bull crap. I believe in healthy hair practices and length retention.

    1. NubianPrize

      I first heard of terminal length from a trichologist & a dermatologist so it is not bullcrap. I’ve also read articles about it . The best you can do is to take the best possible care of your hair & it will grow as long as your growth cycle lets it grow. It’s like a child growing up. They are programmed to grow to a certain height & then stop. It may or may not be their parents height, maybe shorter,maybe taller depending on ancestor’s gene influences, but they will eventually stop growing at a certain point. If they’re malnourished they may not grow to their full height. But if they get the very best care they will grow as tall as their genes will let them. Same goes for hair. if hair didn’t stop growing at a certain point there would be loads of people with hair dragging the ground if they didn’t cut it.

  8. Gwendolyn Millbourne

    Thank you so very much! Now at least I have a clue! Knowledge is Power! You ladies are very patient & informative! Much appreciated!

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      Her hair when straightened is waist length that’s what she means . With shrinkage it’s mid back .

  9. Nicole Bryson

    A book called the science of black hair by Audrey Sivasothy is a must read for understanding and growing long healthy hair. Genes play a part but knowing how to retain what we grow is equally important.

  10. Gracie Moore

    My hair is past my shoulders in two years with no perms in two years, so in weave term my hair is 10 1/2 in long but only thing its all growing from my head

  11. Brittney Holland

    How long your hair will grow depends on your biological makeup. Everybody cannot grow hair this long. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter what grease or oil you use.

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      No you just need to trim and take care of your hair almost all the woman in my family are natural with hair down their back and half of them are fully black not mixed . My grandma is fully black always had long hair ever since she was in her 20’s she use to sit on hair than she cut it to her back .

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      Um I’m 3c/4a my hair has been growing faster than expected only the first few months that I had setbacks then It started growing fast . I’m Two my years my goal with shrinkage is bra strap length and past bra strap length when straightened. Waist length is too much I’m fine with just bra strap even arm pit length is ok with me .

    2. Aliyah Morrison

      Your hair grows faster also waist length is amazing for three years .

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      If you take care of it and your terminal length lasts for years you can .

  12. Nimo Anne

    i don’t trim my natural hair..i wear protective hairstyles n care for dissapointment so far..
    works for me..

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      No it doesn’t my grandma is fully black and has long natural hair . All the woman in my family have long hair except for my mom she wears her hair short .

  13. lnedykstra

    I started growing out my shoulder length relaxed hair in January 2012 and now I am right at waist length. It is definitely possible, as I am living proof. I didn’t see it mentioned in the article, but genetics has a significant role in how fast once can obtain WL and beyond. My hair grows above the average growth rate of .5 inches per month (I grow about .6-.7 per month).

    1. Aliyah Morrison

      Omg my hair is the same growth rate as yours ! Also how long is your hair with shrinkage I have only been natural for a year and I’m at 6 inches in the back 7 inches in the front and more than 7 inches on the sides .

  14. lnedykstra

    Crap! I didn’t mean to put this huge picture there! I thought it was for my avi. 🙁

    1. Shaunie

      Hi Inedykstra,
      I am a black woman, and my hair growth rate is exactly the same as yours! do you get comments from people asking why does your hair grow so fast? I know I do! However I do notice that there are people who grow hair even faster than this! yes other Black women can grow it even faster than what we do 🙂 I don’t believe in the “Black hair grows sooo slow” idea. This is evident by people getting frequent relaxers and new growth showing through the braids. Black hair grows fast in my opinion but some people just have poor length retention.

  15. Bliss

    I am tall and leggy with a weight at 5’9″. I have calculated that waist length hair to me would means growing my hair around 27″- 29″.

    That’s 4 and a half to 5 years of hair growth for me.

  16. Ingrid

    My hair grow rate is 4.7″-5″ a year so I know it won’t take 3 years to obtain waist lenght. Plus, I know my hair terminal lenght is more mid-back lenght. I really think that depends on genetic a lot.

  17. Nicole

    Ok for all those talking about DNA i personally don’t believe in that simply becuse their are plenty of peole whose hair is nothing like their familys length wise. I believe that its all in how you do or dont take care of your hair. For instance my mom & sister have short hair whereas mine is long. I’m also relaxed.

  18. Charmaine Taylor

    Maybe bra strap as i have gotten that length in 3 years of being natural but not waist (my hair grows the average half and inch a month), could be genetics resulting in faster. meh beautiful l hair though x

  19. Aliyah Morrison

    That’s good for three years my cousin has a friend that’s almost 5 years natural and she still stuck at shoulder length . My cousin is about 3 to 4 years and she is about bra strap length .

  20. Denise

    I am having a hard time growing my hair for the past eight years it has maintained the same length and the breakage is at an all time high. Other than taking biotin 5000mcg and doing oil treatments what should I be doing? I have tried to stay away from heat applications but then I look like crap. It used to curl before but now my hair is so stubborn and stays acting up. Any advice?

  21. Leah

    Well these are very great tips . I read this article and don’t have 4b or 4c hair and I don’t want to grow it to waist length but I’m glad I read this article. This advice will help me in my hair regime .

  22. Sonya Rice

    Genetics plays a major role in hair growth abd fullness. let’s not kid ourselves, not everyone’s hair will grow to waist length in 3 years.

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