Oh my, the bun’s almost as big as her head!! lovely hair

Oh my - the bun's almost as big as her head - lovely hair


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Tiela Lewis

Lawd have mercy!! She is too cute

Tiela Lewis

She just playin dress-up 🙂

So Gotti Gotdemracks

beautiful hair.dislike the style.simple ponytails or braids would be just fine

Rh Lilis Jp

I loved

Shena Conner

Thats too much. But, she’s to cute

Delores Brinson

Bun don’t look real

Ryechelle Redden

Take that off her head lol

Lorie L. McIlwain

Entirely To Much…..

Julitta Dawn Kent

Ummm…. NO!

Wynona Rosebure

Grown ass women hating on a child … ya’ll should be ashamed!!!! There is NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE about the style or the picture. When you have long thick hair you dont need all those bows and barrettes to make it look beautiful. As far as the outfit she is completely covered from head to toe. Ya’ll just mad you dont have the style her mother has.

Iluvu-Anaila Marie

Shut up

Wynona Rosebure

Everyone else expressed their opinion, I am expressing mine. Only hit dogs holla so something my post spoke volumes to or about you. Deal with it. Dont take it out on me.

Inetha Brown

She’s Absolutely adorable, but the hair is a NO.

Danetta Perkins

That bun tho woooooooo

Jacqueline D. Honeycutt

The little girl is a cutie but the due is all wrong looks like a big pimple growing out of her head

Ah'Kim Lee

She’s cute but that hair is tooooo much

Kanicia Gallaspy


Doris Walkins

How is it “too much” if it’s her hair??? Stop using sew ins as context lol

Montalvo Alicia

Making her look so grown…let her be a child. People have kids and think they are baby dolls. Just horrible looking on her head. Poor child.

Chavon Corvette

Too much as in its a grown up style.

Montalvo Alicia

Yes ….She is a beautiful child love the outfit adorable the boots it’s just the bun love the rest of the hair also.

Joyce Givens

So cute! But the bun had to go!

Denise Wright


Naomi Jacobs

Yeaah no hate but that’s a bit much. There’s a difference between fashion/expression vs. attention seeking

YamarTat NafarTat Harar Rayay

Lol her head bout to tip over

Joeneyce Cunningham

The bun distracts me from her cute face. Fat NO for me!

^^Ol’ girl and that essay, BYE! No one is jealous of baby girl. I’m not reading comments and sensing hate at all.

Sarahdoingmeallday Edwards

LiLi So Pretty Edwards <3 <3 she is gorgeous!!!

LiLi So Pretty Edwards


Terri Moore

I was thinking the same thing Rochelle Corilette Liyah Warner

Akeyla Monae

Compliment her and keep it moving. If you don’t have anything nice to say shut the hell up. Tired of adults talking about kids.

Virginia Young

That’s just too grown up for a little girl. Then you wonder why grown men are taking their innocence. Let children be children!

Sherry Dailey

Too cute

Taneesha Renee

Shai Pruitt she is too adorable. However, i do feel the hair is a lil too grown

Andrea McDaniels

What a hot mess.

Candace Reed

So cute. You ever think they were having some fun with her hair!?! Smh!

Laura Babs Walton


Alisa Mumford

Beautiful baby girl love her hair the bun not so much

Denise Washington

I see that. Too cute.

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

She’s cute and her hair is beautiful, but the style is grossly overwhelming.

Victoria Berry

She’s to young for all that. …

Jessica Harris

All her beautiful hair should be up n a bun lol

Chavon Corvette

Beautiful hair but the style is too grown for her. She needs a kiddie hairstyle.

Danya'le Pebbles Northern

I think this one is too grown the shirt is grown and then the bun and the bag,, pick one keep it cute she’s adorable with out all the extra,,

Keosha Farr

There girl got some hair on her head

Julia Valdary

She is working that outfit though!

April Jones

Beautiful child but the hair has to go! #notcute!

Endenezjia Graham


Daiquiri A. Holland

Yall need to shut the hell up. The bun is up there to demonstrate that even that small section of hair is already enough for just ONE head. Imagine if she had ALL of it in a bun. Pretty sure mom didn’t have her go out the house like that, it was likely JUST for the photo, I’ve seen it posted elsewhere and the mom commented. Half y’all hating cuz yall don’t got as much hair. Bald and not by choice smh.

Joycelyn Lanae

I agree. She is to cute and she is covered from head to toe. This is not the 90s anymore everyone don’t dress their kids in overalls and barrettes. The style changes and the problem is adults are walking around looking like children. As an adult I would never wear this

KeDone Barnes

The bun is too big…if it was smaller it would look better

Esther Sbo Dube

Take that thing off the baby’s head

Terrel Jones-Campbell

The baby is a cutie, but the bun is too big, the blouse is to grown up…tone it down alittle.

Valerie Loatman

Pretty girl, but the style , isn’t for her

Donna Chesser

Humm beauitful baby’s, but that style looks like for a fashion show, not every day wear. But her hair is l I very healthy, I want to see it in its natural state, curly.

Donna Chesser

Also how sad a mom would present a baby with grown up sexy stuff. Wow unbelievable. This girl us a baby look at her short legs.

Donna Chesser

Daiquiri A. Holland sorry no one’s hatting Chile. Short hair is good also. We have a right to our opinion, you can’t accuse people of hating, if it’s ulgy it’s ulgy.

Daiquiri A. Holland

Donna Chesser you’re an idiot. I didnt say S*** about short hair being bad. I said the bitches that are hating are mad because they are bald, AND NOT BY CHOICE. If you know you are not one of the ppl hating, why even respond trying to explain yourself?

Nothing she is wearing is “grown up” or “sexy”. I don’t know any adults who would wear what this child is wearing unless they’d wish to look a damn fool in public smh. People looking for negative s*** to say about this child because she already has a lot of hair, really sad.