Countess Vaughn Star of “The Parkers” Reveals Suffering From Scalp Infections Due To Lace Wigs

Source: The Dr S

Source: The Dr S

This was really sad to watch, in the video I am about to share, Countess Vaughn star of the popular sitcom The Parkers revealed that she got a scalp infections and skin discoloration from wearing lace front wigs.

In the video she explained that the glue she used to keep the wigs in place is what caused a severe allergic reaction on her skin and scalp after 5 years of wearing them. She says that they also caused her sever skin discoloration to the point where some people might have accused her of skin bleaching.

It appears that when removing the lace front wigs installed with glue, you remove a thin layer of skin every time whether you take off the wig to switch up the style, to readjust it, or just for a breather and it was this that caused Countess Vaughn’s severe infections.

Lets go off topic a bit, did you know that there are women who are allergic to certain types of underwear? The bands that are made with rubber and latex can actually cause really bad breakouts on your legs and around your personal areas. How do I know? Well because I am one of those women!

I like Countess had no idea why I had breakouts and because I was not doing anything out of the ordinary, I decided to live with it until I read something and decided to mention it to my doctor. I am among millions of women who are allergic to latex and rubber and we have to make sure that we know exactly what our underwear is made of before purchasing because of the dangers of the chemicals in the material.

I tell you this because sometimes we take for granted how fragile we are as human beings and that our skin and scalp is very porous, so when you introduce foreign objects to your person if you have an allergic reaction it is a big deal and you need to see a dermatologist or a doctor to treat the condition immediately and never wait.

We loved that Countess talked about the lessons she’s learned and how important it was for her to teach her daughter to love herself for who she was naturally. Many of us say, ‘oh wearing a wig is just for protective styling’ or “I wear a weave because I choose to, no other reason” and honestly maybe that’s very true.

However if you find yourself over indulgent to the point of never showing your real hair or uncomfortable with what you look like without a weave or a wig style or in fact ignoring red flags that appear as a result of wearing them like skin issues, hair loss or balding, then there is something deeper there.

The thing is we can talk about the dangers of glue, and latex and talk about alopecia and what to do and what not to do all day long, but getting to the root of the matter is really where healing begins. Countess’s story was emotional and she was very brave to tell it in such a public manner, it is definitely meant to be shared and through her pain she will help someone else.

Be very careful ladies, we know how exciting a new hairstyle can be, because our hair is our crown and glory, but be just as excited on getting educated about what you are introducing to your scalp and skin. And more importantly, be excited that this weave and wig wearing is a means to an end as you learn about caring for your own hair underneath looking forward to the day that you will hang up unnecessary adornments for good.

Not everything that is marketed to you has your best interest in mind, so you have to do your part.

Watch the video below

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Jamillah Davis
      Jamillah Davis

      Wigs are fine, not the glue. A lot of ppl wear wigs w/ no issues, they just don’t use the glue.

  1. Jamillah Davis
    Jamillah Davis

    The infection was along her hairline, where the wig glue was applied. She could have cut the lace off and blended it with her own hair instead of gluing it to her skin. I didn’t even know ppl still glued down lace front wigs…All the videos I see on YouTube, show ppl cutting the lace off & not using the glue.

  2. Vicky Shotzman
    Vicky Shotzman

    Could be some latex in the cap. I know that I can’t use them. I’m allergic to latex. If it’s bad enough it will itch and get little blisters. That could lead to infections.

  3. Diana White
    Diana White

    The price we pay constantly to be beautiful! Braids-weaves-wigs-perms-dyes-hot tools-twists and everything else!
    I know I’m guilty–wow–mayb time to go all natural!

  4. Candace Dabait Jackson
    Candace Dabait Jackson

    I wear braids,twist or something especially so it can grow wow!!!I gotta tell my sister to stop wearing them Plus your hair can’t breathe

  5. Doesn't matter

    You people always forget about those of us that have to wear wigs due to various conditions such as alopecia. My hair is never coming back and I would love to be natural or wear my own hair….I have none!!!! I wish I did. So always keep an open mind for those that just can not be natural. ….and no I do not want to wear a bald head.

    1. Mj

      I feel you. I hate it when people make it seem like wearing a weave, a wig or relaxed hair is an offense. It’s a personal choice. Some people do it because of a special condition or whatever fit their schedule or lifestyle. what’s the difference between those who claim they’re natural but colored their hair and those who chose to relax their hair? It’s all come down to personal choice.

    2. NikaTA

      I am with you on this one! I suffer from Graves disease and I’ve always been one to dabble with different hair styles its part of being a female! we love looking cute OUR WAY. I love my Curly natural hair, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, but As my hair does alot of shedding and thining and I am natrual under my VERY BEAUTIFUL FUll Lace units( i use the elastic band mathod only, Im allergic to everything thats adhesive, plus I like taking it off each night) I let my natural hair out on the weekends when im running around the house, I prefer not to mess with my hair regularly until its time for me to do my twice a week co wash( I use conditioner only in my fragile hair which also helps keeping it moist and not dry). I’m all dolled up when its time to leave the house lol its like playing grown up dress up and I love it, to each its own. Natural, Relaxed, Permed, Color treated, whatever you desire is what YOU should do for YOU.

  6. Affiesha George
    Affiesha George

    I have been wearing wigs(not including the glue) for over a year now and my hair line is just fine. I dont clip it in either

  7. Lisa Gottabreal
    Lisa Gottabreal

    If using the wrong glue or installing and removing incorrectly yes that will happen to your head. Don’t blame the wig for human error. Many can be put on without the glue you can use the tape instead.

  8. Toy Jaynell
    Toy Jaynell

    Lol it wasn’t the lace front it was the don’t have to use glue or tape.lace fronts have combs and straps also

  9. Lisa Gottabreal
    Lisa Gottabreal

    Dat nappy ass hair in the back of her head should be shaved off that looks nasty not cute at all… Like a woman having hairy ass armpits… Ewwww!

  10. Pamela Traeye
    Pamela Traeye

    She must’ve packed that glue on till it turned into rubber cement… ain’t no way… & why do you still wear em then??

  11. Michele Terry
    Michele Terry

    I’m embracing my natural beautiful hair,,stop trying to fit into the white worlds definition of beauty,,,fake

    1. Jamillah Davis
      Jamillah Davis

      So, b4 u went natural, we’re u “trying to fit into the white world’s definition of beauty”? Were u being “fake”?

  12. Robin Veronica
    Robin Veronica

    She always got a hair/scalp issue. She claimed a similar issue back in the day. Countess learn to do your damn hair & stop making excuses. SMH

  13. Amy Jonez
    Amy Jonez

    That’s the person installing those wigs. That snatched her hair out. Everybody can’t wear it. The price you pay for not being cool with your own hair

    1. Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smith

      it really is a lot more work! I wear my protected styles but I changed them out every month.

    2. Dante
      Dante' Nicole Miller

      It’s a lot cheaper having you natural hair than a weave. My hair has never been this healthy. And wearing twists or braids give your hair a break and it’s healthy. And I can wear it straight if I want to. In my profile pic my hair is straighten then in others I have twist.

  14. James L. Mitchell
    James L. Mitchell

    Ok so as a licensed cosmetologist and someone who has been in the game doing hair before getting my license and learning the tricks of the trade from the old school pros-you have to keep your own hair and scalp clean. Yes, your hair and scalp has to be able to get air and must have a clean environment. Wearing a wig and or weave have to keep both clean as well. With a wig it’s not meant to wear 24/7 and weave if you continue to get them back to back then yes you can have breakage and suspectable to bacteria on your scalp. With her i would recommend some antibiotics from her doctor and some serious reconstructor treatments and to leave the wigs and weaves alone. No you dont have to use the glue either if a good stylist is on duty and or you know what you’re doing to fix yourself up then lace can either be trimmes down to the very edge and covered and the wig should fit perfectly and blend in well when or if you wear makeup.

    1. Robyn Little
      Robyn Little

      Ijust hope every thing is better 4 her james gave good n4 I want to get my hair done just have a problem with women in my head dont have time for the attitude I know 2 ladies that were going to the beautician constantly over processing so now the have to big chop .

  15. Karla Skillern
    Karla Skillern

    That’s from the glue that she was using. This story is old. Her stylish should have saw something was going on with her hair instead of keep putting the glue on her head for 5 years or even if she did her own hair..she didn’t notice her hair line was looking funny? and why the natural chicks always have to act like their hair is better because they are natural.

  16. Arbria Farmer
    Arbria Farmer

    I wears wigs but l wears mines when cold outside but the rest of the time l wears my natural hair.

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