Oh my, the bun’s almost as big as her head!! lovely hair

Oh my - the bun's almost as big as her head - lovely hair


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Jasmine Melton

Lml cute

Sharon Wilson

To cute

Miko Shelton

This is too cute

Teresa Jessie


Sheila Cole Davis

So pretty

Benita Simpson White

beatiful hair

Vickie Ragland

No, ma’am…

Trich Brown

Doing too much

Debra Peniston-Lasseter


DA White

Umm…not crazy abt it..sorry.

Natasha Trice

No! She’s pretty without the unnecessary bun ijs

Tamiesha Sowerby

To grown!!

Joanne Johnson

Beautiful hair. Not the style mom.

AChantel Cheatwood

Too grown. Let her be a little girl. Kids growing up too fast these days.

Destiny Brown


Shanii Asriel

Hott mess

Pasua Rojas

She’s so cute

Nickey Reddix

Good for 1 day photo shoot nothing else

Jacqueline Zumbrun Robbins

She’s cute and her hair is beautiful. You are trippin on the hairstyle tho!

Sarah Green


Emelva Mclaughlin

The bun it to much but she is super cute

Sharon DoinbigThangs Mason

She adorable but the style is not age appropriate. I wouldn’t wear it as an adult.

Cheryl Woods

She is to young for that hair style .

Kathy Mere

She is toooo cute

Monique Htsgirl

Adorable child, pretty hair. Style, not so much.

Bianca Rollins


Asha Lewis

Nothing. This is not my child so I will just shut up.

Toy Washington

That middle pic lol,to cute

June Allen

Too grown, where’s the balls balls at? ??

Maybell Lena Killion

Can kids just not be kids anymore?

Tocasha Garner-Wallace

Her poses are cute but what is that hair doing?

Shannon Mclean

Its too much! Looks like she could fall over at anytime lol! The bun looks that heavy!

Customized NeeCessories

A mess

Charlene Brown


Vivian Gray

Beautiful long natural hair, however I would hate to have to wash and style all that hair.

TaWanda Pretty-Damn'Fyne

??? How is it too much or too grown? It looks restarted I’ll be honest but I mean she has gorgeous hair just a ugly hair do…

Naisha Cutayy

My future baby

Phillette Gipson


Tonya Jolley

Cute lil girl, but I agree to grown for her and it’s not all her hair in that bun

Vivian Vine

The style is too grown..Cute little girl but inappropriate style.

Javon Dutchess Blowe

✋✋✋This is to much for her

Kenesia Lee

Who in hell did that to a child its just wrong even if she was older that thing is way too big

Cierra Bouey

This hairstyle is fugly

Iluvu-Anaila Marie

Word lol

Faresa Grimes

Cute kid but that hair just doesn’t make a bit of sense

Chrissie Demps

I don’t like it either

Tina Chester Pacely

O my

Rochelle Corilette Liyah Warner

Smh. Why do parents feel the need to dress their children in such a way that isn’t their age….

Denise Freeman

Like they said………fully.

Yavonne Brown

Thats the prob Why these little girls are fast smh …

Lo Mire

I’m dead and done!!!

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