The Truth About Getting My Sidecut



It took a whole 2 days for me to decide on getting a sidecut. I didn’t want to think too long on it or else I’d change my mind or talk myself out of it.

I told my boyfriend, “I want to shave the side of my head.” He barely made a response, probably thinking, “She would never go through with it”, as I am such a fickle person and cannot make a solid decision, lest it be spontaneous. And that’s typical because I’m forced to deal with the results of my spontaneity.

So he was hardly responsive until the morning of; he spoke only with pleading eyes and a pouty lip. I assured him it would be funky and fun, trying to hype it up.

If I’d known that two weeks later he would propose marriage, perhaps, I would not have shaved the side of my head. He very well couldn’t warn me. Now I’ll have to write an article on wedding hairstyles with a growing sidecut. Stay tuned.

I wanted a sidecut to experiment with the growth of my edges which seemed to have thinned with age especially on the right side. So, I did it and this was the result.

I went to a barbershop. I’m talking about a serious barbershop in Los Angeles, California, my hometown, with guys talking about baby momma drama, just like in the movies. He waved me over and dusted the seat. I sat down expecting a much different experience than at the beauty salon.

I predicted a certain roughness that typically accompanies male masculinity. To my surprise, in contrast to the testosterone of male talk, he was gentle and tilted my head only slightly to the left as he snipped the one braid I’d sectioned for the side cut.

He even asked if I wanted to keep the lock of hair, which I didn’t but it was nice of him to offer before tossing it in the trash.

I showed him the Pinterest photo that I’d found and he studied it before taking hold of the clippers. I’d never had my hair buzzed and halfway expected it to tickle or burn but honestly, I felt nothing at all. Nothing. Within minutes I had a heart design cut into the side of my head and I felt pleased.

My, now fiancee, loves it and finds it super attractive. And since the cut, my hairline and edges have grown substantially with a fullness that proved my experiment successful.


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