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Hello all, I'm Sabrina. I'm a freelance writer and a full-time blogger at my site, http://www.seriouslynatural.org/ where the focus is on Natural hair, beauty and style. I became natural 8 years ago at the tender age of 35 and love sharing my ups and downs as I master this thing called natural hair. Married, with two kids (one being a natural herself) gives me a different perspective on our hair and why I love being natural. I want healthy hair, long hair and sexy hair! I'm an older natural---that's right---I'm grown and sexy, and I have much to share. I love fashion too and recently opened a clothing shop for beautiful black women at www.seriouslynatural.spreadshirt.com


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    • NubianPrize says

      AMEN TO THAT !! I have fine soft delicate hair, too. I tried 2 styles of those things & modified both of them by removing rows & teeth. NO WAY JOSE. I named them THE SHREDDER & THE RIPPER & put them away. May as well use my John Deere lawnmower or a weed whacker !! I really don’t need one because my 4ab hair is easy to detangle with a Magic Star Rake wide tooth comb,Tangle Teezer, or Ouidad Double Detangler & for curl definition KinkyCurly & Knot Today are the bomb.com

  1. Shawnnita LarkinsShawnnita Larkins says

    Never had one I detangle with three things only…. 1st my hands for natural styling( twisting, washing, detangling) 2nd my conair vented brush only for detangling if needed… 3rd i purchased a brown small detangling tool from sallys for $1… my mom recommended i believe from naturalme4c on yt I use this only when doing the chase method during flat ironing which I do every 8-12weeks 😉

  2. Chala M. BrooksChala M. Brooks says

    Love it. As long as I do what I am suppose to do and keep my hair moisturize my hair loves it. When my ends are tangling a lot that is a sign I am doing something wrong not the Denman brush.

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