Cutie Pie!




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  1. Mo Merrell

    Omg those lil buns are serving life. Lil diva is ready for her playdate….and are those Prada Baroquesqe shades….stop it!!

    1. Chala M. Brooks

      Cute but the clothes are too adult like. If nothing else, change those pants or make them looser and less revealing. We got to keep the perverts away from our daughters as much as possible.

    1. Chala M. Brooks

      She is adorable but the pants are too form fitting at her age. To many perverts are watching. What we think may be cute is too woman like and they can take advantage when we least expect it. There’s nothing wrong with your daughter being cute but when she is dressed more woman like, it may open the parent and her up to a world of bad individuals. It’s sad to have to even be concerned with that but it has happened too many times.

    2. Alicia Mahon

      But this is why these child pedophiles be after these children with yheir sick sick minds let your kids be kids until they are ready to be a women. But, then when they get pregnant at 13 snd she’s all over news then u be like where did I go wrong.

    1. Alicia Mahon

      So that a child pedophile a look at her a take, her and rape and maybe even kill when he’s done with her. No thanks to rising fast tail as little girls

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