5 Frustrating Things About Natural Hair

frustrating things about natural hair

Natural hair is convenient, unique, great, easy to style, and versatile yada yada yada, not all the time! There are times when having your hair in its natural state can be downright annoying and frustrating.

Here are some picks for the top most frustrating things that us naturalista’s have to deal with sometimes on a daily basis with our hair.

1. Single Strand knots – You have done everything, moisturize seal, moisturize seal, trim moisturize seal all in that order, and still as you examine your hair there are millions of these little knots that will just not go away.

There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you are doing everything right and noticing something that may indicate that you are doing something wrong.

There are many ‘solutions’ for single strand knots all over the blogs and forums, one thing holds true if you wear your hair in its kinky curly state the more likely these knots will occur. The only solution that may successfully work is keeping your hair stretched, moisturized and prayer!

2. You can never accomplish a great hair style twice – You wake up in the morning hit the bathroom and allow your creative juices to flow. Suddenly you have created the coolest flyest style ever and your only hope is that you can replicate it at some future date.

Two weeks go by and you try it again, but it doesn’t look quite the same as it did the last time. You don’t know if it’s the products, your creative juices have suddenly diminished, Venus is no longer aligned with Mars or your fingers aren’t working; who knows!

But no matter what you do there is no replicating that same style that you were able to accomplish just a few days ago. What gives? If this ever happens to you the best bet is to embrace the differences that may come about and rock the style anyway!

Originally posted 2012-05-28 19:00:18.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Pamela Hurd

So beautiful nice pic!!!

Tanaja Greene

The texture

Chantal Brown

A lot:

How painful it can be when combing sometime, my arms hurt detangling, can’t achieve the right style for my face.
But I love my hair regardless still

S Dot White

Um it has a mind of it’s own

S Dot White

Chantal try Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean. It’s great for softness & manageability!

S Dot White

That’s what I use & I love it!

Kimi Sunflower Taylor

Too many products needed to make it look smooth and shiny the way I like.

Red Supafyre

Sooooo dry..haven’t found anything to help that yet 🙁

Claudene Gysman

You should try The greenhouse effect also known as the baggy method.

Wylene Barber Turner

The greenhouse effect is awesome. I do it while I sleep.

Candice Perry

what’s the green house effect??

Chavis Pinky

Cream of nature shampoo and conditioner with Argan oil helped me with the dryness and I use essential oils I mix them in my hair grease and I have them in a spray bottle …

Jo Jo


Constance Renee Taylor

Trying 2 find the right texture specialist for my haircare. #DMV

Felisha Fee-nominal Michelle

I use wen generic Chantal Brown and @s dot S Dot White and the beautiful textures line has a good detangler I love it.

Jazzy Jae Lewis

#4 is the story of my life! I’ve broken out so BAD! But my hair looks great. I can’t win.

Tanaja Greene

Don’t get me wrong i love black coarse hair my hair is fine and snappy it breaks fast and you can’t do anything to it without damaging it

Shawnnita Larkins

Frizz…. lost of shine…. wet detangling…. finding the best products for my hair…. single strand knots…. in that order… those are my 5 🙂

Claudene Gysman

The tangles and knots

Tanaja Greene


Cheryl Jenkins

Dryness,tangling,no shine oh and did i say the dryness,smh

Jewel KatanaKutie Glover

The fact that I have to devote an entire day to my hair routine…or most of the day depending on the style I choose. Lol

Maria Antoinette

The dryness. The products are too expensive to keep trying stuff

Chavis Pinky

Try cream of nature shampoo and conditioner with Argan oil….

Norene Heard


Хенли Янукович


Divva Ross-Burke

I use to have problems with dry hair and I tried Kimmaytubes (shes a youtuber) homemade condition and it works wonders. She no longer have the ingredients on her site since she came out with her own product, but I’ll post it on here for those who want to try it. Everyone says it works wonders.

2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred conditioner (silicone free) pref. Kinky Curly
2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional)
2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil

Hrh Manye Korkor Darlyn

So soft you can’t dread it the way u like. When I twist it looks too curled up.

Bran McPhail

Dryness and no shine

Ash Taylor

That pretty much everything that works for others, does NOT work for me.
That, and how fragile my hair is

LaDawn Leek

How fast its growing. I love my natural hair; but even with all the years of relaxing my hair has always grown long and thick. Now its growing 2xs as fast. I transitioned for a year 2yrs ago; but I’m seriously considering doing a big chop just to give me a break from it for a bit.

Nina Washington

Shrinkage and 4C lack of curl pattern.

Shareese Shearrill-Johnson

Just when it looks the way you want it to look your scalp lets you know it’s time to wash it

Lisa Wilson

I would say Frizz in humid weather and dryness definitely.

Red Supafyre

Ive tried greenhouse :(…maybe its just me i want a shine…

Sunny Vibes


Sunny Vibes

Plus shrinkage

Ciarra MG

I don’t need twists or braids to get ringlets, just the right product. When wet, they’re these beautiful spirals, but when dry, my hair is wispy, poofy, and undefined 🙁

Kimberly Casey

I love my hair…if I just HAAAD to say something negative it wud be I want to change my texture from 3c to 4b.

LaKeetha Hatch-Brantley

Lack of curl definition w/4c hair

Angeline Nolovelost Hudson

There is a remedy (I feel) to all the problems. 1) Dry hair? Deep condition more often! Truth be told your hair was probably just as dry, if not dryer in its relaxed state. 2) Natural, Pure Oils. This helps with the dryness and seals in the moisture. Hot oil treatments are great and help with sealing in moisture and keeping hair soft. 3) Products!!?? I know trying different things can be expensive. I mean back in the relaxed days, a good $7 relaxer, some setting lotion, and wrap papers were all we needed. To go through product trial and error, I would suggest Curl Kit or Curl Box. For $20-$25 a month they send samples of products and 2-4 full size bottles of product. You can cancel at anytime with no fees (i believe)…
Hope my ramblings helped someone!!

Amanda Bradley

Shrinkageeee lmaoo nd you gotta prep everything there’s no lettin it go for a day or 2 gotta put some twist in or deal with a beast

Imani Malika

Henna helps with shrinkage and loss of shine. It hasn’t loosened my curl pattern but it gets tangled less and actually shines now. Try cassia if you don’t want the red tones that henna leaves behind.

Mags Militant Gidney

Shrinkage. Tangles. Breakage (on the ends.) Tired of 2-day styles.

Crystal Mari Gaines

Nothing. I go with the flow and learn through it.

Donna Chesser

Hard to keep moisture.

Donna Chesser

People is going to think I am crazy, but after I stopped relaxing my hair, I discovered that my hair texture is curly silk wavy, and I hate it!!!!! I love my hair when it was kinky I miss it.dang it was much stronger, kinkier,. Now it tooo soft.

Ivy Jackson

Finding the right products

SharonSophisticated Vass

Crystal Mari Gaines me too lol!! olive oil or Shea moisturizer

Cerissa C Bickham

Hair is growing too slow and very thin

Carla Brooks

Donna Chesser I understand, I love playing in my daughter’s 4c hair versus my wavy, curly hair

Juanetta Taylor

Shrinkage, moisture, and fairy knots!

Adrienne Hardaway McCroskey

The 3 different textures!

S'eivol Ymmom

People trying to touch my hair ugh!!!!!!!

Aimee Sweetthang Graham

Too frizzy

Torii NoLimits Traylor

And how it cant take that much heat without a protectant :/ Im starting to wanna perm it after a year and of being natural

Andrea Angie Tater

Big poof!!!! Always in a bun need a style for a narrow/straight face 😛

Roz G Will
Roz G Will

I don’t have shrinkage strangly BUT that Not achieving the same hairstyle twice is satan!!! I HATE that!!! My husband will love a style and say “do that more babe” and then its an epic fail!!! But I still ADORE my natural hair!!

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