Creative rainbow hair @missprettynish





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Vicky Love

Nice Watson Lowss

Msmy My

this is so you and them colors lol, lol Ebony Pirtle

Stephanie Marion

I love it. Yes indeed and I’m different don’t like just having dark brown hair. Switch it up haha

Brittny Ruth


NA Lewis Stubbs

I’m really thinking about this for the summer Brittny! I was close already lol (I.e.) my current profile pic ????

Lexy Humphrey

Sacha Warren I thought of you when I saw the colors.

Angela Mitchell

That’s pretty, but where can you work at in corporate America with hair dyed like this?

Candace Nelson

Everyone does not work in corporate America though. People own businesses or work for small companies who care more about people’s abilities than their personal style. Or there are places that celebrate an outgoing and different type of look.

Kayla Shade

Plenty of corporate offices have a non-conventional work space and embrace their own culture, including colorful outward appearance. Times have changed for a lot of work environments because they’re more talent driven.

Jennifer Nunn

Kayla Shade unconventional as in jeans, flat. But doubt they will accept Rainbow Brite walking in there.

Shea L. Bitting

White women do it quite often.. #BTNOMB

Nakita Moore

I knew this comment was coming. Brightly colored hair does not equal unemployable

Angela Mitchell

Hold on ladies. I understand there are other environments other than corporate. I own my own business and I would still would have a problem with this. However, Note I first said it was pretty. Then I said corporate. Most corporate environments outside of an artistic one wouldn’t allowed this. And we all know, what white women do, we can’t get away with.

Lanice Clark

But maybe she asked to seriously know where can you work with that hair color?? Hell im curious too. That hair is gorgeous ????

Angela Mitchell

Thank you Lanice

Kimberly Champion

nowhere! keep it real. dont listen to these folks. rainbow hair is right up there with excessive peircings and face tats. UNEMPLOYED.

Kayla Shade

My content team has a chick with BLUE mermaid hair. She’s a beast and no one cares about her hair. We actually like it better than when she was purple. I said non-conventional, not unconventional.

Jennifer Nunn

Mincing words. She’s not in corporate the hair color is unprofessional

Toya Martin

Actually a person CAN work in corporate America with hair like this. I personally would not dye my hair this way, however most companies no longer have those type of discriminations. Shows what you all know. ????. A hairstyle does NoT define a persons work ethic or personality, however the rude and snobbish comments I’m reading from some of you shows a lot more about YOUR character than her hair does.

Alisha Wallace

Pretty but where I’m from I wouldn’t get an interview with these colors much less the job.

Tamarrin Lovie Woods

I’m pretty sure you can’t be a nurse doctor lawyer or cop with this hair you can’t even work as a cook at a Disney hotel they have standards so yes she is right regardless it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the style

Kimberly Champion

nobody is attacking nor doubting anyones character or professional expertise based on a hairstyle. youre off topic. we were saying it is not allowed in the corporate work place.

Lanice Clark

Anyways like I said.. her hair is beautiful and Angela Mitchell im pretty sure you didn’t mean anything by your comment. .

Ann Ross-Burke

Had 2 corporate job with bright hair. When you have a degree and skills only a fool will not hire you because of hair color. Only jobs like McDonald’s from my experience care

Personally if I want to do something corporate America isn’t going to stop me from doing so, I live my life because of me. if a job is stopping me from expressing myself I’ll get another. I have a PHD it’s their loss another business will utilize me for my skills

Nicole Priest

keep word…. white woman….they can get away with that not ppl of color they look down on our names ,our style of dressing, so u know this woukd be unacceptable. however i do like it on her

Nai Benjamin D

Tamarrin Lovie Woods had a neurologist with rainbow hair !

Toya Martin

I stand by what I said YES you CAN work in corporate America with hair like this. No it’s not wise to go to the interview this way, however there are SEVERAL Fortune 500, Forbes, S&P, etc companies who do not care about something so minute as a hair color. How do I know? Because I have worked for them before. There are plenty of nurses, doctors, supervisors, & managers who have colored hair. If any of you ACTUALLY did have the jobs that you claim wouldn’t hire her, then you WOULD know that it’s possible. Stop judging, & myob ????

Nisha Carter

To answer whoever is so curious about Toni and her hair …. I am a BLACK SALON OWNER and the stylist who created this color. Toni works at a daycare OWNED by a BLACK friend/client of mine which is filled with beautiful BLACK, intelligent, WOKE, melinated sister Queens with locs and afros swinging all over the place???? Anymore questions feel free to worry about the corporate job a lot of you don’t have and don’t have rainbow hair to blame it on.

Geslia NolaChic Nicholas

Yes, the medical profession of some places now allow this. Times are changing

Shea L. Bitting

#POW Nisha Carter! Absolutely beautiful work. It takes skills and your hands are blessed, keep it up! I love seeing an intelligent black woman handle her business. Oh, and I work in corporate America. I see rainbow hair welcomed on other skin tones, but frowned upon on ours, yet the frown comes from those that share our same melatonin. Shame!

Toni Slones

“Corporate America” isn’t for me ????

Toni Slones

Actually that’s incorrect. I used to work at a LARGE law firm

Fountain Danielle

Very nice

Betty Allen

Love it

Candelaria Vicente


Machelle Jordan

I love this and not wait to be able to do something similar to my hair.

Shay Rogers

Cute color

Kristi Capel

Cute! Hoping she didn’t damage those lovely curls though.

Nisha Carter

I’m pressed but you’re worried about her curls. Have a great day Queen.

Adrian Elizabeth Orr

Briana Humphrey this u boo

Amber Mspinky Collier


Sue E Roemhild-Daniels


Nisha Carter

Because it’s what she wanted.

Sue E Roemhild-Daniels

I understand that, I just wondered why would you wear your hair like that for what type of event or is that just an everyday look it’s very pretty…..

Nisha Carter

Thank you. Some women use their hair as a way of expression. Something so minuscule such as hair color, something that could fall out tomorrow should not be taken so serious when Trump is our president.

Jennifer Naarden

Wauww ja man????????????

Kira Dukes

You probably don’t like this but this is gorgeous Ashleigh Adams

Ashleigh Adams

If the green in the front was gone, maybe ????

Kira Dukes

I honestly don’t like how it looks wet or blow dried but pressed is bomb

Ashleigh Adams

Yeah makes you wonder how her roots look, like when she looks up if everything blends

Nisha Carter

That’s yellow in the front and it’s blended very well. Thanks!

Shea L. Bitting

I love it! No it isn’t for me, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous! ‘We’ see someone with this and are quick to turn our nose up. A white woman wears it and she’s a rocker chick. #YeahISaidIt

Shea L. Bitting

Hah! Maybe not, but I’ve seen plenty of women claim this same look to be stunning on another site.

RaBecca Furstlayde Thomas

Took the words right out of my mouth!. Not for me but rock that ish hunti

Shaniqua Simpson


Lexis Jackson

This Is Sooo Cute

Thalisha Dollison

Nashearah Suarez s**t looks good

Yasmine Mendez

Nobody will let me do this to them smh

Kimberly Champion

just no.

Assadi Elouise

Magnifiquement jolie, j’adore

Elexia Russell

Andrea!!! Thought of you and you sister when I saw this..

Sherlandel Lorashae Nesbitt


Ebonie Williams

Sherlandel Lorashae Nesbitt that’s you all day and I know you knock it out tha BOX

Ebony Enigmastar Parson


Brianna Bostick


Malika John

Ommmggg Shavonne Nicole Lang Ashanti Graham

Kelly White

Nope on this look

Amber Stanford

Love it!!..super high maintenance though or it would have already been

Diana Palacio

Cristina DeLeon Rosales Rainbow hair. It could be the new trend! Lol.

Porscha Bene


Shay Taylor

Carolyn Gent isn’t this gorgeous?

Aisha Mckinney

Nicole S. Walker. I think you would look great with this

Michelle Glinsey

Ghetto and ratchet

Michelle Glinsey


Tanina Harris

I want to learn to dye hair so bad.

Chrissy David Smith

Arii Espinosa call me weird, crazy I don’t care, I would do thissss

Arii Espinosa

I like this but my hair can’t take it????

Arii Espinosa

Do this and be bald by the following day????????

Chrissy David Smith

oh God no don’t do it ????

Cena Norman

Omg ????????????????????

Octavia Anderson

Shameka Chantrell Drayton color my hair like that but with red on top

Shameka Chantrell Drayton

Come get the colors and I got you

Octavia Anderson

Word I will I think that is so cute

Octavia Anderson

I will when I get the colors

Nancy Powell

It’s Cute… If I Was Brave I’d Let You

Chereese Barrett

So! So! Pretty

Janny Otarioya

NYE possibility ????

Tee Bee

This a look clean on you bm Monika Davis its hella colors but if its done right it want look to ratchet

Monika Davis

Right I do like it ????????????

Stephanie Montalvo

Very creative, not for me but it’s cool.

Kesha Davis


Candi Lu

TaeShoemaker…not for me but I love it!

Ashely Jackson

Pretty, but it’s not for everybody.

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