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For Us By Us: How to Take Back the Business of Black Hair [Sponsored Post]

In light of recent conversations surrounding the importance of black spaces, lest we forget the economic aspect of it. As natural hair gains recognition in mainstream arenas we mustn’t confuse this new-found interest as benevolent in nature. This movement to embrace our natural texture and recognize our own unique beauty also comes with financial opportunities. […]

Silk vs. Satin – Both Protect Hair From Breakage So What’s The Difference

My Crowning Jewel’s nighttime head wrap “Jewels” are made of the finest quality silk and satin-woven polyester. But what is polyester? What exactly is the difference between satin and silk? Polyester is a man-made (synthetic) fiber or thread, that when woven, produces bolts of fabric. There are three ways in which fiber is woven into […]