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Stylist Services And The Hair Game Changed

Stylist services are on the glow up and we are here for it. Pssst! Hey sis, what if I told you that I know where you can get your frontals and bundles and install all for one price? What if what you end up paying is 40% less than what you normally pay for the hair alone? Mayvenn is about to change your slay game with their Free Install Program.

Those of us who live on Instagram know what it is like to see a style you want to replicate, you follow the link to buy the hair only to realize it’s too rich for your taste. Has this ever been your experience? Mayvenn is here to change your whole slay game. I could hardly pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the spread of offerings.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Hair Company

Stylist Service

Mayvenn Stylist

So yes it is a hair company, but it is so much more than that. I figured there might be a pun on the name especially because “maven” means expert or conniseur and the company sure is living up to this. They are determined to change the way you buy hair and get your services done.

They aren’t just here to make a killing from selling hair. They about serving the black community by providing products and services we desire, but similar to how Tyler Perry is using his studio, they are helping others along the way too.

How? By empowering talented stylists across the country as they flex their entrepreneurial muscles, and they are doing it all while putting money back into your pocket with their innovative business model. They’ve had endorsements from venture capitalists and the likes of Serena Williams and Andre Iguodala.

What’s The Deal?

See for yourself…


  • You can slay before you pay by paying for your hair in 4 interest free instalments.
  • Have them pay for your next hair service appointment. You get a free install when you buy any 3 bundles, closures or frontals from them.
  • You can benefit from a 30-day guarantee on your purchase.
  • They match you with one of 250,000 stylists spread across America.
  • Stylists average 20-40 new clients per month (Is that the chime of a cash register?) thereby offering entrepreneurial opportunities to budding stylists.
  •  They have paid 20 million dollars in commissions to stylists in their network.

Why They Are Revolutionary

Must bring your own hair, wig cap and gel. Must come shampooed, detangled and blow dried. May have to wait up to 1 hour to be started.

This is the average advert from your typical stylist on Facebook. Most cannot guarantee the quality of their work and many will want to provide you with a laundry list of actions to perform before showing up at their salon only to be kept waiting for ages before they even start on your head. When did it become so difficult to just go to the salon to get glammed up?

Not so with Mayvenn which is the first all-inclusive hair service provider. They sell the hair and everything else that comes with it’s installation which takes the guesswork out of it for you. You get hair and service for the price of one. Their installs include:

  • Shampoo & condition
  • Braid down
  • Sew in
  • Style

I don’t know about you but never have I ever seen a hair company that has so deliberately thought of everything you might need and the challenges you might face in getting it. They include ease of use in their user interface, logistics to get your service expedited, stylist matching and even a payment plan! All that for one price? That’s unheard of!

They take care of the stylists too by helping them boost their earnings with the inflow of capital from all the clients thrown their way. The average stylist might have at least 6 clients per day. Just do the math; if you have 20-40 new clients per month as a stylist that’s amazing.

Frankly speaking, issa boss move to the highest degree. In comparison to other hair companies, you end up paying 40% less when you buy from Mayvenn since you won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount on the hair then go somewhere else and pay even more for an install.

You could save $200-$250 on service and products. Plus you have the option of spreading your payments with 0% interest. What could you do with the extra cash?

Where else can you go to get:

  1. Quality virgin hair in a variety of textures and lengths.
  2. A braid down, shampoo & condition plus sew-in for free.
  3. Your hair and a service covered by a 30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee.
  4. The option to exchange your purchase even if you’ve used it, cut it or coloured it.
  5. Be matched with a certified stylist to get the hair installed. Do you know where else the hair company pays your stylist to do your hair? I sure don’t.
  6. 30 days return on hair that is unaltered.
  7. Slay before you pay with a 4-installments payment plan.

Why This Company Is Everything

It is the brainchild of a black man; so it is a hair company that seeks to empower people of colour by helping them tap into wealth. Having grown up with stylists in his family, Diishan Imira, co-founder of Mayvenn became inspired to support his community. In his words, he sees stylists as the “heart and soul of the beauty industry.”

When he recognised that people of colour were spending upwards of 9 billion dollars on hair products every year but have not been the ones benefitting from the lion’s share, it bothered him.

The beauty industry is built on our backs, it is fuelled by our dollars; everyone and their cousin have chunks of the pie so why not us? He concluded that if stylists and people of colour were to be empowered, they needed to tap into that market and start selling their own stuff. In 2013 he decided to make his dream a reality.

Commitment to quality and service and the underlying goal of empowering the black community has enabled them to be able to come up with an amazing business model.

You know once we have someone at the top looking out for our interests it can only get better. As we always say, when we support black businesses the community benefits.

Black businesses hire people of colour and before you know it those people get inspired to create their own businesses to empower other people and it is just the gift that keeps on giving.

He is making it rain in black communities by spreading the cheddar around. In our book, he’s the real MVP.

Final Thoughts

Yes sis this is phenomenal. It’s hard to imagine how we’ve existed without it all this time. Hair slayage will never be the same again. Take a look at some of the hair on offer here:

  • Virgin Brazilian Straight Bundle
  • @aminabuddafly straight 26 26 26
  • @crown_mmee Straight 14 14 14 and 14 lace closure
  • @crown_mmee straight 18 20 20 18 lace closure
  • Virgin Brazilian Yaki Straight Bundle
  • @beautybybb_ yaki straight 14 14 14
  • @carol_kaledzera yaki straight 18 20 14 lace closure
  • @teishajenaie yaki straight 18 20 22
  • Virgin Brazilian Kinky Straight Bundle
  • @beautybybb_ kinky straight 16 18 20 14 lace closure
  • Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Bundle
  • @_gabriellaelena body wave 22 22 18 lace frontal
  • @crow_kbeauty body wave 18 18 18
  • @fashiondeityshair body wave 22 22 22
  • @shelbyrainstylz body wave 12 14 16
  • Virgin Brazilian Loose Wave Bundle
  • @allthingsgirlish25 loose wave 18 20 18 lace frontal
  • @beautybymiks loose wave 20 22 22 14 lace closure
  • @crown_mmee loose wave 20 22 14 lace frontal
  • Virgin Brazilian Water Wave Bundle
  • @heartnessa_ water wave 22 22 22 18 lace frontal
  • @noellereneexo water wave 18 20 22
  • @styledby_bam water wave 18 18 18 18 lace frontal
  • Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave Bundle
  • @angel_cumberbatch deep wave 360 wig
  • @crown_kbeauty deep wave 22 22 22 18 lace frontal
  • @peakmill deep wave 22 22 22 18 lace frontal
  • Virgin Brazilian Curly Bundle
  • @blackeyon curly 12 12 12
  • @tyinspires curly 12 12 12
  • @wendycity_23 curly 16 18 14 lace closure

Get started with Mayvenn here:

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About mayvenn

Mayvenn is more than a hair company. It's a movement. Mayvenn Install is the latest development in the company’s dedication to helping hairstylists develop entrepreneurial talents and grow their own businesses , while making beauty accessible and affordable for all.

About mayvenn

Mayvenn is more than a hair company. It's a movement. Mayvenn Install is the latest development in the company’s dedication to helping hairstylists develop entrepreneurial talents and grow their own businesses , while making beauty accessible and affordable for all.


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