5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Hair Day

@thisisminarose It happens to us all, at some point. Whether you recently took out your protective style and have no ...
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Pro Tips On How To Buy The Best Hair On Ali Express

Pro Tips On How To Buy The Best Hair On Ali Express

Ali Express has a wide selection of hair extensions and trying to find exactly what you need can seem a little ...
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4 Ways To Make Your Hair Last Between Wash Days

@livenaturallylove Many of us naturals dread wash days. We have to pencil time out of our busy schedules because we ...
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How To Add Life Back To Dull Hair

Everyone wants perfect hair, with curls that are always poppin’ and full of life. For many of us, hair is ...
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5 Benefits Of Buying A High Quality Wig

For the past couple of months I’ve been on the fence about purchasing a high quality wig. When I say ...
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Perfect wigs

How To Achieve The Most Undetectable Hair Extensions Ever

I’m obsessed with frontals; and with good reason. When properly installed they can create the most natural-looking extensions not to ...
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4 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy While Wearing Weaves

@chanelbookelyn Weave is great. You can style, fry, dye, and cut the hair any way you want to without ever damaging ...
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product junkie

5 Signs You Are Definitely A Product Junkie

I cannot tell you how easy it is to become a product junkie especially when you are just starting out ...
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What Do do When You Do Not Have a Clue What To Do With Your Hair

What Do do When You Do Not Have a Clue What To Do With Your Hair

@naptural85 We have all been there. You know those days – the days you wake up and look at your ...
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Traveling Soon? How To Acclimate Your Hair To A New Environment

@nicolegibbonstyle Via Travelnoire Those of us who travel frequently or have moved to different states and locations know that the ...
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black girl

The Top 5 Things I Want To Accomplish This Year With My Natural Hair

From knowing past mistakes and failures of your hair journey, you will be able to go back to the drawing board ...
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New Product

Is It Necessary To Switch Your Hair Products Often?

Via: Naturallycurly The short answer is no but some hairstylists actually recommend that you switch up your hair products for ...
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How I Optimize My Wash Day

@elizty There was a cartoon going around on Instagram of a phone conversation where a girl had to turn down Saturday ...
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5 Dos And Don’ts When Using An Afro Pick

@sayriaa You’ve done a cute twist out, but what’s next? If you are a fine haired naturalists like myself, or ...
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5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Natural Hair Goals This Year

@its___queen The first few days in the new year is often filled with excitement and optimism, as most people are ...
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8 Basic And Inexpensive Ingredients That Are Great For Natural Hair

@jasminnextdooor It’s no secret that natural hair products aren’t always the most inexpensive, and if you’re a product junkie like me, ...
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5 Home Remedies For An Itchy Scalp

All of us have itchy scalp from time to time, it happens to the best of us. But some of ...
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natural hair kids

Wash Day Hair Hacks For Your Little Naturalista

Wash day – a day that many naturals love, while other naturals dread. It is a day to care for ...
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mommy and baby

I Just Had A Baby and I’m Experiencing Hair Loss- Why Is This Happening?

Without a doubt, bringing children into the world is one of the greatest blessings. On the flip side, the process ...
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8 Tips on How to Best Winterize Your Natural Hair Regimen!

@dessire.e I think it’s safe to say it’s winter time for most of us, right?! Last winter I experienced how to ...
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Smartista beauty

Everything You Need To Know About Coloring Your Hair At Home

Smartista Beauty Coloring your hair can be both an exciting and scary thing. Just something about switching up your style ...
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3 New Age Tips To Find A New Salon

To be honest, I did’t even know that there were salons that actually specialized in natural hair. I did my ...
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AuCurls Naturelle

6 Ways To Use Oil In Your Hair Regimen

AuCurls Naturelle “What’s so great about using JBCO?” Well, don’t you know you can use castor oil for massaging your scalp ...
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6 Ways To Retain Length On Fine, Natural Hair

6 Ways To Retain Length On Fine, Natural Hair

My natural hair is not the same as your natural hair, quite frankly not all naturalistas have thick, voluminous hair! ...
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A Lesson From The KiKi Sheard Wig Incident - 3 Ways To Secure Your Wig

A Lesson From The KiKi Sheard Wig Incident – 3 Ways To Secure Your Wig

On social media Gospel singer Kierra “KiKi” Sheard shared the a video where she literally loses her wig while doing ...
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curl friends

5 Reasons A Support System Is Important In A Hair Journey

So, you’ve decided to go on a hair journey. You’ve decided to go natural and you have also decided that ...
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bed head

6 Tips To Prepare Your Morning When It’s Tough To Get Out Of Bed

I’m sure we all have those mornings when we just don’t want to get out of bed. It can certainly be ...
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Crochet Braids FAQs – 9 Of Your Questions Answered

@glenn_hairartist87 Crochet braids are an old style that seems to have come back as a new fad. I started wearing crochet ...
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5 Hair Practices That Are Damaging Your Hair

@frogirlginny In this technology-driven age, we have access to unlimited information, and sometimes it can be hard to tell which ...
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4 Tips For Maintaining Curly Clip Ins

@drea_wheeler Stuck in that awkward hair length phase? Want to add a little volume to your hair? Want to play ...
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healthy woman

Jumpstart A Healthy Hair Journey With A Healthier YOU!

When you think of strengthening and protecting hair, you may think of protein. The idea that protein is essential to ...
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How To Wash Braids And Keep Them Frizz Free

@missdioranderson One of the beautiful things about getting box-braids or twists is the low maintenance they require. However, this often ...
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4 Ways To Stretch Your Hair Without Heat During The Cold Dry Season

Now that winter is upon us, I’ve become even more reluctant to put a blow dryer near my head, let ...
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fall weather

4 Tips You Can Use To Get Your Natural Hair Fall Ready

Fall is officially upon us ladies! Although some of us are still scratching our heads and wondering where summer went ...
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Product Swap

3 Ways To Clear Out Your Products Stash

Photo Credit:Hairscapades As much as some of us may be product junkies, there comes the moment when we realize that ...
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6 Tips To Help Keep Your Weave Fresh After Workouts

6 Tips To Help Keep Your Weave Fresh After Workouts

It may not seem like it, but maintaining great looking hair while working out regularly is a huge hassle. For ...
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How To Use The Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment For Damaged Hair

We still get questions about the Aphogee two step protein treatment to this day. Personally I get questions about how ...
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How I Save Money On Hair Products Through Couponing

We all know the struggle of trying to afford our expensive upkeep for healthy hair! If it isn’t that you ...
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Is It Bad To Wear Your Hair In An Afro Every Day?

Last night vlogger/blogger Janelle Stewart tackled that very question and I thought it was sort of interesting because there are ...
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lipstick and curls

10 Tips For A Succesful Wash And Go Routine

IG: @_lipstickncurlss_ I have successfully maintained my curly hair wash and go routine for about a year now, and I ...
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