Would You Try The Braidless Sew in? [Video]



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  1. Amanda Jane

    I like that you like this Maddy Lynne. I would try but then I would have no volume!!

  2. Nicole Strasner

    I had the braidless sew in done before and i loved it and it didn’t break off my hair and i went back to the shop and they removed it with no problem,

  3. Keia Love

    Seems like it would be stressful and break or damage ones own hair. Also how would the maintenance be on a style like this?

    1. Bridget Thompson Ewing

      You will need to go back every 2-3 weeks to get it retighten depends on how fast your hair grow and yes most people will charge for that I think it should come with the price.

    1. Carla M. Crawford

      No argument from me. The question was broad and all inclusive, there are no right or wrong answers. To ME, it looks like it may have adverse effects on the growth and long-term health of the hair. I respect that you don’t agree with me. PEACE!

  4. Bridget Thompson Ewing

    As a Hairstylist This is nothing new back in 1992 we called this the Latch hook I done this many times you do need to be car full not to leave in longer then you should cause then it’s hard to find the thread to cut. you pitch the hair tight with the needle straight through the middle several times then cross wise and repeat.
    2 /months.
    It lays really flat no buckness at all.

    1. Yolanda Hairs Bham

      Hi dear.like your comments. And I am new in hair world from UK
      I saw a different way to do that as well.not like that. Do u know different ways to that braidless sew in

  5. Sarah Tucker

    Wouldn’t that break the hair? The whole point of braiding first is because the hair has more strength in numbers. I would never do it.

    1. Kirsty Deakin

      That looks amazing I’m going teach myself how to do it 🙂 fancy being my guinea pig 😉 x

  6. Omesha Desiree' Miller

    Nope…one of the reasons why women get a sew in is for a protective style. What is being protected this way? Nothing. And when you can’t find that string to cut the tracks free …best believe you are going to lose some hair. There are other ways to get a sew in with out it being bulky…smaller cornrows or a quick weave on a cap.

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