Seun’s No Leave Out Crochet Method On Straight Hair: Full Sew In Tutorial

Full sew in weave, no closure. Great for natural hair! How to do a full sew in weave on yourself with no hair left out. Very details, slow, and beginner friendly, so this can be used for beginners. My no leave out method does not require the use of a closure or an other materials except for a crochet needle and the wefted hair you use for the rest of your sew in weave.

Start to finish no hair out. This method works great for people with natural hair because you do not have to worry about how to blend weave extensions with natural hair. This is a middle part sew in weave, but you can make this into a side part sew in weave. All you have to do is slightly alter the braiding pattern so that the two braids that you want to crochet onto are at wherever you want your part to be, This braiding pattern that I show in this how to video is the best braiding pattern for this type of sew in.

It gives you a nice flat sew in as the end result. It gives you sort of an illusion part, however since I did not crochet along the sides, it does not give an invisible hairline. You can put this sew in weave into a high ponytail if you use some sort of headband or choose to leave out your edges. Otherwise, a low ponytail, is all you can do. This works well for me since I never really wear my hair in a ponytail, One of my favorite things about this method is that it requires no glue and the installation will not damage your hair. No more struggling with lace fronts or closures. This is an easy, simple tutorial for anyone, even beginners. This method can work with any style, inclufing a bob, curly hair, or staight hair like I have shown here.

Ali Express Rosa Queen Hair Products Co.

Coarse Yaki/ Kinky Straight Hair
18 20 20inches ( although shorter in this video because I cut it)


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